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CHBB レコード& CD

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Similar artists:
CHBB (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SSLP 07. Rel: 21 Jun 24
Mau Mau (5:08)
Nbke (4:53)
Bali (3:19)
Schatten (3:12)
Highroller (1:32)
Metall (3:33)
Nobodies Perfect (5:36)
Disconanz (3:34)
Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit (4:36)
Chou Frou (4:33)
La Petit Mort (2:02)
Irriter Les Esprits (3:00)
Trigger Up Up! (3:38)
Klick Clac (1:31)
Speedloch (2:59)
Ima Iki Mashoo (2:22)
Go Go Go! (2:21)
Monkey Rules (5:07)
Shapeshifter (3:07)
Two Track One (4:08)
Review: CHBB was a project by Beate Bartel and Chris Haas that developed from a collaboration first embarked upon in 1981, while working on the self-titled album Liaisons Dangereuses. After initially releasing their music only on four limited cassettes, this compilation from Soulsheriff flaunts their complete works, including all recordings from the original tapes paired with several new and original tracks by each artist. One can hardly tell the difference between original and new here; from the surreally throat-sung contraltos of 'NBKE' to the jankily strange doubletimes of 'Bali', from the the warbly hypnotisms of 'Shapeshifter' to the womping-kicks-over-German-language-incantations of 'Ima Iki-Mashoo', there's an industrial, experimental treat here for everyone.
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 in stock $36.51
Uprooted Vol 1
Cat: UPROOTED 01. Rel: 02 Nov 22
Rex Ilusivii & Goran Vejvoda & Milan Mladenovic - "Track 1" (3:40)
CHBB - "NBKE" (4:45)
Review: Versatile's new Uprooted project, masterminded by serial curator and long-time label contributor Vidal Benjamin, has an intriguing concept. It focuses on the 'duality' of musicians who grow up in one place, then move to another and absorb that culture. The two tracks on release number one were picked by Vladimir Ikovic, who has selected a track a piece from Belgrade, the city of his birth, and Dusseldorf, his current home. On the Serbian side, he offers up 'Track 1' by Rex Ilusivii, Goran Vejvoda and Milan Mladenovic, a trippy, slow-motion slab of dubbed-out, Eno-influenced slab of post-punk experimentalism from 1984. Flip for some rough, powerful, mind-mangling proto-techno from 1981: the stylish, lo-fi and pleasingly intense 'NBKE' by CHBB. Inspired obscurities that are well worth a listen.
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 in stock $13.52
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