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Joaquin Joe Claussell

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Cat: SRMRESIDUE 1. Rel: 29 Dec 12
Deep House
  1. Eno (Discombolated Chamber dub)
  2. Eno (Screams From Walls FX)
  3. Eno (Melodic dub)
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Cat: CIRCUITTPRO 12LTD200ONLY. Rel: 20 Dec 11
  1. Dido - "I Don't Believe In Love" (DF remix - Joe Claussell edit)
  2. Yellow - "Bostich (Key A Pela)" (Joe Claussell edit)
  3. Everything's In The Right Place (long version - Joe Claussell edit)
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Unchained Rhythums Exits (limited edition 5x12" + 7" + booklet box set)
Cat: SRMBOX 1. Rel: 11 Jan 10
Deep House
  1. Now This Is Congo (Un Chained Pieces 01 - Faze One)
  2. Discombobulating
  3. Joaquin Joe Claussell - "With More Love Piano" (Un Chained Pieces 02)
  4. LESP - "Feedback"
  5. Mental Remedy - "Love Key's Demo"
  6. The Bayara Citizens - "Suwaya"
  7. Hidden Revealed - "Mystical Wonderland"
  8. Bonga - "Ritual"
  9. Mampo - "Village"
  10. Karin Lapidot - "Spirits Of The North Dubbness"
  11. Wail Of The Heart (Un Chained Pieces 03)
  12. What The World Needs Now
  13. Egbe Awon Okunrin (African Blood version)
  14. Omamiuda (LP version)
  15. Children Of Bahia (Un Chained Pieces 04)
  16. Elegua
  17. Homage To The Sacred Ones Before Us
  18. Thankyou Universe-Ayuri
  19. Betrayed (Un Chained Pieces 05)
  20. Hidden Revealed (sountdrack)
  21. Alpha Centauri-Voices
  22. The Swamp
  23. Mother Nature (Un Chained Pieces 06)
  24. Salvadorian Funk
  25. Beyond Hope
  26. Medieval Presence
  27. Rezo De Yemaya
  28. Agua Caluroso
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Cat: SRM 000. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Deep House
  1. Seeds To The Vine
  2. The Ya Yo People
  3. Maringa (A Call To Rhythm) (version one)
  4. Drums Speak
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Cat: SRM 001. Rel: 22 Dec 09
Deep House
  1. Bahian Trance - Bira Reiss
  2. Eno (demo)
  3. Mafungo
  4. Tears For Chiyo
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Residue Part II (12" + insert + sticker)
Cat: SRM RESIDUE-2. Rel: 15 Oct 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. The Underground Battle In Babylon Trilogy Part 1
  2. Talkin' About A Revolution
  3. Mystical Wonderland
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  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11
  12. Track 12
  13. Track 13
  14. Track 14
  15. Track 15
  16. Track 16
  17. Track 17
  18. Track 18
  19. Track 19
  20. Track 20
  21. Track 21
Review: Given his strong faith and decidedly cosmic approach to music, it's perhaps not that surprising that Joe Clausell's latest project is a mix of gospel music. What's perhaps most interesting about Praise 2 (In Praise of The Sun) is the variety of the material on offer. Gospel has long been a cornerstone of black American dance music, and Clausell wisely tries to tell the full story. So, while there are crackly early gospel recordings from the 1930s, gospel-funk from the '60s and all-acapella recordings, he also touches on disco, boogie, soulful house and 80s gospel soul. The result is a riotous mix that's as entertaining as it is righteous.
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Cat: SRM 270. Rel: 05 May 15
Deep House
  1. With More Love (The unreleased Cosmic Arts piano version) (8:46)
  2. Yes, That's What We Need More Of (The Sacred Rhythm version) (11:31)
out of stock $13.24
  1. I Saw The Day (edited During The Period Of 2001)
  2. By Little By Little
  3. Alomoko
  4. Power & Sweet
  5. Disco Blame
  6. Natures Forces
  7. Look At Your People
  8. The People Have Risen
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Cat: SRM 004LTD300. Rel: 26 Feb 10
