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Julian Sanza

Sandy Grooves Vol 1: Part 2
  1. Den Ishu & Sould Out - "Disco Dust" (6:30)
  2. The Funk District - "Just Groove With Us" (7:00)
  3. Monsieur Van Pratt - "Delifunk" (5:54)
  4. James Rod - "Brooklyn Back" (4:59)
  5. Julian Sanza - "If You Want It" (4:53)
Review: Sandy Grooves Vol.1 is the debut compilation release from Boogie Bodega, a newly formed label by Mexican DJ Sould Out, operated from his new base in Bali, Indonesia. He teams up with Den Ishu on the emotive late night mood music of 'Disco Dust' on the A side, while over on the flip Monsieur Van Pratt serves up the sweltering disco funk of 'Just Groove With Us' featuring a killer brass section. There's more quality to follow; James Rod delivers a serious dancefloor heater on the low-slung groove of "Brooklyn Back" and a classic vocal number never goes astray, does it? Argentina's Julian Sanza has you covered in that regard on "If You Want It".
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Keep It Deep Vol 3 (Vincent Inc/Jorge Savoretti/Rune Lindbaek/Frisvold mixes)
  1. Julian Sanza - "Starduster" (Vincent Inc remix) (6:04)
  2. Incarnations - "Sunset On Punta Paloma" (Rune Lindbaek & Frisvold remix) (7:04)
  3. Danielle Baldelli & Dionigi - "Prepare To Energize" (5:55)
  4. Mateo & Matos - "Vibe" (feat Sammy Zone - Jorge Savoretti remix) (7:31)
Review: 1 Life returns to its "Keep It Deep" series with another sizzling slab of feel good party wares designed to blow the clouds away. First up, Vincent Inc remixes Julian Sanza's "Starduster" with the slickest kind of '80s funk - like a Level 42 deep cut on steroids. Rune Lindbaek and Frisvold get deep in the mangroves with their swampy version of "Sunset On Punta Paloma" by Incarnations. Cosmic master Danielle Baldelli and Dionigi bring some slick Italo vibes and subtly psychedelic flourishes to their original production "Prepare To Energize", while Jorge Savoretti shakes up Mateo & Matos' "Vibe" and turns it into a snapping, clacking deep house workout par excellence.
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Julian Sanza
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