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Believe (12")
Cat: LOOSEFIT 004. Rel: 27 Aug 20
Electro House
  1. Believe (5:58)
  2. Late Nine Ten (6:04)
  3. Believe (Kincaid remix) (6:45)
  4. Late Nine Ten (Bobby Analog remix) (6:15)
 in stock $10.70
BLTRS 015 (12")
Cat: BLTRS 015. Rel: 08 Mar 19
  1. Heat It Up (6:04)
  2. Don't Go (6:33)
  3. Losing Track (6:31)
  4. Never Get Enough (6:26)
out of stock $9.62
Obsession (12")
Cat: AS 002. Rel: 12 Dec 18
Deep House
  1. Obsession (6:18)
  2. Kerbkrawler (7:02)
  3. Obsession (Bawrut remix) (8:22)
  4. Kerbkrawler (Alex Virgo Creep Crawler remix) (6:13)
out of stock $10.70
Voyager (12")
Cat: LOOSEFIT 002. Rel: 18 May 18
Deep House
  1. Voyager (6:00)
  2. Voyager (Brassica remix) (7:39)
  3. Muscle Memory (6:55)
out of stock $10.18
No Love Lust
Cat: NOCTURNE 002. Rel: 11 May 17
Deep House
  1. La Vie (7:13)
  2. Rasputin (7:22)
  3. No Love Lust (Tuff City Kids remix) (6:15)
  4. No Love Lust (Tuff City Kids drum dub) (4:44)
  5. No Love Lust (6:28)
out of stock $8.84
Killing Mockingbirds
Cat: NOCTURNE 001. Rel: 20 Apr 16
Deep House
  1. Killing Mockingbirds (5:39)
  2. Killing Mockingbirds (Borrowed Identity remix) (5:38)
  3. The Block (5:24)
  4. Strung Out (5:57)
  5. Strung Out (Adesse Versions remix) (5:40)
out of stock $8.56
What We Have Forgotten EP
Cat: SPMB 010. Rel: 29 Oct 15
Deep House
  1. DSM V (5:48)
  2. Mud Bells (3:47)
  3. Seventeentwentyfive (4:06)
  4. Body, Curtain, Advance (5:55)
  5. What We Have Forgotten (3:36)
Review: Fred P's Soul People Music has been diversifying more as of late, branching its sunken, moody strains of house through new talents from around the house sphere. This week we have a new artist, Jordan, who surfaces on the label's Boards edition, marking number ten in this edition of the imprint. The music from this newcomer fits in perfectly with the label's past and present output, and "DSM V" is the perfect opener to this EP - a bumping but contained house monster with subtle acid nuances and rugged beat patterns. "Mud Bells", instead, is a much moodier and sparser affair thanks to its almost total lack of beats, while "Seventeentwentyfive" marks the return to familiarly glitchy house structures on the B side. "Body, Curtain, Advance" is a gorgeous Chicago melter in the style of Brian Harden, and "What We Have Forgotten" goes into a deep, spacey trance with its broken bass drums and aqueous synths. A fitting addition to the catalogue, and an altogether great piece of seductive house music.
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out of stock $12.31
Meanwhile In Ridgewood EP
Cat: ORN 020. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. Meanwhile In Ridgewood
  2. Sophie
  3. Through The Fog
  4. Visage
  5. Visage (Leif remix)
Review: Operating from the heart of Brooklyn, NY, the latest artist to sign up to Ornate is Jordan, whose plush deep house sound has already surfaced via a collaboration with Fred P on the Deep Explorer compilation Far & Beyond.

Living on the border of the Bushwick and Ridgewood neighbourhoods, the title of the EP is a nod to the difference Jordan sees between his own spiritual, detailed work and the trend for rougher analogue sounds that have been sweeping the city he calls home. With a focus on expressive, richly melodic synths and delicately balanced rhythms, his music stands apart from the wave of guttural lo-fi sonics, and yet this is still house music with that East coast punch where it counts.

