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 in stock £7.92
Magnetic (CD)
Cat: RNR 080. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. 30HZ Dub Prelude (5:17)
  2. Opus 12, No7 (5:11)
  3. Memories In My Pentagram (5:25)
  4. Nocturnal Sonata (6:45)
  5. Electronic Impromptu In E-Flat Minor (6:29)
  6. Modular Rondo (5:04)
  7. Die Ballade Vom Frosch (4:54)
  8. Epilogue Leitmotif (5:28)
Ideas Of Beginnings
 in stock £17.71
Cat: VDSQ 019. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Beginner (1:14)
  2. The Girls (1:51)
  3. Skipping Stones (2:39)
  4. Smiles From Up North (3:02)
  5. Late Summer, Early Evening (1:31)
  6. The Clock Strikes With Soft Rain (1:43)
  7. Serpent Mound Coyote Song (5:19)
  8. To Continue (5:00)
  9. Beginning Of Winter (4:11)
  10. By The Light Of The Freezing Pond (4:53)
  11. Eleven Sevens (3:36)
Review: Having made his name in kosmische stargazers Emeralds, Mark McGuire has further carved out a niche for himself as a purveyor of gently reflective instrumental guitar music that's invariably redolent of a certain melancholia and autumnal reflection. If anything, he's simplified his style over the years whilst also steering clear of the cliches his other six-stringers fall prey to, and 'Ideas Of Beginnings' is even more acoustic-based than anything he's produced thus far, looping his delicate filigree to create warm and enveloping soundscapes of considerable beauty and delicacy. Less a hippyish mission statement than a simple description of the record's contents, "Ideas Of Beginnings' is every bit an fresh audial new dawn.
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