Deep House
  1. Children Of Bahia
  2. Elegua
  3. Homage To The Sacred Ones Before Us
  4. Thank You Universe - Ayuri
Played by: Sacred Rhythm USA
out of stock $10.54
Cat: FOREST 6.SRM.2. Rel: 30 Nov 07
Deep House
  1. Slave Ship To Freedom
  2. Elegguna
  3. Land
  4. Seeds To The Vine
  5. Middle Eastern Blues
  6. Elusive Sand
  7. What The World Needs Now
  8. Harmony
  9. Land Of The Peaceful
  10. Ju/Ru Music
  11. My Beloved Where Are You?
  12. Betrayed
  13. Mother Nature
  14. Salvadorian Funk
out of stock $12.70
Cat: FOREST6.SRM-PATH 9. Rel: 09 May 08
Deep House
  1. Alpha Centauri
  2. Homage To The Sacred Ones Before Us
  3. Omamiuda (Based On A True Story)
  4. Bahian Trance (Kora)
  5. Beyond Hope
  6. Thank You Universe
  7. Rezo De Yemaya
  8. Agua Caluroso
  9. Middle Eastern Blues (Echoes Of Chaos)
  10. Autumn Prayer
  11. Medieval Presence (The Day After 9.11/01)
  12. Cosmic Approach
  13. Egbe Awon Okunrin (African Blood version)
  14. Land Of The Peaceful (Again, But With Hope)
  15. The Sun, The Moon, Our Souls (Cosmic Ritual version)
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Cat: SRM 003LTD300. Rel: 26 Feb 10
Deep House
  1. Wail Of The Heart
  2. What The World Needs Now
  3. Egbe Awon Okunrin (African Blood version)
  4. Omamiuda (LP version)
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Cat: SRMF 8004. Rel: 27 May 11
Deep House
  1. Lou Perez - "African Fantasy" (Joaquin Joe Claussell's Scared Rhythm mix)
  2. Jaidene Jai Veda - "Undeniable Love" (Cosmic Arts version)
  3. Mongo Santamaria - "Mambo Mongo" (Sacred Rhythm version)
  4. Celia Cruz - "Chango" (Cosmic Arts version)
  5. Eddie Palmieri - "Lucumi" (Joaquin Joe Claussell's Traditional remix)
  6. Ray Barretto - "Exodus" (Bolla & Cochise Claussell's Tribute version)
  7. Mongo Santamaria - "O Mi Shango" (The Sacred Rhythm version)
  8. Eddie Palieri - "Mi Congo Te Llama" (Sacred Rhythm dance version)
  9. Ismael Miranda - "Me Voy Ahora" (Sacred Rhythm dance version)
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Praise: Praying For A Better Tomorrow Part 5
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11
  12. Track 12
  13. Track 13
  14. Track 14
  15. Track 15
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Cat: FOREST 6.SRM.1. Rel: 30 Nov 07
Deep House
  1. Creation
  2. Orgasm
  3. Fertilization (The Beginning)
  4. Birth
  5. Life
  6. Darkness
  7. The Cosmic Forest
  8. Angel In The Woods
  9. Rahian Trance - Bira Reiss
  10. Children Underground
  11. Maringa
  12. Water
  13. Tears For Chiyo
  14. The River People
  15. The Swamp
  16. The Sun The Moon Our Souls
  17. Children From Bahia
  18. Then All Of A Sudden This
  19. The Search Begins
  20. Egbe Awon Okunrin
  21. Metal Jinga
  22. Another Doorway
  23. Thank You Universe
  24. What Fate Has Installed For Us All
  25. A Different Language
  26. Mafungo
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The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Volume 2
Cat: CIRCUIT T 1778. Rel: 27 Sep 19
Deep House
coming soon TBA
  1. Keep On Moving (6:47)
  2. You Can't Just Smile It Away (10:15)
  3. You Control Me (8:57)
  4. Hueluberlu (6:01)
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Cat: PRAISE 0317. Rel: 26 May 17
Deep House
  1. Cosmic Arts-A Prayer For The Fallen (5:09)
  2. Soul Sanctification-Spirit Sanctified (7:36)
  3. A Bargain With The Lord (dub) (12:27)
out of stock $16.93
Cat: CIRCUIT T SAMPLER 3. Rel: 26 May 17
  1. Barimbo
  2. You Owe Me
  3. Craft
  4. Jack Hi (reprise)
  5. The House Is Ours
  6. Never Danced Before
  7. Pass It
  8. Queen Africa
out of stock $16.41
Cat: CIRCUIT T SAMPLER 4. Rel: 26 Sep 17
  1. Night Angel
  2. Be Ready
  3. Life Another
  4. Fuego
  5. Gorgia
  6. If You Need A Change
  7. Dub Disco
  8. What For Time
Review: Like many DJs with production nous, Joaquin "Joe" Clausell has always made re-edits and remixes to play in his sets. From time to time, he releases these on CD under the Unofficial Edits, Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes header. This fourth volume in the occasional series boasts plenty of gems reflective of the producer's influences and inspirations. So, while "Life Another" sees him deliver an extra-seductive version of a D'Angelo modern soul gem, the track that follows, "Fuego" is a superb Afro-house interpretation of a forgotten Osibida cut. Elsewhere, you'll find a thrusting, peak-time revision of Giorgio Moroder, a thrillingly spacey chunk of dub disco, and a couple of rock solid disco-era soul revisions.
