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ホーム  Artists  DJ Muggs
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Silver Cloud
Cat: MILS 012LP. Rel: 22 May 24
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Angel Dust (1:22)
Gold Vinyl (2:00)
No Time (2:12)
Old Piano (2:05)
40 Deuce (1:47)
Stress Monster (1:32)
Calm Down (2:05)
Profile (2:42)
Excellence (4:18)
Rockapella (1:48)
Long Lizard (3:57)
Silver Cloud (3:34)
Strawberry Whores & Crack (1:50)
Omega (2:15)
Religion Of The Street (2:49)
Static Electricity (2:01)
Fast Arp (0:04)
Review: DJ Muggs brings his latest instrumental hip-hop tinkerings to Madlib and Egon's Invazion Music Library Series, which allows the two beatmaking legends' friends the opportunity to experiment with the form in whichever way they choose. Taking after the mood and feel of library music pieces, Silver Cloud adds to the many additions to the label to pay homage to the Piero Umilianis and Alan Hawkshaws of yore, albeit through a hip-hop lens. From 'No Time' to 'Calm Down' to 'Fast Arp', Muggs takes a functional approach to beatsmithing, crafting everything from tempo-synced, two-tone moody piano expositions to full-blown lo-fi whackers.
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 in stock $21.06
Divinity (Soundtrack)
Cat: SBR 334CD. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Intro Descent
Live Eternal
Bigger, Stronger, Faster
Main Titles
The Brothers
Drone Interrogation
A Symbol Of Life
Heavy Weight
Reflective Dreams
Infinity Techno
Escape Suite
Rip Fights
Final Fight
Ascend Finale
Divinity 2 Infinity: The Odyssey (feat Kool Keith)
 in stock $11.79
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