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ホーム  Artists  Hard Ton
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Forget About The Music
Cat: STX 012. Rel: 04 Aug 15
Forget About The Music (6:15)
Forget About The Music (Lazercat remix) (5:26)
Make Me Dance (5:04)
Make Me Dance (Andreas Gehm remix) (5:43)
Played by: Hard Ton
 in stock $12.41
The Sound Of Love EP
The Sound Of Love EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: KJR 1202. Rel: 21 Jun 24
Deep House
Kito Jempere - "The Sound Of Love" (feat Hard Ton)
Kito Jempere - "The Sound Of Love" (Speechless)
Kito Jempere - "Et Qua Je Dorme" (feat Miriam Sekhon - Andras remix)
Kito Jempere - "Your Ghost In Me (Live At The Day When Time Stopped Moving)"
Kito Jempere - "The Sound Of Love" (Eden Burns remix)
Kito Jempere - "Sergio Leone" (remix V1)
Kito Jempere - "Sergio Leone" (with Eden Burns - remix V2)
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est. release 21 Jun 24 $14.52
(No payment required now - pay when released)
Acid Avengers 030
Cat: AAR 030. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Posthuman - "Tree Oh" (7:02)
Posthuman - "UR Not Ready 4 This" (6:59)
Queer On Acid & Hard Ton - "B_ass" (5:57)
Queer On Acid & Hard Ton - "Insane" (Squatter mix) (6:31)
Review: Acid Avengers mark their 30th release with a celebration of the electro duo. Here they invite three to-die-for dyads - Posthuman, Queer On Acid and Hard Ton - for a five-track set of crunching electro, techno and acid house, all gathered together under the visual banner of a smiley-faced retake of the twins from Kubrick's The Shining. Erring on the more explosive and least restrained, most guttural effusions ejectable from the acid faucet, all three artists' contributions convey a hedonistic set and setting, with kitsch 'acid' robot voices and globular low-end movements coalescing across each mix like huge droplets of lysergic sweat.
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 in stock $15.57
Miss Me Blind
Cat: NANG 197. Rel: 24 Sep 20
Miss Me Blind (7:01)
Miss Me Blind (The Caribbean House Vision) (6:57)
Miss Me Blind (DJ Rocca Italo vocal remix) (6:57)
Miss Me Blind (club Domani remix) (6:04)
Played by: DJ ROCCA
 in stock $10.30
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