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  1. Agora E Seu Tempo (The Sacred Rhythm Latin mix) (5:25)
  2. Agora E Seu Tempo (The Cosmic Arts reprise) (5:09)
Played by: Samuele Pagliai
 in stock $13.24
X Periments Series Part One (1 x 7" + 2 x square single sided flexidisc)
Cat: CODE 00651. Rel: 13 Dec 16
  1. Welcome To SRM'S Stereo (Test & Sound EFX edition)
  2. Envelope Dialogue
  3. Sensual Rheostat
  4. Budhahari Circuitry
  5. Verbal Narration & Sounds (Excerpts) (Flexidisc)
  6. Monophonic (Flexidisc)
Review: Every time that we get a drop of some new Joaquin Joe Claussel material our ears are automatically attracted in that very same direction. In fact, we've been known to get into trouble for playing his material extensively on our Juno HQ system, because we just hate to see it leave. However, this new material is probably not what you're expecting; rather than a new house EP, Mr Claussel has prepared a nerd's guide to sound testing, described by himself as: "DJ tool for testing, measurement, and calibration of mediocre reproducing stereo sound systems". The elements inside the box are flex-discos, not vinyl, and they are a series of sound, spoken word lyrics, and general FX tricks to either test your system out on, or simply sample and twist-up however you please. It's a collectors piece, and something refreshingly different to support the development of good music in clubs. We love you Joe...
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 in stock $21.17
  1. Kirk Franklin & The Family - "Why We Sing" (live)
  2. The Voices Of East Harlem - "Little People"
  3. Eldridge Cleaver - "New Chapter Coalition Between Black Panther & Peace & Freedom Parties"
  4. The Twenty-First Century Singers - "I Want To Be Ready"
  5. LaBelle - "What Can I Do For You?"
  6. The Victory Chorale Ensemble - "There Will Be A Brighter Day"
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Eldridge Cleaver - "Power To The People"
  10. NYCC - "The World Is Waiting For A Change"
  11. The Twenty-First Century Singers - "Celebrate"
  12. Track 12
  13. Hope Collective - "Give & Let Live" (Louie Vega mix)
  14. Track 14
  15. Spirit Of Love - "The Power Of Your Love"
  16. The Alvin Darling Ensemble - "He Took Me By The Hand (Won't Let Go)"
  17. Billy Paul - "Only The Strong Will Survive"
  18. NYCC - "Make Every Day Count" (12" version)
Review: In 2013, Joaquin "Joe" Clausell continued his explorations into the links between music, faith and spirituality with the release of a DJ mix dedicated to the world of gospel music. Two years later, he arrives at volume three, once again keen to prove his belief that gospel is "the true soul music". Certainly, PRAISE: Raise Your Hands and Praise does a good job of showcasing the links between soul, funk,disco, house and gospel, slinging together admirably celebratory selections from NYCC, The Twenty-First Century Singers, Hope Collective, Spirit Of Your Love and Billy Paul. To keep listeners guessing, Clausell also includes a number of spoken word interludes and more traditional sounding gospel favourites.
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Played by: I Love Disco!
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Residue Part III (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TW 042.
Deep House
  1. Teenage Music - "Looking For Bargain"
  2. Forest Electrik - "Freedum"
  3. Forest Electrik - "Circuiltry Haywire"
Review: Three years on from the release of the second installment of the Residue series, Joe Clausell has decided to bring it back. While the three tracks included are credited to two different artists, there's no doubt that it's Clausell at the controls. By his standard, all three cuts are pretty bold, wild and in your face, beginning with the retro-futurist, gospel house meets organ-heavy deep house of Teenage Music's superb "Looking For Bargain". Forest Electrik's "Freedum" [sic] is a surprisingly electronic, tech-tinged affair, and sees Clausell wrapping his usual African-influenced house grooves in springy bass, swirling electronics and intense synth solos. Those mental electronics come to the fore on "Circuitry Haywire", which sounds like someone having an epileptic fit while leaning on a synthesizer keyboard.
