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Kyle Hall

West Side Sessions (12" + 7" + insert in hand-printed sleeve)
Cat: WO-SH8K. Rel: 06 Mar 12
Deep House
  1. Pursuit (mix 3)
  2. Pursuit (mix 2)
  3. Over
  4. Track 4
  5. GJ
  6. GJ (locked groove)
  7. FRCT Beat #6 (KMFH 808 dub)
  8. FRCT Beat #6 (locked groove)
Review: ** REPRESS ** Officially titled Wild Oats Proudly Presents Da Sampla West Side Sessions, you can tell straight away how much work Kyle Hall's label has put into remastering and reissuing this 1997 heat from Anthony Shake Shakir. Screen printed cover art, bonus material on an accompanying 7" and gloriously lo-fi photocopied insert - all these elements just add an additional sheen of "must-haveness" to some archival Motor City brilliance from Shake. All four rollercoaster rides through Detroit rhythms from the 12" Shakir released under his Da Sampla alias on the now defunct M3 imprint are present and sound just as vital now, not least the dizzying kaleidoscopic sensory assault of "Track 4". Two additional cuts of material produced by both Shakir and Hall occupy the red hand stamped 7", veering between the relentless carnival judder of "GJ" and the sparser alien sounds of "Frictional Beat #6" - both of which are complemented by locked grooves. Given the hugely popular nature of Wild Oats output to date, this won't stick around for long.
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Night (12")
Cat: WOEVIL 01. Rel: 28 Aug 12
  1. Intro
  2. Night
  3. Dusk
  4. After Dusk (solo by Jon Dixon)
Review: The trans-Atlantic pairing of Kyle Hall and Funkineven inaugurated their Funkinevil collaboration with the much anticipated plate Night, probably the first of many twelve inch shaped emissions to surface in the coming year. Setting the tone with the dextrously smokey "Intro", this twelve inch essentially pairs off the rugged, flatulent sounding DJ tool that is the title track against its smoother B Side counterpart and fans of either producer will need little additional persuasion to indulge here. The way that the percussion is almost spat out of the speakers at you on "Night" is just one reason why the track lives up to their new name, with the intermittent distorted chants of "evil" voiced throughout making for a neat reminder. In contrast, "Dusk" lets in more of the boogie infused swinging Eglo lightness, the moment those keys rise through and align being a mere shade short of sublime. "After Dusk" proves to be a fitting final act, all too brief but allowing Underground Resistance Timeline band leader Jon Dixon centre stage to show off his keyboard skills.
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Ignorant (12")
Cat: WOEVIL 02. Rel: 09 Aug 13
  1. Intro
  2. Ignorant
  3. In The Grid
  4. Outro
Review: With their first team-up on Wild Oats still on heavy rotation, the Funkinevil pairing of Kyle Hall and FunkinEven return for another quartet of tracks combining some of the finest young minds of Detroit and London. Following an arpeggiated intro that sets the scene with its vocoder vignette, "Ignorant" provides a heavy-set piece of machine funk with some serious swing in its step; "In The Grid" meanwhile injects some serious Motor City soul into proceedings with a combination of sweeping pads and raw drum machine beats, leading into the enveloping analogue wash of "Outro". More fire from the Funkinevil guys - don't sleep.
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Cat: WO 001. Rel: 30 Dec 09
Deep House
  1. Fuse N Me
  2. I<3 Dr Girl Friend
  3. Slow Dancesteppn On Toes
  4. A World Of New Old
Review: Wild Oats come through with a much needed repress of their debut release, the Worx of Arp EP from label founder Kyle Hall. Originally released back in 2008 at a time when Hall was still a teenager, it's intriguing to take another look over this work and see how the Wild Oats boss has progressed as a producer. Naturally there's a roughness in execution that comes with youth and the soul and hip hop influences are perhaps a bit more overt in the four tracks but there's a demonstration of potential talent that's been developed in recent years and exploited fully in 2013 with Kyle Hall's debut LP The Boat Party. For those that missed out first time round (or one the 2009 repress) the Worx of Arp EP represents an important document in recent Detroit music history.
