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 in stock $7.21
Unendlich (12")
Cat: STRX 012. Rel: 04 Aug 08
  1. Unendlich
  2. Drone 37 Hz
Edition 3
 in stock $10.67
Edition 3 (limited numbered hand-stamped vinyl 12")
Cat: MLM 07. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Autre & Xinner - "Nebula" (7:00)
  2. Autre - "Seiryu" (7:02)
  3. Kryptic Universe - "01309 Stairways" (9:04)
  4. Owen Jay & Brian James - "Chordless" (5:25)
Review: Given the success of the first two installments of the Editions series, it's little surprise to see XDB put together a third volume for his Metrolux imprint. He's assembled another crack team of international contributors, too. Autre and Xinner join forces on opener "Nebula", a fine combination of low-slung techno drums, restless electronics and deep space sonics. Autre goes solo to deliver the fluttering, late night hypnotism of "Seiryu", before Kryptic Universe steals the show with "01309 Stairways", a superb chunk of rolling intelligent techno that features an extended ambient intro. Owen Jay and Brian James round things off with the distorted drum machine hits and woozy riffs of "Chordless" (which, to be fair, is an accurate title).
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Drift EP
 in stock $9.35
Drift EP (12")
Cat: BWR 016. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Drift (6:28)
  2. Golshifteh (6:32)
  3. Drift (Norman Nodge remix) (6:11)
  4. Tiresome Walk (5:17)
Played by: Rob Belleville
Wish I Was Here
 in stock $7.21
Cat: MOM 009. Rel: 03 Nov 08
  1. Wish I Was Here
  2. Vermillion
1st Accolade
 in stock $7.21
  1. Bvdub - "The Banks Of The Lethe"
  2. SF100 - "Level One"
  3. Masafumi Endo - "Summer"
  4. Shinsuke Matsumoto - "Orbit"
Played by: P. Hood
Crucified (XDB remixes)
 in stock $10.67
Cat: MOM 004.1. Rel: 27 Sep 10
  1. Crucified (XDB remix)
  2. Crucified (XDB edit)
  3. Crucified (XDB rainforest remix)
Review: *** REPRESS ** Aaron Carl's 1996 Detroit classic "Crucifix" has become an object of obsession for Millions of Moments with the Japanese label having already released remixes from Quantec and Rob Modell two years ago. On this release, Metrolux boss XDB is at the controls for three different versions with the deep burn of the main remix the most impressive. Comes on clear vinyl with a screen printed MOM logo across the white paper envelope sleeve.

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Tribute To Aaron Carl (This release is in support of Aaron Carl. All profits go to Aaron Carl's family.)
 in stock $10.67
  1. Wallshaker (original 12 inch mix) (6:59)
  2. Wallshaker (Midnite dub) (6:00)
  3. Wallshaker (Sven's Garden Of Eden dub) (10:43)
Review: One of our favourite labels Millions Of Moments pays a fitting tribute to a true Detroit great in the dearly departed Aaron Carl. His passing late last year was a truly sad end to a glorious career and one of his finest moments in "Wallshaker" is revisited here. Massively rare upon original release back in 1997, Millions Of Moments have already reissued "Wallshaker" and it's accompanying and quite hypnotic "Midnite Dub" back in 2007 but here they go the extra mile, enlisting Sven Weismann to add his own touch to the track. Spread across the B Side, Weismann delivers a superlative remix which transforms the rattling original into a lavishly deep and dubby excursion filled with delightful orchestral flourishes. Extra special sleeve packaging and all profits going to the Carl family just add reasons to indulge in this special release. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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Versions 2
 in stock $9.61
Versions 2 (12")
Cat: SUOL 068. Rel: 26 Dec 16
  1. Keep It Real Son (7:29)
  2. Wait A Minute (6:48)
  3. I Need Your Love (6:44)
  4. Strings For Fools (7:23)
Review: Chopstick & Johnjon are Chi-Thien Nguyen and John Muder; head honchos of Suol Music based out of Berlin. Versions 2 follows up the first volume which was released back in 2012 and on this one we've got some really great grooves. Take for instance the sunny, bouncy and slightly retro flavoured deep house of "Keep It Real Son" which will appeal to fans of Tuff City Kids or Kim Brown. Also there's the cowbell driven nu-disco boogie of "I Need Your Love" which is absolutely infectious and "String For Fools"; definitely the most serious track on here and will create some sure moments of dancefloor drama with those strings reminiscent of hits like "Full Clip" and, well.. "Strings For Life" of course!
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 in stock $10.67
Choronzon (12")
Cat: BLIQ 10. Rel: 14 Jul 14
  1. Full Of Holes
  2. Full Of Holes (XDB Dark Forces mix)
Review: Deemonlover's only two records thus far were both released this year on Bliq. The first was an impressive five-track debut Manticore and "Velcro" from that release shares the same minimal, rustling and watery quality of the A-side from this Chorozon record. "Full Of Holes" falls somewhere between a dubby Markus Suckut production and something Dario Zenker might make mixed with ambient field recordings captured from what sounds like a medina somewhere in Morocco. XDB turns in his best rework of the year with a Dark Forces mix, layering deep and woozy house chords underneath a flowing groove of sublime percussion and thrumming tom drums.
