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ホーム  Artists  Claude Young
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Everybody (remastered)
Cat: AR 011R21. Rel: 26 Apr 21
Deep House
  1. K Hand - "Everybody" (4:22)
  2. Claude Young - "You Give Me" (dub) (4:32)
  3. Claude Young - "You Give Me" (instrumental) (4:17)
Review: American underground artists don't come much bigger or better than K Hand and Claude Young. Having them both one on EP is special indeed. The first lady of hardcore house goes first with 'Everybody', a typically gritty, lo-fi, filthy cut with a dark heart and rugged drum loops nailing you to the floor. It is long time techno innovator Claude Young who then steps up with 'You Give Me,' firstly as a jacking dub with a slinky sense of groove, then as an instrumental that is more roomy but still with a fantastic punchy rhythm that is irresistible.
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 in stock $11.05
The Knife
The Knife (12")
Cat: NDATL 031. Rel: 20 Oct 21
Deep House
  1. The Knife (6:58)
  2. No Regrets (7:47)
  3. Santa Barbara (7:46)
  4. The Promenade (6:13)
Review: An exciting release this week on Kai Alce's always reliable NDATL Muzik by Detroit techno veteran Claude Young. The Knife is the first time Young has been in the studio in six years and is quite the departure from, say, his seminal Pattern Buffer series. Instead he delves into the more deeper shades of hi-tech soul on this one. We're particularly feeling the soulful and emotive mood music of 'No Regrets' on the A side, while understated B side cut 'Santa Barbara' makes perfect for perfect tackle on the warm-up slot with its a sensual vocals and velvety chords, followed by the late night jazz bar loops of 'The Promenade'.
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 in stock $12.71


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