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Freedom In Dub
 in stock $10.46
Cat: 005464 5705622. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Zion Dub Youth
  2. Strolling Into Dub
  3. Rocky Dub Road
  4. Rich N Dubby
  5. Dubbing Everyting
  6. Dub Posers
  7. Dub Cry
  8. Dub Can't Cool
  9. Dub 420
  10. Carry On Dub
Love & Austerity
 in stock $10.19
Love & Austerity (limited hand-numbered CD + hand-numbered poster)
Cat: HPR 2CD. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Heatwave
  2. Wake Up
  3. Austerity Skank
  4. I Cried Til I Stopped
  5. Man Next Door
  6. Gasoline
  7. Skies Are Blue
  8. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
  9. Heatwave (Discomix - bonus track)
  10. Austerity Skank (Discomix - bonus track)
  11. Duboline (bonus track)
  12. Man Next Door Disco Mix (Discomix - bonus track)
The Magnificent 7 + Rough Road
 in stock $7.50
Cat: BSRCD 967. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Jah Walton - "The Sead You Saw" (The Magnificent 7)
  2. Big Youth - "Love Jah Jah Children"
  3. I-Ray - "Ital Dish"
  4. I-Ray - "Musical Air Raid"
  5. King Sighta - "Master Of All"
  6. King Sighta - "Shining Star"
  7. Little Wicked - "Sister Sheron"
  8. Big Joe - "Natty Love"
  9. Jah Stitch - "Evilest Thing"
  10. David Isaacs - "True Love" (Rough Road)
  11. Lord Creator - "Precious Time"
  12. Lord Creator - "Passing Through"
  13. Al Campbell - "Just A Close Talk With You"
  14. Al Campbell - "Rough Road"
  15. Al Campbell - "Version Of Love"
  16. Lord Creator - "Mothers Love"
  17. Don Tinglin - "John Brown"
 in stock $10.72
Shinsekai (CD)
Cat: JTRCD 07. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. I Would Like To Let You Go
  2. Blow It Up
  3. Oh It's Good
  4. Koko Says
  5. Love Game
  6. Waqwaq Dream
  7. Step Into The World
  8. Bird
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