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Kaychunk (12")
Cat: HDB 032. Rel: 25 Mar 10
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Kaychunk
  2. You Know What I Feel
Review: Detroit meet dubstep: dubstep, meet Detroit. Kyle Hall knocks down barriers on this release, bringing his free-flowing, insouciant production style to the UK bass music scene. After dropping a remix of Darkstar's "Aidy's Girl Is A Computer" in 2009, Hyperdub boss Kode9 called on Hall's precocious talents for a solo release on the imprint.

His brief production career has so far encompassed house, techno, jazz and now dubstep, although such parameters are fairly meaningless to a young producer for whom the internet, analogue equipment, high tech kit and software programming are all part of one wonderful, disjointed bundle for making and consuming music.

"Kaychunk" features soft melodic synths floating over the top of a schizophrenic drum pattern, while vocal snippets help give the track some structure. B-side "You Know What I Feel" is very much in the Floating Points school of dubstep, meandering gently along with no obvious destination - but of course the destination hardly matters, because the ride itself is so damn fun.

Make no mistake, Hall is a prodigious talent and with releases slated for labels as diverse and forward-thinking as Carl Craig's Planet E, Sheffield's iconic Warp and Instra:mental’s Non Plus, it's already obvious that the serious players are taking notice.
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Plastik Ambash (1-sided 12")
Cat: KHFXHE 1. Rel: 26 Oct 07
Deep House
  1. Plastik Ambash
Played by: Mark E, Marcel Vogel
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Cat: HDB 084. Rel: 22 May 14
  1. Girl U So Strong
  2. Take Me Away
Review: It's been a little while since Kyle Hall dropped his album The Boat Party, but now the Detroit powerhouse is back on Hyperdub to indulge the freakier end of his studio output inline with his previous Kaychunk 12" for Kode 9's outpost. "Girl U So Strong" is a stirring beast of a track, starting in scattered fragments of bass patterns, vocal snippets and woodblock hits, gradually forming into a starlit stepper of the highest calibre. "Take Me Away" comes on like a Detroit take on the Purple phenomenon, all sticky synth lines and Mega Drive melodies but roughed up with ample grittiness.
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Cat: MG 045. Rel: 10 Apr 15
Deep House
  1. Create Your Own Existence (9:25)
  2. Tomorrow Is The Day (5:22)
  3. One Ribbon (6:28)
Review: The Water Is Fine is a work of art by young and upcoming Detroit producer Kyle Hall.
Each track has its own exquisite quality and soulfulness. Create Your Own is a beautiful deep uplifting tune with lush pad arrangements and warm bassline that is ingeniously layered over though provoking shifting percussive rhythms, while tomorrow Is the Day is sure to smash the dance floor with is driving four to the floor house groove and crazy synth line - definitely a must have for all house heads! Finally, One Ribbon is a physiological, spiritual piece which is hypnotic to the soul and sure to become another deep house classic from Moods & Grooves.
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From Joy (3xLP + insert)
Cat: WO 18K. Rel: 21 Dec 15
Deep House
  1. Damn! Im Feeln Real Close (5:48)
  2. Inverse Algebraic (5:44)
  3. Dervenen (7:54)
  4. Able 2 (3:34)
  5. Wake Up & Dip (4:47)
  6. Strut Garden (7:04)
  7. Mysterious Lake (6:43)
  8. Feel Us More (5:21)
Review: Some two years on from the release of his acclaimed, in-demand debut album, The Boat Party, Kyle Julian Hall delivers the follow-up From Joy. Intriguingly, the eight tracks come from the Kyle Hall archives, all recorded by the young producer before the turn of the decade, and is presented as a homage to where Kyle lived at the time in his father's basement on the west side of Detroit on Joy Rd. From the outset, Hall's second album is loose, melodious, heady and synthesizer-heavy, with broken beats and wild, experimental rhythms combining effortlessly with jazz, jazz-funk, boogie, soul, Herbie Hancock and '80s electro influences. It makes for thrilling and hugely enjoyable listening and offers proof of Hall's musicianship and ability to repackage a wide range of influences.