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  1. Robotism
  2. You Just Can't Smile It Away
  3. Let Me Be The One
  4. Conversation
  5. You Control Me
  6. Midnight Spirit
  7. Hot, Hot (Give It All You Got)
  8. So Much To Live For
  9. Hueluberlu
  10. Keep On Moving
  11. My Dear (unreleased instrumental)
Review: Some six years after releasing a limited-edition collection of reworks from his bulging archives, spiritual house maestro Joaquin "Joe" Clausell serves up a sequel. Broadly speaking, the New York-based producer's fine revisions fall into two camps: faithful and reverential re-edits with minimal additional instrumentation (see his ace edit of Methusalem's "Robotism", a spaced-out tweak of disco-boogie epic "Let Me Be The One" and the spiraling San Fran disco madness of "Hot, Hot (Give It All You Got)"), and house-focused hush-hush re-interpretations (the incessant sax loops, bustling bass, wild organ riffs and jacking beats of "Conversation" and more soulful flex of "You Just Can't Smile It Away"). More importantly, all are superb, club-focused revisions that sound like peak-time anthems in waiting.
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Unofficial Edits Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes Part 3-2 (hand-stamped 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CIRCUITTLPSAMPLER 3-2. Rel: 21 Jul 17
  1. Hi Jack (3:25)
  2. Craft (7:02)
  3. Barimbo (4:45)
  4. Enlightenment Burning Flame (5:54)
Played by: Samuele Pagliai
 in stock $19.33
Cat: CIRCUITTLPSAMPLER 4. Rel: 10 Nov 17
Deep House
  1. Night Angel (7:01)
  2. What For Time (6:59)
  3. Fuego (9:01)
  4. Life Another (6:53)
out of stock $20.38
Under My Spell (yellow vinyl 7")
Cat: RESIDUE 7.1. Rel: 19 Feb 18
Deep House
  1. Under My Spell (Virile Composition) (5:53)
  2. Under My Spell (Joaquin Tribes Of Distortion 7" dub) (2:55)
  3. Luminosity (Excerpt) (2:04)
out of stock $14.30
Unofficial Edits Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes Part 3 (hand-stamped 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: CIRCUITTLPSAMPLER 3. Rel: 26 Jun 17
Deep House
  1. You Owe Me (long version) (9:16)
  2. Pass It On (6:59)
  3. Never Danced Before (7:04)
  4. Queen Africa (11:18)
Review: No one can stop Joaquin Joe Claussel from delivering the absolute best in house. It's just what the man does best, and he's likely to continue churning out eats and new productions on a constant basis for the foreseeable future. This is the third part of his Unofficial Edits Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes, and it all starts with the moody, soul-induced lament of "You Owe Me", followed by the livelier and more danceable disco banger "Pass It On". On the flip, "Never Danced Before" is a banging little revisioning of the cult disco hit, and "Queen Africa" breaks out the jazz horns to come through with an 11 minute journey that will please everyone from the house heads to the soul divas. Yes, Joe!
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out of stock $20.38
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11
  12. Track 12
  13. Track 13
  14. Track 14
  15. Track 15
  16. Track 16
  17. Track 17
  18. Track 18
  19. Track 19
  20. Track 20
  21. Track 21
Review: Given his interest in all things spiritual, it was little surprise when Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell launched the Praise series of gospel compilations back in 2013. Clausell's desire was not only to celebrate gospel as a vibrant musical form in its own right, but also to showcase its enduring influence on American dance music. This fourth edition in the series retains a similar focus, collecting together church-made recordings of choirs and soloists, studio recordings, and soul, funk, jazz, disco and house shot through with the righteous spirit of gospel. It makes for a heady, life-affirming mix and includes standout tracks from Pastor L.T Barrett, Peabo Bryson, The Main Ingredient, The Rance Allen Group and C&T, whose disco stomper "Get Ready For This" (track 13) is an absolute delight.
