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Ruins Of Cracktopolis EP
Cat: ALT 012. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Do You Know Who You Never Be (6:30)
In A Trance Dance All Night (5:02)
Ruins Of Cracktropolis (6:18)
Like Twin Peaks (6:57)
Review: Dutch wizard Legowelt has no bounds to his musical creativity, and no limits to the amount of music he puts out. His next sonic trick comes on Altered Circuits and finds him exploring the Ruins Of Cracktopolis. As always his track titles are as good as his musical concoctions with 'Do You Know Who You Never Be' mixing up fizzy pads and sci-fi synths with bustling drums. 'In A Trance Dance All Night' is cosmic electro-tech, 'Ruins Of Cracktropolis' rides on silky arpeggios and bubbling melodies and 'Like Twin Peaks' shuts down with a more edgy techno sound.
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Like A Song From Your Dream
Cat: LIES 206. Rel: 16 May 24
Enchantress 1200 (3:12)
Drizzle In A Laserbeam (4:43)
Seven Challenges (4:33)
Always Take It There (4:51)
ZILOG For The World (4:25)
Cheval Electrique (4:16)
Cottagecore XTC (3:32)
Like A Song From Your Dream (4:11)
Review: Legowelt is a master of electronic music. He coaxes more feelings and emotions and originality out of his machines in one record than many people manage in a whole career. He has made millions (probably) of them in his time but it is still always worth checking in with what he does next. In this case, it's a new album for New York punks L.I.E.S. called Like A Song From Your Dream which comes with one of his own cover art illustrations. Musically it finds him in electro mode, layering up squelchy synths, kinetic and ice-cold rhythms and plenty of sci-fi motifs with inescapable cosmic energy. It is yet another doozy from the man who never misses.
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The Sad Life Of An Instagram DJ
Cat: SLVMNCR 006. Rel: 14 May 24
Alpha Juno Storm Watch (4:25)
Soundblaster Pro Tripper (5:09)
Kawai K4 Acid Spring (6:30)
The Sad Life Of An Instragram DJ (5:47)
No One Wants To Buy My NFT (4:25)
Review: Is there anyone out there more profile that Legowelt? The Dutch wonder producer has got almost as many aliases as there are days of the year and nearly as many releases out in the world as there are grains of sand on a beach. And importantly they are all excellent, as is this new one which finds him turning on his machines and cooking up fine fusion of electro and techno that head off to the edges out our known universe. Colourful, characterful and potent for DJs and dancers, this is another essential 12" from the indefatigable synth king, not least because of the great track titles.
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Los Alamos Motel
Cat: PPU 059. Rel: 03 Apr 14
Deep House
Puzzles In Life
Videophone To Space
Cruise Till The Sun Shines
Los Alamos Motel
Review: If you've ever got a few hours to spare, check out Legowelt's discography - the Dutch analogue fetishist is astonishingly productive (and, of course Legowelt is simply one of Danny Wolfers' many pseudonyms). Here, he adds another label to the growing list with a surprise appearance on Andrew Morgan's Washington D.C-based Peoples Potential Unlimited imprint. Unsurprisingly, Wolfers explores many of his favourite themes on Puzzles in Life, merrily skipping between melodic, bubbling deep house (the excellent title track), slo-mo Detroit futurism ("Video Phone To Space"), super-slo stargazing boogie (the superb "Cruise Till The Sun Shines") and woozy, intergalactic ambience ("Los Alamos Motel"). In many ways, this is an unusual turn from PPU, but it's a calculated gamble that's more than paid off.
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