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Twenty Cycles EP
Cat: FRNZYREC 007. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Pull Effect (5:04)
Mayhem (5:59)
Mayhem (Bailey Ibbs remix) (5:30)
Warriors (5:06)
Onem (4:55)
Onem (Isaiah remix) (4:39)
Review: Strap in for some more frenzied techno from the frenzy label, which welcomes Hurdslenk aboard for a big old rave up. First out of the blocks is 'Pull Effect' which is all about the power of the unrelenting drums. 'Mayhem' has a deeper sound that is as much for the head as the heel with its sonar pulses and deep space drama. A Bailey Ibbs remix then brings extra darkness and 'Warriors' has a more tribal feel that is topped with some fiery and political vocal samples. Final original 'Onem' locks you in unresolved loops and the Isaiah remix is a funky workout to draw things to a close in catchy fashion.
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Unterwegs VII
Cat: WEGS 007. Rel: 09 May 24
Roseen - "Model 2813" (5:05)
Dold - "Untitled 29" (5:08)
Hurdslenk - "Span" (5:03)
Slight Function - "Misery" (5:16)
Review: Roseen, Dold, Hurdslenk and Slight Function are in full-on battle mode here as they offer up a collection of four high-class techno weapons aimed purely at the dancefloor. Roseen goes first with he pulsating synths and glitchy drums and claps of the mind-melting 'Model 2813' and Dold backs that up with the panel-beaten loops and urgent sense of funk that underlines 'Cave.' Hurdslenk's 'Span' brigs more in your face energy with its pounding claps and Slight Function shuts down with 'Misery' which takes you into the farthest recesses of deep space.
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