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out of stock $18.27
Unofficial Edits Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes Part 2 (hand-stamped 12" + insert limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: CIRCUITLPSAMPLER 2. Rel: 06 Oct 16
  1. Position Locked (11:33)
  2. Akwarious (3:34)
  3. Heaven Like (5:36)
  4. We Shall Dance (11:53)
Review: Two of the finest words in the dictionary - unofficial and edit. Throw in the two nouns - Joe and Claussell - and you've got a stupendously hot prospect on your hands. Lavish grooves, rich instrumentation, precision curation and grooves so uplifting you need lead shoes to keep you attached to the earth. As with 2014's inaugural collection, once again we're treated to the full spiritual spectrum from his epic take on Barbara Mason & Bunny Sigler's already beautiful "Locked In This Position" to a cathedral level take on The Fifth Dimension's "Aquarius", this really is a special (not to mention highly limited) 12".
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out of stock $17.47
Deep House
  1. Ogum Knows Better (Ogum E Que Sabe) (6:22)
  2. In Spirit (8:56)
  3. Everythings In It's Right Place (10:15)
  4. Pagliaci (Vamp edit) (5:35)
Review: The long-awaited vinyl versions from Claussell's 2012 collection The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs have arrived. Four of the many subtle twists and version excursions, each hits with Claussell's spiritual extension touch; Dori Caymmi's "Ogum Knows Better" is powered by infectious percussion, Rosie Gaines "In Spirit" while Radiohead's gamechanging "Everything In It's Right Place" gets a hazy, textured glow. Finally Maynard Ferguson's "Pagliacci" undergoes a dramatic staccato twist midway before dropping into one of the finest flute-firing finales Claussell's ever whipped up. Sublime.
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Coloring Book :Kikun Iwe
Cat: SRM SPC 01. Rel: 27 Sep 19
Deep House
  1. Shango-so
  2. Jorita
  3. Ne Umi
  4. Agora
  5. Ba Bara Ey Ra U Ra
  6. Air We Breathe
  7. Fo Fo Fo Fo
coming soon TBA
Cat: CIRCUITT 1777CD. Rel: 05 Apr 12
Deep House
  1. Rewind
  2. Into My World
  3. C Vitamin (take 3)
  4. Jungle Future
  5. Steel Jazz
  6. Eruku
  7. Ogum
  8. Nothing But
  9. In Spirit
  10. Bostich (rough mix)
  11. Pagliacci (Vamp edit)
  12. I Know
  13. Back Into Time
  14. Jesus Must
  15. Teapot
  16. Funky Reggae
  17. Going To The Disco
  18. Chant Wind
  19. Erase (short take)
  20. Hot This Is
  21. The Gift
  22. Ram Dub (take 6)
  23. Rhythmism (short take)
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With More Love (red vinyl 7'')
Cat: SRM 2667. Rel: 28 May 19
Deep House
  1. With More Love (Special 7" edit) (6:49)
  2. With More Love (Special edit instrumental version) (6:42)
Review: Originally released back in 2009 in its' epic 13-minute original form, "With More Love" remains one of Joaquin "Joe" Claussell's most endearing tracks - a gorgeous chunk of sun-kissed spiritual house rich in fluid piano solos, sunset-ready classical guitar solos, undulating bass, non-verbal vocal harmonies and the producer's bouncy Afro-Latin house beats. Happily, Clausell has decided to reissue the track, offering up two scaled-down versions that fit on one tidy seven-inch single. On the A-side you'll find the "Special 7" Edit", a six minute blast of ultra-positive dancefloor bliss that's about the most positive thing we've heard in ages. Turn to the flip for a previously unreleased instrumental take that strips the track back further, allowing the gorgeous piano solos and busy bass guitar more room to breathe.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $15.09
Cat: CAEPPRO 001. Rel: 30 Nov 18
Deep House
  1. Diogal - "Sore" (Joaquin Joe Claussell edit & Overdub) (12:47)
  2. Rail Band - "Mouodilo" (Joaquin Joe Claussell edit & Overdub) (5:17)
  3. Amadou Et Mariam - "Bara" (Joaquin Cosmic Arts version) (6:53)
  4. Kindred Spirit & Corina Flamma Sherman - "Put Your Spirit Up" (Joaquin Joe Claussell edit & Overdub) (3:51)
  5. Biambou (Joaquin edit & Overdubs) (2:50)
Played by: NICOLA CONTE, Chubby
 in stock $19.85
Cat: FOREST 6. Rel: 25 Feb 10
Deep House
  1. Mother Nature
  2. Salvadorian Funk
  3. Beyond Hope
  4. Medieval Presence
  5. Rezo De Yemaya
  6. Agua Caluroso
out of stock $12.70
  1. Wandolo (feat Bonga - Freaky dub LP version) (6:27)
  2. Ninaitwa (Called By The Drum) (4:42)
  3. Afro VINYL 1 aka Disco Afri CoCo (5:07)
  4. Makussa (dub two aka reprised two) (7:49)
Review: Joaquin "Joe" Clausell has been using the Bolla alias to deliver authentic blends of indigenous African music and winding deep house since 2005, though it was only earlier this year that he released the project's debut album. This 12" boasts extended, club-friendly versions of tracks from that full-length, the impressive Makussa. There's much to enjoy, from the toughened-up Afro-disco revivalism of "Disco Afri Co Co (Extended Version)", and intense, deep space drum workout "A Means of Communication (Freaky Dub)", to the trumpet-laden Afro-house niceness of "Wandolo Feat Bonga (Freaky Dub Extended)". There's also a fine trip into downtempo pastures in the shape of "Ninaitwa (Called By The Drum)".
