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Back Catalogue: Ambient/Drone

ホーム  Back Catalogue  

Ambient / Drone

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  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III
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Unseen Forces
Cat: KRANK 210. Rel: 12 Apr 17
  1. 1001
  2. Unseen Forces
  3. Sixty
  4. End Of Six
  5. It's Not What You Think
  6. Isotope
  7. Following
  8. Soft Illness
  9. Red Cabin
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Wildlife (CD)
Cat: ARCHIVESCD 40. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. Owls
  2. The Woods
  3. Sonora
  4. The Bear
  5. Shine (with Pepo Galan)
  6. Wildlife
  7. Dawning (with Robert Farrugia)
  8. Soil
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Living In The Distant Present
Cat: VISTA 007CD. Rel: 10 Aug 18
  1. The Fifth Season
  2. Her Father's Hands
  3. Swing Song
  4. Soft Waters
  5. Glide
  6. Of The Moment
  7. Swim
  8. Letters
  9. Dreaming In Colors
  10. Wintercolors
  11. Silk & Sand
  12. Two Friends
Review: An unsung hero of American minimalism, Multiphase frontman Carl Weingarten sees his 1985 cassette now committed to delux, transparent blue vinyl. It's an album that sees classic strands of '80s synths blend and pair themselves with guitars that shimmer and sing to the point both instruments become one. It's a furturistic style of new age ambient exoctica that Weingarten purports, but not so much in the way of Pacific Island specialist Mike Cooper, but more the Brian Eno meets Jean Michel Jarre style. For a deep dip back into the sound of minimal synth, tape loops and processed guitars, allow Carl Weingarten to introduce himself to your collection like he should have done 33 years ago.
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 in stock $14.25
Cat: RM 474. Rel: 13 Apr 16
  1. MRI
  2. 410 Stairs
  3. Lost Mine
Review: Lawrence English's prolific Room 40 label welcomes back former SWANS man Norman Westburg, a New York-based guitarist and experimental composer whose musical output has rarely been less than beguiling. MRI was recorded back in 2012, and features drowsy, minimalist pieces - in which his guitar textures are manipulated into a trio of long, slowly unfurling drone pieces - apparently inspired by learning that he'd damaged his hearing. As with much of Westburg's work, it's an arresting, otherworldly listen, combining the cyclical intent of Steve Reich and Terry Riley, with the blissful, slowly shifting sleepiness of the best contemporary drone productions. While some similar exercises result in dark and maudlin music, MRI's pieces bristle with gentle warmth, and positive intent.
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W Ands
W Ands (CD)
Cat: CSR 285CD. Rel: 11 Aug 20
  1. Ace Of Wands: A Sign Of A New Beginning
  2. Two Of Wands: New Partnerships & Relationships
  3. Three Of Wands: Freedom, Adventure & Trave
  4. Four Of Wands: A Cause For Celebration
  5. Five Of Wands: Time To End The Discord & Clear The Air
  6. Six Of Wands: Others Will Recognise Your Achievements
 in stock $12.25
Twee Lindebomen
Cat: ABX 077. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Rhodia
  2. Achter De Toren
  3. Le Calvaire
  4. Faelan
  5. De Molen Van Buchis
  6. Le Petite Ile De L'etang
  7. Twee Lindebomen
  8. Straatlopers
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Spring Bloom In The Marginal Ice Zone
Cat: TONE 65. Rel: 15 Nov 18
  1. Interview With Carlos Duarte
  2. Spring Bloom In The Marginal Ice Zone (Headphones mix)
  3. Spring Bloom In The Marginal Ice Zone (Speakers mix)
 in stock $12.83
Allegiance & Conviction
Cat: KRANK 226CD. Rel: 23 Apr 20
  1. The Stranger
  2. Recon
  3. Moth To The Flame
  4. Alone
  5. Will I See The Dawn
  6. Crossing Over
Review: Husband-and-wife team Carl Hultgren and Windy Weber have been successfully fusing elements of ambient, dream pop and shoe gaze since the early 1990s, keeping up a steady release schedule that has so far resulted in no less than 11 studio albums and a string of inspired collaborative sets. Their latest album, "Allegiance & Conviction", is their first for three years and sees them drowsily drift through a selection of opaque, otherworldly tunes rich in densely layered guitars, hazy aural textures, barely audible vocals and dreamy, delay-laden sounds. It's a hugely enticing set all told, with our favourites including the glistening head trip of "Moth To The Flame", the Labradford style post-rock drones of "Alone" and the slow-burn bliss of "Crossing Over".
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 in stock $16.24
Repeat (CD)
Cat: MPM 018CD. Rel: 08 Mar 18
  1. We
  2. Destroy
  3. Lines
  4. Growing
  5. Circles
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Sources: Early Works 1986-1992
  1. Blooming
  2. Swamp Land
  3. Soft Journey
  4. Under Water
  5. The Near Future
  6. The Movie
  7. Luftreise
  8. Native Dance
  9. Big Sky
  10. Ody At Sea
Review: A multi-faceted composer, musician and producer with a reputation for adaptability, Erik Wollo is arguably best known within electronic music circles for his distinctively fluid, personal and emotional take on ambient music. There's plenty of examples of this kind of work on "Sources", a set that draws together mostly unreleased tracks recorded during the formative years of his career in the mid-to-late 1980s. It includes a number of sublime, spellbinding cuts, including the Terry Riley meets Tangerine Dream synthesizer hypnotism of "Swamp Land", the deep space electronics and intricate melodies of "Under Water", the Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe style exoticism of "The Movie" and the shuffling positivity of "Big Sky", a gently rhythmic piece just tailor made for sound tracking summer sunrises.
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Teen Hawk
Teen Hawk (CD)
Cat: ERS 007CD. Rel: 26 Jul 13
  1. Mintwood
  2. Bertone Stratos
  3. Brechtian Arena
  4. I Recommend Starman
  5. Greystoke One
  6. Kuralt
  7. Olds Achieva Care Bear
  8. Lair
  9. The Music You Hear At Sea World & Never Forget
  10. Wrong Crowd
  11. Dijon Royce
  12. Time For Thick
Played by: I Love Disco!
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Back Catalogue: Ambient/Drone
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