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Volcano (gatefold LP)
Cat: CAI 002LP. Rel: 10 Aug 23
Us Against The World (3:28)
Holding On (3:14)
Candle Flame (2:56)
Dominoes (3:10)
I've Been In Love (2:30)
Back On 74 (2:53)
You Ain't No Celebrity (3:12)
Coming Back (3:21)
Don't Play (3:43)
Every Night (3:05)
Problemz (3:01)
Good At Breaking Hearts (3:36)
Palm Trees (3:02)
Pretty Little Thing (3:14)
Review: Acclaimed UK duo Jungle bring to Volcano the same sense of free-spirited energy that made their previous album Loving In Stereo such a hit. Much of this one was written while the duo was on tour, staying in an airbnb in Los Angeles, before they head to record it back in London at their favourite Studio B in Metropolis Studios. There is a wider variety of voices on this record with Erick the Architect as well as a reunion with Bas for 'Pretty Little Thing' who was last heard on the single 'Romeo.' As well as that, Roots Manuva, Channel Tres and Jnr Wiilliams also feature.
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Loving In Stereo
Loving In Stereo (gatefold LP in debossed sleeve)
Cat: CAI 001LP. Rel: 13 Aug 21
Dry Your Tears (1:21)
Keep Moving (3:57)
All Of The Time (3:01)
Romeo (feat Bas) (2:43)
Lifting You (2:45)
Bonnie Hill (3:13)
Fire (2:43)
Talk About It (3:25)
No Rules (2:22)
Truth (2:51)
What D'You Know About Me? (2:52)
Just Fly, Don't Worry (1:45)
Goodbye My Love (feat Priya Ragu) (3:14)
Can't Stop The Stars (3:45)
Review: Dance pair Tom McFarland and Joshua Lloyd-Watson aka Jungle cut loose on this, their third and most evocative album to date. It is a record packed with the sort of good time grooves and wall to wall party tunes we all want to hear after such a dark 18 months or so. There are plenty of heart on sleeve tunes, hooky top lines and warm, soaring summer chords that are designed to be heard outdoors, on a massive festival sound system with thousands of people singing along next to you. Some slower, dubbed out rhythms provide a nice counter to stop things growing too saccharine, and overall it add up to a great listen.

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Loving In Stereo
Loving In Stereo (cassette)
Cat: CAI 001C. Rel: 13 Aug 21
Dry Your Tears (1:27)
Keep Moving (4:05)
All Of The Time (3:05)
Romeo (2:49)
Lifting You (2:53)
Bonnie Hill (3:15)
Fire (2:56)
Talk About It (3:29)
No Rules (2:27)
Truth (2:55)
What D'You Know About Me? (2:56)
Just Fly, Don't Worry (1:46)
Goodbye My Love (3:18)
Can't Stop The Stars (3:49)
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For Ever
For Ever (gatefold LP)
Cat: XL 927LP. Rel: 14 Sep 18
Smile (3:07)
Heavy, California (3:05)
Beat 54 (All Good Now) (4:07)
Cherry (3:16)
Happy Man (3:11)
Casio (3:54)
Mama Oh No (3:16)
House In LA (4:43)
Give Over (3:33)
Cosurmyne (3:38)
Home (2:12)
(More & More) It Ain't Easy (3:12)
Pray (4:46)
Review: Pop duo Josh Lloyd-Watson & Tom McFarland, or simply J & T as they are known, realise their second album for pioneering independent label, XL. Since the pair's debut self-titled release back in 2013 the group has expanded to something around seven members and following a slew of singles and EPs (inclusive of a Soulwax remix) the band are now bursting with fresh life and colour. Take "Heavy, California" for example, a sing-a-long pop number that's bright and cheery enough to make you want to skip through the streets with a dandelion in your hair regardless of the season. "Cherry", the other track thrown around online, sees Jungle live up to their Neo Soul genre tag, and with 11 more tracks to explore, maybe they'll even find hit that second Mercury Prize nomination.
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Jungle (gatefold LP)
Cat: XLLP 647. Rel: 11 Jul 14
The Heat (3:16)
Accelerate (3:05)
Busy Earnin' (3:02)
Platoon (3:13)
Drops (2:54)
Time (3:31)
Smoking Pixels (1:52)
Julia (3:13)
Crumbler (3:01)
Son Of A Gun (3:28)
Lucky I Got What I Want (4:24)
Lemonade Lake (5:39)
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Attack The Dancefloor Volume Twenty
Cat: ZEDD 12332. Rel: 12 Apr 22
Mike Lindup - "Atlantia" (Dave Lee extended remix) (8:05)
Raw Essence - "Do It Again" (feat Lifford - Lazywax remix) (5:51)
Jungle - "Keep Moving" (Dave Lee Jungle Boogie mix) (6:03)
Doug Willis - "Dougswana" (Emmaculate Afrodisia mix) (8:23)
Review: Dave Lee's Z Records hits the milestone 20th edition of this Attack The Dance floor series. It has always been a reliable outlet for glossy, disco tinged and floor friendly house tunes from some of the genre's most accomplished names. This time out, Dave Lee appears ac couple of times, firstly with the feel good and soul-licked remix of Mike Lindup's 'Atlantia' and then with a boogie mix of Jungle's 'Keep Moving' which comes with a nice dotted funk bassline and big shiny strings. Lazywax and and Emmaculate Afrodisia remix further boost this useful 12".
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