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N Gynn

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N Gynn

Founding Fathers
Cat: SPLX 2. Rel: 11 Jun 20
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Mike Gill - "K Robertson (Founding Fathers)" (6:18)
  2. N Gynn - "1998" (7:25)
  3. Thoma Bulwer - "Tuel" (6:04)
  4. OMCSY - "Moody Matt" (9:01)
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Needs 003
Needs 003 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NNFP 003. Rel: 16 Apr 18
Deep House
  1. Lord Of The Isles - "Cryptolove" (3:20)
  2. Mehmet Aslan - "Escape" (5:00)
  3. Petwo Evans - "Trust The Mountain" (4:39)
  4. Bartellow - "1001" (Skrillex Theme) (8:13)
  5. N-Gynn - "Jumanji" (5:59)
Review: Bobby Pleasure's Needs label continues to gather steam behind a message of togetherness, raising money for worth causes and trying to help those less fortunate in society. On this third instalment Lord Of The Isles leads the way with a typically romantic swoon of analogue bass and gorgeous 80s synth strings, while Mehmet Aslan lays down an earthly prowler powered by organic instrumentation. "Trust The Mountain" introduces Petwo Evans with a daring strain of broken electronica heavy on the crackling signal processing. Bartellow's "1001 (Skrillex Theme)" is a craft machine disco workout, and then N-Gynn takes things tropical with the exotic tones and bold drum machine hits of "Jumanji".

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The Rokit Double Pack
Cat: ZEIT 010. Rel: 08 Dec 20
  1. AAA (6:45)
  2. Dynamic Traces (6:51)
  3. Lourd (8:21)
  4. Phoenix (7:48)
  5. Rokit (8:21)
  6. A=432 (HZ) (10:27)
Review: The 10th Zeitnot release is a suitably high class one to mark such a mini milestone. Label friend Nick Gynn steps up with what is his biggest and best collection of music yet across two vital 12"s. His tracks are fusions of acid, techno, house and electro that warp your mind, body and soul. The golden era of IDM defines opener 'AAA; and then there are withy dance floor bombs like 'Dynamic Traces' and squelchy, complex electronic workouts like 'Lourd.' This is a perfect cross section of styles and eras and one that provides plenty of high class weaponry for DJs.
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Played by: Anna Wall
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Darkside Of The Moon Remixes
Cat: PCLUB 004. Rel: 29 Jan 20
  1. Darkside Of The Moon (Voigtmann V Funk remix) (7:09)
  2. Darkside Of The Moon (Intareality dub) (6:29)
  3. Darkside Of The Moon (Omar & Bobby remix) (8:21)
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N Gynn
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