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DJ Koze

Amygdala (gatefold 2xLP + 7" + MP3 download code)
Cat: PAMPA LP0071. Rel: 21 Mar 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Track ID Anyone (feat Caribou)
  2. Nices Wolkchen (feat Apparat)
  3. Royal Asscher Cut
  4. Magical Boy (feat Matthew Dear)
  5. Das Wort (feat Dirt Von Lowtzow)
  6. Homesick (feat Ada)
  7. La Duquesa
  8. My Plans (feat Matthew Dear)
  9. Don't Lose My Mind
  10. Marilyn Whirlwind
  11. Amygdala (feat Milosh)
  12. Ich Schreib' Dir Ein Buch 2013 (feat Hildegard Knef)
  13. NooOoo
  14. Auroville
Review: Though his career has taken many turns over the last decade, DJ Koze has remained that most illusive of creatures: a minimal-minded producer with an ear for a melody. This fourth full-length, packed to the rafters with big-name collaborations (Apparat, Caribou, Ada and Matthew Dear all feature), continues his move towards the home-listening sphere. So, while many of the heady rhythms and shuffling grooves hark back to his stripped-back past, Amygdala impresses with its woozy songs, genre-straddling fusions (see the modern soul meets deep house of "Homesick" or the steppy, tropical vibes of "Marilyn Whirlwind") and homely atmosphere.
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XTC (12")
Cat: PAMPA 024. Rel: 08 Dec 15
Deep House
  1. XTC (8:18)
  2. Knee On Belly (6:05)
Review: Every year one of 'those' records comes along that you hear everywhere; big DJs drop it, small DJs cherish it, radio plays it. You get the picture. XTC by DJ Koze looks to be one of those records. The PAMPA boss is renowned for a talent at wrenching optimum levels of emotion from electronic music and "XTC" is a fine example of how well DJ Koze does it. Some eight minutes of deep house every bit as immediately consuming as, say "Beautiful Life" by Gui Boratto, are complemented by the appearance twice of a pitched down vocal (that sounds remarkably similar to Maggie Thatcher) discussing the popular drug that informed the title. Complementing this, Koze indulges in some superb cut up filter house with "Knee On Belly".
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Amygdala (12")
Cat: PAMPA 021. Rel: 26 Mar 14
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Amygdala (Roman Flugel remix)
  2. Nices Wolkchen (Robag Bronky Frumu rehand)
Review: Pampa has called in the big guns for on this second installment of the DJ Koze Amygdala Remixes series, with Roman Flugel and Robag Wruhme providing two typically intoxicating revisions. Flugel steps up first, delivering a dreamy, lucid and melodic take on "Amygdala" built around restless cymbals and liquid house rhythms. While hardly tropical, the melodies and chords certainly doff a cap to classic 1980s new age recordings. Wruhme reworks "Nices Wolkchen", delivering a typically loose, atmospheric and engaging tech-house interpretation that seems to float from the speakers. It makes an already beautiful track almost implausibly wide-eyed.
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Knock Knock (3xLP + 10" + 7" + CD + poster + MP3 download code box set)
Cat: PAMPABOX 13. Rel: 04 May 18
Deep House
  1. Club Der Ewigkeiten
  2. Bonfire
  3. Moving In A Liquid (feat Eddie Fummler)
  4. Must On My Teeth (feat Jose Gonzalez)
  5. Colors Of Autumn (feat Speech Of Arrested)
  6. This Is My Rock (feat Sophia Kennedy)
  7. Illumination (feat Roisin Murphy)
  8. Planet Hase (feat Mano Le Tough)
  9. Pick Up
  10. Scratch That (feat Roisin Murphy)
  11. Muddy Funster (feat Kurt Wagner)
  12. Baby (How Much I LFO You)
  13. Jesus
  14. Lord Knows
  15. Seeing Aliens
  16. Drone Me Up, Flashy (feat Sophia Kennedy)
  17. Take A Run (feat Ada)
  18. Moving In A Liquid (instrumental)
  19. Colors Of Autumn (instrumental)
  20. Music On My Teeth (instrumental)
  21. This Is My Rock (instrumental)
  22. Illumination (instrumental)
  23. Take A Run (instrumental)
  24. Scatch That (instrumental)
  25. Muddy Funster (instrumental)
  26. Lord Knows (instrumental)
  27. Drone Me Up, Scotty (instrumental)
  28. Timber (feat Lai Puna)
  29. Lullaby
  30. Planet Ambient
  31. Club Der Ewigkeiten
  32. Bonfire
  33. Moving In Liquid (feat Eddie Fummler)
  34. Colors Of Autumn (feat Speech Of Arrested)
  35. Music On My Teeth (feat Jose Gonzalez)
  36. This Is My Rock (feat Sophia Kennedy)
  37. Illumination (Fear Roisin Murphy)
  38. Planet Hase (feat Mano Le Tough)
  39. Pick Up
  40. Scratch That (feat Roisin Murphy)
  41. Muddy Funster (feat Kurt Wagner)
  42. Baby (How Much I LFO You)
  43. Jesus
  44. Lord Knows
  45. Seeing Aliens
  46. Drone Me Up, Flashy (feat Sophia Kennedy)
Review: DJ Koze's music is very much suited to the album format. Although his last effort through this medium was back in 2013, his explorative nature and wide-eyed, improvisational style are simply made to branch out into areas outside of the more predictable house and techno formats. Knock Knock comes through on his own Pampa label, with its seventeen tracks all providing us with something different and wonderful, from slo-mo r&b sounds to funky, wayward house music that is most certainly at the 'outside' of the house spectrum. There are plenty of special guests, too, including Mano Le Tough, Sophia Kennedy, and many other relevant talents. A Koze speciality.
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Cat: PAMPA 030. Rel: 31 Jan 18
Deep House
  1. Seeing Aliens (8:17)
  2. Nein Konig Nein (7:22)