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Cat: WOKH 01. Rel: 11 Jan 18
Deep House
  1. Teacher Plant (3:53)
  2. DSP (Dear Sweet Potato) (3:07)
Review: Given the clear West London broken beat and hazy jazz-funk influences that marked out his superb 2015 album From Joy, it's perhaps unsurprising that Kyle Hall's latest seven-inch missive explores similar sonic territory. While the standout is arguably the impeccable downtempo shuffler "DSP (Dear Sweet Potato)" - all gently tumbling synth lines, stoned drum machine hits (in a slipped jazz time signature, of course) and sun-kissed chord progressions - it's undoubtedly A-side "Teacher Plant" that will get all the props. Shot through with the fireside warmth and groovy vibes of deep house, but built around dexterous broken beats and Kaidi Tatham style keys-work, it's one of the producer's most well-rounded and effective releases of recent times.
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Equanimity (limited 12")
Cat: WOKH 02. Rel: 01 Nov 18
Deep House
  1. Katastematic Pleasure (4:25)
  2. 4wrd Motion (4:10)
  3. No More Moon (3:08)
  4. Ghosten 4 A 2nd X (6:30)
Review: Wild Oats proudly presents the new EP from Kyle Hall entitled "Equanimity". This release marks the 10 year anniversary of Wild Oats and its only fitting that we celebrate with a release from the label boss himself. Along with the engineering treatment from "Chicago's very own" (C.V.O.) deep house legend, Glenn Underground, "Equanimity" takes on a new foundational sound and assembly.
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Zug Island (12")
Cat: WO-K2. Rel: 10 Nov 12
  1. Zug Island
  2. K2 Attack!
Review: Yet another bold and challenging Wild Oats 12", a label that seems to be positively affronted by some of the meekness currently getting mislabelled as techno. Zug Island sees label boss Kyle Hall team up with Detroit Underground's Kero for two productions inspired by their visit to the toxic metal factory on Zug Island, housed between Detroit and Windsor, Canada on the Detroit Rouge river. The label explicitly states this record is "intended to sonically personify the environment of Zug Island and its harmful industrial vibrations it currently has on the river, wildlife and even the humans residing there". Naturally there's an underlying anger present throughout, with "Zug Island" setting menacing 303 loops spiralling over a sparse backdrop of clattering snares. With no discernable kick drum, the track tends to float in corroded stasis, though this lack of driving force makes it a perfect track to combine with drum heavy DJ tools. Complementing this, "K2 Attack!" is less abstract but more abrasive, rising from the high frequency noise into a rigid frame of bubbling electro in the style of Detroit's techno forefathers.
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Two (12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: DU 23/AVPG1. Rel: 13 Mar 15
  1. 126BPMNONAME (4:17)
  2. EP2-3 (3:47)
  3. Riverside Connextion (7:17)
  4. Polydextrose-24Bit (5:49)
Review: Kero and Kyle Hall are old pals, and previously collaborated on the Tug Island EP for the latter producer's Wild Oats imprint back in 2012. Here they don a new guise - K2 - for a four-track assault of far-sighted, sci-fi tinged Motor City goodness on Kero's Detroit Underground. Predictably it's a strong set of tracks, with the classic Drexciyan electro of "Track 1" setting the tone. "Track 2" is a typically melodious and far-sighted chunk of Motor City retro-futurism, while "Track 3" sees them moving towards L.I.E.S territory with an all-out assault of distorted analogue sludge. Finally, "Track 4" offers a tribute to the simple joys of drum machine rhythms, with little or no extraneous musical padding.