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out of stock $15.62
Cat: SOILLP 1. Rel: 15 Feb 16
Deep House
  1. Makusa (Joaquin personal unreleased Boiler Room version) (9:49)
  2. Basement Seance (LP version) (5:07)
  3. Downward Staircase (5:23)
  4. Sangre (Sacred Rhythm version) (7:29)
Review: Last year, Joe Clausell delivered the first album from the Afro-centric Bolla project he begun way back in 2005, following it up with an essential 12" of extended, dancefloor-friendly revisions. Here, he delivers a follow-up EP along similar lines. There's naturally much to admire, starting with Clausell's own "Personal Boiler Room version" of the jaunty, saxophone-laden "Makusa". He takes a trip to the farthest reaches of the galaxy on "Basement Seance", whose sparse African rhythms and delay-laden vocals work magnificently with the track's decidedly spaced-out synths. "Downward Staircase" is a breezier, jazz-flecked Afro-house jam blessed with luscious Latin piano solos, while the Sacred Rhythm version of "Sangre" is a highly charged, uptempo romp through percussion-heavy, Afrobeat-influenced territory.
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Wandolo (7" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: SOIL 00037. Rel: 26 Mar 18
Deep House
  1. Wandolo (Vokal version) (5:14)
  2. Wandolo (Sacred Rhythm instrumental version) (5:28)
Review: Claussell returns to his African trove LP from 2015 Makussa and gives one of its many highlights "Walondo" two more fresh chapters on this limited 45". Still as powerful, spiritual and uplifting, it now comes with a Vokal version where the golden harmonies purr through the mix to sit right centre pew while his Sacred Rhythm stamp can be found coded into the euphoric drive and relentless dancefloor uplift on the B. Beautiful.
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out of stock $11.38
  1. Bobby Hutcherson - "NTU" (5:53)
  2. Giorgio Moroder - "Utopia (Faze One)" (10:02)
  3. The Tramps - "People Of The World Rise" (Joaquin Disco dub part 1 Of 4) (5:23)
  4. The Chequers - "Check It Out" (5:40)
out of stock $20.11
Cat: SRMPIECES 02. Rel: 15 Apr 10
Deep House
  1. Joaquin Joe Claussell - "With More Love Piano Version"
  2. LESP - "Feedback"
  3. Mental Remedy - "Love Key's Demo"
  4. The Bayara Citizens - "Suwaya"
  5. Hidden Revealed - "Mystical Wonderland"
  6. Bonga - "Ritual"
  7. Mampo - "Village"
  8. Karin Lapidot - "Spirits Of The North Dubbness"
out of stock $13.50
Cat: SRM 258. Rel: 22 Dec 09
Deep House
  1. Joaquin Joe Claussell - "With More Love" (dance version)
  2. Mental Remedy - "Entreaty"
  3. Mental Remedy - "Kotu Rete" (Atmospheric reprise)
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  1. Michael Wycoff - "Come Into My World" (6:47)
  2. Jermaine Jackson - "Erucu" (6:05)
  3. Gift Of The Gnawa (7:07)
  4. The Escorts - "Disco Party" (12:05)
Played by: Sacred Rhythm USA
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Residue Scene Three (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: RESIDUE 3. Rel: 23 Feb 16
Deep House
  1. Teenage Music - "The Bargain" (16:07)
  2. Forest Electrik - "Freedum" (10:24)
  3. Forest Electrik - "Circuitry Haywire" (3:25)
Review: Joe Claussell's mythical Sacred Rhythm has to be without a doubt one of the best and most reliable house labels around, and having a listen back through its catalogue immediately made us think that this dude was doing outsider house before the term house had even been coined - that's right, hear this! Residual Three is Joe stepping up under different monikers, first as Teenage Music with the loose, vocal-driven house amalgam that is "The Bargain", followed by "Freedum" on his Forest Elektrik name - a bouncy, synth-heavy dance experimentation - and a completely distorted, near beatless jam under the same name, entitled "Circuitry Haywire". Dopeness embodied.
