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ホーム  Artists  Nick Bike
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Similar artists:
Ain't Shocka
Cat: CS 009. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Ain't Shocka
Shocka King
coming soon TBA
Atomic Dawg
Cat: HR 016. Rel: 30 Aug 23
Hip Hop/R&B
DJ Organic - "Atomic Dawg" (Futuristic Bowwow remix) (3:23)
Nick Bike - "She's Alright" (The Limozeen remix) (3:31)
Review: We stock a lot of 7" edits, but this one from Heat Rock takes the cake for its daring to experiment. DJ duo Organic and Nick Bike are no strangers to the received edits format, but in their productions, they bring an extra odd, trappy flavour to the mode. On the A-side, we hear Organic lay down a chuggy trap remix of George Clinton's 'Atomic Dog', with canine bowwows and blaring G-funk whistles all in tow. Meanwhile, on the B-side, Bike lays down a funk-trap-house version of Rick James' 'She's Alright', lending extra sizzle and wonk to the number.
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 in stock $15.57
A Lil Respect
Cat: CS 008. Rel: 03 Jun 24
A Lil Respect (3:21)
A Step Too Far Away (4:14)
Review: Nicholas Bicycle is Nick Bike when in music mode and his next ride takes him deep into the world of the Queen of Soul. Once there he turns out a pair of crucial remixes that will slip right into the upper echelons of your collection. Up first is his take on Aretha's Tramp classic 'A Lil Respect' which comes on strong with more heavy and floor-ready drums. Flip it over and you will find 'A Step Too Far Away' which goes from early evening soul to a nice early evening stepper to get the crowd in the groove.
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Played by: SOOPASOUL
 in stock $11.60
Steady Rockin'
Cat: CS 007BIKE. Rel: 05 Mar 24
Steady Rockin' (extended club mix) (7:35)
Steady Rockin' (club dub) (5:34)
Steady Rockin' (Rockapella) (4:13)
Review: Nick Bike makes a fourth - yes, fourth - 2024 Q1 appearance with 'Steady Rockin'', following up the prolific producer and editor's early-year swathe of releases, also including '808 Doves', 'Feels So Good', and 'Rollerskatin''. This is the only one of the four to be released on Bike's very own Chosen Spokes label, which oils the gears, shunts the V-brakes, and whips out the Presta for a veritable pedal-pumping in the medley/breaks/ soul/funk/dance veins. This time, we're in for a treat, with Bike reinterpreting a classic, making for a well-known melange sampled from bits of the Queen Of Soul herself.
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