Review: For his first release on Pampa for some two years, DJ Koze is in a decidedly Balearic mood. For proof, check title track "Seeing Aliens", where drowsy acoustic guitar loops and gentle piano riffs wrap themselves around a hazy, sunrise-friendly deep house beat. This glassy-eyed mood is prevalent throughout the atmospheric track, which builds slowly via a moodier and more bass-heavy section, rich in glitchy electronics, before blossoming into a squeezable Balearic deep house groove. Bonus cut "Nein Konig Nein" has a similar feel, even though it's constructed from gentle Afro-house drums, fizzing tech-house electronics and a drowsy vocal sample.
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La Duquesa (12")
Cat: PAMPA 014. Rel: 20 Mar 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. La Duquesa
  2. Burn With Me
Review: Amygdala, the forthcoming LP from DJ Koze holds the dual title of being one of this year's most keenly awaited long players as well as the album with the most bizarre cover art. Quite why the producer is riding a reindeer hasn't been made clear yet, but this two track 12" does clue us in to to the possibility the album will hold up to such high expectations. "La Duquesa" is one of the few tracks on Amygdala not to feature a collaborator and stripped bare of any outside distractions finds Koze on sublime form; equal parts tender, refined, casual, serious, deep and euphoric. When those strings hit is a joy to behold. In contrast "Burn With Me" is dark, druggy, delicious and decadent.
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Pick Up (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: PAMPA 031. Rel: 18 Apr 18
Deep House
  1. Pick Up (12" extended disco version) (9:57)
  2. The Love Truck (9:47)
Review: When it comes to crafting lengthy, disco fired dancefloor treats, DJ Koze has previous form. His "Extended Disco Version" of Lapsley's "Operator" quickly became a White Isle anthem in the summer of 2016, and we fully expect "Pick Up" to be one of the disco-house hits of 2018. Based around spine-tingling samples from a heart-felt, orchestrated 1970s disco treat - think Tom Trago's "Use Me Again", and you're close - the veteran producer slowly builds the pressure before really letting loose in the closing stages. B-side "The Love Truck" is an altogether deeper, dubbier and dreamier affair, seemingly designed for leisurely warm-up sets and gentle, early morning shuffling.
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Driven (12")
Cat: H&T 02. Rel: 07 Dec 16
  1. DJ Koze - "Driven" (6:37)
  2. Robag Wruhme - "X-mop 198" (5:02)
Review: Pampa offshoot Hart & Tief launched earlier in the year, via a split 12" featuring tracks by Soulphiction and Mike Denhert. This time round, fellow German producers DJ Koze and Robag Wruhme are at the controls. Koze kicks things off with "Driven", a clanking, booty-shaking fusion of metallic percussion hits, resonating electronics, dub techno motifs, and minimalist textures. It feels a little like a contemporary Berlin take on early '90s Sheffield "clonk" (think Sweet Exorcist's Clonk's Coming album on Warp), which is no bad thing in our book. Wruhme's "X-mop 198" is a much more straightforward, early morning techno bubbler, albeit with similarly clanking percussion hits amongst the thumping kick drums and restless, one-note riffs.
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Cat: PAMPALP 010. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Intro (1:36)
  2. Super Flu - "Jo Gurt" (DJ Koze remix) (4:05)
  3. Moderat - "Bad Kingdom" (DJ Koze remix) (7:44)
  4. Herbert - "It's Only" (DJ Koze remix) (8:24)
  5. Herbert - "You Saw It All" (DJ Koze remix) (4:07)
  6. Mount Kimbie - "Made To Stray" (DJ Koze remix) (8:08)
  7. Caribou - "Found Out" (DJ Koze remix) (7:26)
  8. Ada - "Faith" (DJ Koze Grungerwomen remix) (4:44)
  9. Who Made Who - "Keep Me In My Plane" (DJ Kozes Hudson River dub) (7:16)
  10. Zwanie Jonson - "Golden Song" (DJ Koze remix) (5:47)
  11. The Big Crunch Theory - "Distortion" (DJ Koze remix) (4:19)
  12. Gonzales - "Knight Moves" (DJ Koze remix) (3:04)
  13. Soap & Skin - "Marche Funebre" (DJ Koze remix) (5:08)
  14. Apparat - "Black Water" (DJ Koze remix) (5:13)
Played by: Manu•Archeo
 in stock $18.34
Xmas Rush (12")
Cat: PAMPA 005. Rel: 08 Dec 10
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Nathan Fake - "Xmas Rush"
  2. DJ Koze - "Mi Cyaan Believe It"
Review: The latest Pampa twelve sees label boss DJ Koze share the vinyl with Border Community don Nathan Fake and as you'd expect from two such esteemed knob twiddlers it's a very good look. Fake takes the A Side with the festive sounds of "Xmas Rush" which is perhaps the first Christmas themed descent into brilliantly twisted techno freakout in history. Inherently psychedelic and filled with plenty of acid reflux mind f*ck potential, there's also a warmth to the track that makes it quite special. On the flip DJ Koze presents an equally twisted but totally different dedication to Jamaican left anarchist dub poet Michael Smith, tragically beaten to death by political opponents in 1983. Covering Smith's signature track "Mi Cyaan Believe It" Koze drops a highly pressurized rough minimalist techno beat with added throb potential via the droney melody which presents itself as the perfect backdrop to Smith's distinctive tones (check the track at 33RPM for added freakout potential).

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Played by: Marc Ashken, M50, Safeword
 in stock $8.50


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