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Cat: CIRCUITTPRO 000. Rel: 25 Jan 12
Deep House
  1. Radiohead - "Everything Is Its Right Place" (Joe Claussell 10.00 edit)
  2. Debbie Jacobs - "Don't You Want My Love" (Joe Claussell 9.00 edit)
  3. Lil Louis - "I Called U" (Joe Claussell 7.00 edit)
  4. Babatunde Olatunji - "Jin Go Lo Ba" (Joe Claussell 6.00 edit)
  5. Dido - "I Don't Believe In Love" (Joe Claussell 9.00 edit)
  6. Michael Jackson - "You Are Not Alone" (Joe Claussell 12.41 edit)
  7. Voyage - "Point Zero" (Joe Claussell 7.29 edit)
  8. Yello - "Bostich (Key A Pela)" (Joe Claussell 3.00 edit)
  9. Womack And Womack - "My Dear (The Letter)" (Joe Claussell 11.00 edit)
out of stock $16.93
  1. Bob Holroyd - "African Drug" (Joaquin Drugged Out Sketch mix)
  2. Afrikan Basement - "Hlanganani" (demo Sketch Idea)
  3. Diogal - "Sore" (Joaquin edit & Overdub version)
  4. Mampo - "Emarofo Tech" (Joaquin demo Sketch mix)
  5. Amadou Et Miriam - "Bara" (Joaquin Cosmic Arts version)
  6. Rail Band - "Mouodilo" (Joaquin edit & Overdub)
  7. Cosmic Ritual - "Abraxas" (Joaquin demo Sketch mix)
  8. Put Your Spirit Up (Joaquin Joe Claussell edit & Overdub)
  9. Other Souls & Things - "Mundo De Agua" (The Psychdelic Transfusion remix)
  10. Afrikan Basement - "Sangre"
  11. ITU High (interlude)
  12. The Brooklyn Heat & Soul Band - "Come & Fly With Me" (Joaquin Improvisational remix mix)
Review: The undisputed master of spiritual house music Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell presents Cosmicdelic Afrika: a collection of demos that the New York City based visionary is currently working on in the studio. The idea for the compilation was inspired by the concept of his event Share: the upcoming Share Afrika will see Claussell digging through his archives and bringing out compositions exploring Afrika, African Diaspora, dub and more. Beginning with the deeply magical and meditative vibe of "African Drug" (Joaquin's Drugged Out Sketch mix) by Bob Holroyd, the soulful and uplifting deepness of "Emarofo Tech" (Joaquin's Demo Sketch Mix) by Mampo or Cosmic Ritual's "Abraxas" (Joaquin demo Sketch mix) which is classic Claussell - reminiscent of work on his seminal Language album from the turn of the millennium.
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Unofficial Edits Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes Part 1 (hand-stamped 12" + insert limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CIRCUIT T LPSAMPLER1. Rel: 16 Sep 16
  1. I Saw The Day (edited During The Period Of 2001) (8:14)
  2. Natures Force (12:26)
  3. Alomoko (7:38)
  4. Look At Your People (5:09)
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Thank You Universe (marbled clear vinyl LP)
Cat: SRMLP 02. Rel: 27 May 16
  1. Mental Remedy - "I Pray No More" (5:05)
  2. Unchained Rhythums - "Wail Of The Heart" (alternate Cosmic Arts version) (8:54)
  3. Elements Of Life - "Most Beautiful" (feat Anane & Lisa Fischer - Joaquins Sacred Rhythm extended version) (13:42)
  4. Bolla Afrikan Basement Bo Bo A - "Drumistic Version One" (4:04)
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