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Zug Tools (12")
Cat: DU 33. Rel: 17 Jan 18
  1. FASTR000 (12:53)
  2. 19FT (8:06)
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Cat: WO 13K. Rel: 06 May 13
  1. Kixclap Chord Nhats
  2. Dr Crunch
  3. Spoof
  4. Flemmenup
  5. Crushed
  6. Finnapop
  7. Grungy Gloops
  8. Measure2Measure
Review: ** REPRESS CREW ** Wild Oats don dada Kyle Hall steps up with a long awaited debut album under the KMFH moniker - expect rough, raw machine funk Detroit style across two slabs of wax on The Boat Party. Emerging at the age of 17 on FXHE, Hall has long been referred to as a wunderkind but this LP should really establish him as a fully fledged player in the pantheon of current Motor City producers. From the off, this eight track set feels like Hall recorded straight to tape, with his noted talent for incessant drum machine work and glistening melodics somehow making their presence felt amongst the thick, mulchy, saturated finish that clogs up the channels. Seemingly not occupied with any sort of conceptual ambitions beyond the economic statements of the cover art and title, Hall is left to work through his full range of devastating dancefloor manoeuvres with a few surprises along the way - the high octane ghetto tech "Finnapop" will surprise many. "Detroit Hustles Harder" remember!
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Cat: WO 13.5K. Rel: 20 Nov 13
Deep House
  1. Need Sum!
  2. Skeeter!
  3. 12 Doors (feat Nas1)
  4. Flemmenup (2k13 mix)
Review: Often described as "Detroit's next wunderkind," this year has seen Kyle Hall cast off this tag, steering his Wild Oats label forwards as an operation noted for dancefloor impact and raw experimentation, continue his FunkinEvil collaboration with Apron Records boss FunkinEven, turn out a raft of remixes and serve up a keenly awaited debut album in The Boat Party. As the title suggests, The Boat Party Bonus EP is an addendum release to that album and pleasingly sees KMFH eschew any standard notion of a remix EP in favour of all new smudgy, delayed and redlining house music. Do check "12 Doors," a frazzled techno collaboration with the Bologna-based pairing Nas1, and Hall's own self styled 2k13 Mix of The Boat Party highlight "Flemmenup"!!

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Down! (hand-stamped 12" + 7")
Cat: WO6KWO 17K. Rel: 26 Jun 14
Deep House
  1. Down!
  2. Xero
  3. Our Love!
  4. Donz Critique
Review: Wild Oats dip into their archives for a much needed reissue of Kyle Hall's filter house bomb "Down!" which comes with a bonus 7"! Initially released on the WO6K 12" back in 2011 under his KMFH guise, "Down!" still easily ranks as one of Hall's finest productions, deftly weaving in some tape saturated boogie vocals amidst a wonderfully lopsided jacking groove. It's simply one of those tracks you will love to play in a set. The original flipside cut is here too, with "Xero" switching up the mode to full on carnival that's still blessed with Motor City grit. As for the 7", Our Love originally surfaced earlier this year as a treat strictly for the local wax heads, but we are happy to see it more widely available. Just listen to "Our Love" wow!
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Down! (limited blue vinyl 12")
Cat: WO-6K BLUE . Rel: 01 Jun 11
Deep House
  1. Down!
  2. Xero
Review: Awesome oddball house from Detroit wonderkid (actually, is he still a wonderkid?) Kyle Hall. On the stamped side "Xero" rumbles along with jangling rhtyyms and outer galatic sonic squiggles, with KMFH turning down the volume intermittently with an abruptness that echoes the 'give a f*ck' mentality of fellow Detroitian KDJ. Flip over for "Down!", a heavily filtered house jam that teases in a barely decipherable vocal sample betwixt shuffling hats and a killer bumpin groove. Pressed up nice and loud on limited edition blue vinyl - some regular copies too for the slow coaches! The best KMFH release in some time.
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Cat: WO-N5NT. Rel: 30 Oct 10
  1. X1 Tr4mps
  2. X2 (We Invented Dis)
  3. X 1.0 Tr4mps
  4. X4 Recog
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Kyle Hall
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