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Joey Anderson

ホーム  Artists  

Joey Anderson

Rainbow Doll
Rainbow Doll (2xLP)
Cat: AVE 6608. Rel: 11 Mar 20
  1. My Dream (3:39)
  2. Heaven Help Us (5:19)
  3. Beside Me (6:29)
  4. Ocean (5:35)
  5. Live It (5:44)
  6. Bounce With It (5:22)
  7. Cindy (6:24)
  8. Can Not (6:30)
Review: Arcane and esoteric sounds abound on New Jersey house outsider Joey Anderson's third full length opus 'Rainbow Doll', where he returns to Los Angeles via Berlin-based Avenue 66 for the first time since 2013 when he presented their inaugural release. It also happens to be the first album in four years by the Inimeg boss and his most personal work to date, where his emotional vocals can be heard atop deeply meditative jams like "Beside Me", and likewise on the woozy and knackered groove of "Ocean" accompanied by washes of live analogue synth riffs. Further hypnotism awaits on the bass-driven echo mania of "Live It" and the life-affirming elation of "Cindy" - being another fine example of Anderson's penchant for truly spiritual music. Highly recommended.
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 in stock $26.52
One Single Thought
One Single Thought (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: UZURI 030. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. Steady Stare (5:33)
  2. Let Us In (5:22)
  3. Mystic Strings (5:20)
  4. Someday (5:31)
Review: It feels like too long since we heard anything new from Joey Anderson, but it's wonderful to see him returning to the fray on a label we love as dearly as Uzuri. It's plain to hear none of the US techno maverick's wild edges have dulled in the interim - "Steady Stare" bristles with angular energy as ear-snagging as it is individual. "Let Us In" is another fluttering techno piece with East Coast toughness balanced out by pattering psychedelia. "Mystic Strings" amps up the trippy synth lines in stunning fashion, and "Someday" takes things in a more brooding direction without losing that distinctive spark that makes Anderson such a marvel to behold.
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 in stock $9.69
Neutrino (12")
Cat: INMR 007. Rel: 31 Oct 18
  1. Joey Anderson - "Prophets" (4:56)
  2. DJ Qu - "Flamthrowa" (5:24)
  3. Joey Anderson - "From The Sky" (5:19)
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Joey Anderson
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