With an imminent release for the noted Finale Sounds imprint establishing Jordan well within the remit of high-end house and techno, it gives us great pleasure to present these exercises in soulful immersion, from the three 4/4 driven pieces to the ambient vignette "Visage". With the door open for more experimental interpretations, it made perfect sense to invite former Ornate guest Leif back to turn out a remix of the track, his own hushed tones having recently graced a critically-acclaimed debut album for Fear Of Flying. It's the ideal complement to an EP of highly developed musicianship that spells another exciting step forward for both Jordan and Ornate.
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out of stock $6.95
Divison Point
Cat: FS 023. Rel: 01 Sep 14
Deep House
  1. Night Mask
  2. Division Point
  3. Return
Review: We are excited to bring to you a new friend to the Finale Sessions family and he is part of the rising cast of producers from the New York underground . This record is just letting you know that it is still the hub for top notch talent in the United States. Jordan is a special producer bringing a vibe like no other with his mix of house and techno attributes .1) Night Mask is a nasty raw down to the ground dance track with sub like kicks and percussions and its flawless arching synth give this track its basis to move like no other.2) Division Point - This track is the basis for the ep and we understand we Jordan is going with this one for sure . Division Point is part deep and raw and it gives the ep its depth that it needs to transpire on different dance floors everywhere with its floating pads and it deep drums . Flawless work I must say.3) Return is the track I dig the most on this Jordan release! It has that peek time feel to it with its techno undertones and its great drum programming which really sets this track apart from all other and we can't forget the super sub underneath all the other attributes
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out of stock $8.30
Like Dis EP (De Sluwe Vos remix)
Cat: MFD 015. Rel: 04 Nov 13
Deep House
  1. Like Dis (original mix)
  2. Like Dis (T Bone remix)
  3. On The QT (original mix)
  4. On The QT (De Sluwe Vos Kontra remix)
Review: Made Fresh Daily's 15th release has arrived. Jordan serves up 2 big house joints, geared towards the dancefloor. De Sluwe Vos and T-Bone's remixes take the originals to darker and tougher realms.
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 in stock $7.49
What If
What If (12")
Cat: ZEN 030. Rel: 05 Sep 07
  1. What If (club mix)
  2. What If (Logolectric mix)
  3. What If (Frank B & Docm remix)
  4. What If (DV Inc remix)
out of stock $8.56
Jordan Is Back (Rock The Nation)
Cat: ZEN 026. Rel: 14 Feb 07
  1. Jordan Is Back (Rock The Nation) (club mix)
  2. Jordan Is Back (Rock The Nation) (O Heller Elektro mix)
out of stock $8.56
The Split
The Split (12")
Cat: LAG 002. Rel: 15 Jan 14
  1. Jordan - "Together"
  2. Jordan - "Solitude"
  3. Point Break - "Eating Alone"
  4. Point Break - "Hippie"
out of stock $10.45
Atmospheres EP2
Atmospheres EP2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BBR 10. Rel: 16 Nov 15
Deep House
  1. Saverio Celestri - "Detroit Feeling" (7:44)
  2. Jordan - "Device" (5:44)
  3. Dan Mela - "Tenuta Ken" (feat Stefano Calzolari) (10:09)
Review: Ten releases it is now for Batti Batti Records and to mark this milestone we are delighted to present the second in our Atmospheres series. Featuring once again artists old and new to the label, the EP very much takes its cue from the spirit of the first Atmospheres release.
Young Berlin-based Italian producer Saverio Celestri, who shined on BBR05, the Crossover EP, sets the tone beautifully with the haunting and emotionally-charged Detroit Feeling. Having previously collaborated with Fred P for Deep Explorer, Brooklyn-based artist Jordan (Finale Sessions/Ornate) debuts alone here for us with the wonderfully dark, twitchy and yet persistently funky, Device.
Another Batti Batti newcomer, the vastly-experienced Dan Mela, rounds off proceedings with the stunning 10-minute tour de force that is Tenuta Ken (featuring acclaimed Italian jazz pianist Stefano Calzolari), which showcases to perfection the producer's passion for soul, funk and jazz.
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 in stock $1.07
Insatiable (12")
Cat: CON 537EP. Rel: 03 Nov 06
Funky/Club House
  1. Mark Knight - "Insatiable" (feat Katherine Ellis - Mark Knight original mix)
  2. Mark Knight - "Insatiable" (feat Katherine Ellis - Mark Knight & Martijn Ten Velden mix)
  3. Jordan & Martinez - "Stay With Me" (original club mix)
  4. Jordan & Martinez - "Stay With Me" (Victor Perez remix)
out of stock $6.41


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