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Live In Toronto
 in stock $11.74
Live In Toronto (mixed 3xCD)
Cat: BEDTORCD. Rel: 08 Dec 14
  1. Miss Melera - "Faith" (Einmusik remix)
  2. Stephan Boozin - "Sungam"
  3. Guy J - "Once In A Blue Moon"
  4. Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - "Verona" (Dario D'Atris dubstrip mix)
  5. Nicolas Masseyeff - "Vero"
  6. Franck Roger - "Wanderlust" (Jordan Peak remix)
  7. Adnon Oliver AKA Oliver Berger - "Casa Bulga"
  8. Kerb Staller - "Four Fingers" (Thugfucker Lio Wide Shut rework)
  9. Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder - "Fatty Boy"
  10. Hyenah - "The Chase"
  11. Hugo - "Blue Days" (feat Comadisco)
  12. Azimute - "Where Is The Magic"
  13. SKAM - "Mystery"
  14. Sunshine Jones - "The Sun"
  15. Marc Romboy - "Hypernova"
  16. Wareika - "The New Beat Generation"
  17. Just Be - "The Early Years"
  18. The Tweaker - "Easy Tiger"
  19. Gorge & Nick Curly - "Lost Together"
  20. Sebastian Kommos - "Understanding" (Frank Mauer remix)
  21. Livio & Roby - "Ananda" (Luca Bachetti Endless remix)
  22. Nick Warren - "Alta"
  23. John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Gigawave" (Fairmont remix)
  24. Shlomi Aber - "Tel Aviv Garden" (Nic Fanciulli remix)
  25. Pan-Pot & Vincenzo - "Fiction Inc"
  26. Constar & Stefny Winter - "Finding Yusef" (Selway Feedback dub remix)
  27. Just Be - "The Magic Rock"
  28. Guy J - "Candyland" (King Unique remix)
  29. Wuivver - "Paper Lunch"
  30. B'Utiza - "Baphuma Ezulwini" (Christian Pommer remix)
  31. Ryan Crosson - "Close To Danger"
  32. Sven Vath - "L'Esperanza" (Ame Reinter)
  33. Alex Niggemann - "Tarkus"
  34. D'Julz - "Remember"
  35. Francsico Allendes - "Human Design"
  36. Breccia & Sebastian Markiewicz - "Myth"
  37. Audion - "Motormouth" (Carlo Lio remix)
  38. Dubfire & Oliver Hunteman - "Agua" (feat Xenia Beliayeva)
  39. Adam Beyer - "People Understand"
  40. Patrice Baumel - "Mile High Gang"
  41. October - "Homo Sapiens"
  42. Odessa - "Donna"
  43. Audion - "Ague" (feat Troles Abrahamsen - instrumental mix)
Review: Live In Toronto is the sixth installment of John Digweed's long-running and decidedly epic Live In... mix series, and captures a particularly special night at Guvernment (a club soon to shut it's doors) earlier this year. There are few surprises, of course, but plenty to cheer. Digweed is a past master at eking maximum emotion and dancefloor pleasure from little known opiate tech-house, dub-soaked big room techno and twinkling, progressive-tinged grooves. That's what you get here: a rising and falling, three-disc journey that retains your attention throughout, thanks to a blend of long mixes, surprising turns, heads-down rhythms and choice cuts from the likes of Guy J, October, Nick Warren, Audion and Sunshine Jones.
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Dessous Classics: The Remixes Volume 3
 in stock $9.35
  1. The Discowboys - "At Midnight" (Steve Bug's Always Late mix)
  2. Two Armadillos - "Tunnel Of Light" (Lagenberg remix)
  3. Phonique - "For The Time Being" (feat Erlend Oye - Ripperton remix)
36 26 36 Sampler 1
 in stock $3.19
36 26 36 Sampler 1 (coloured vinyl 10")
Cat: CONVEX 008. Rel: 03 Jun 13
  1. Bound
  2. Watcher
  3. Watcher (remix)
Luechtoorn EP
 in stock $9.35
  1. Luechtoorn
  2. Luechtoorn (Dominik Eulberg remix)
Family Jubilee II: Part 1 Of 3
 in stock $9.88
Family Jubilee II: Part 1 Of 3 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MEANDER 0201. Rel: 31 Jul 17
  1. Ion Ludwig - "Mitad Del Mundo" (8:07)
  2. Vlad Caia - "Slowsetup" (9:08)
Review: Five years on from the release of the rather fine Family Jubilee compilation, Meander has decided to put out a follow-up. This time around, the Berlin-based label has decided to stretch the material over three EPs, rather than one weighty triple-pack. This first 12" begins with a fine chunk of woozy, tech house/deep house fusion from Ion Ludwig, whose "Mitad Del Mundo" achieves a near perfect balance between rhythmic hypnotism, bassline-driven funkiness and the ghostly fluidity of late night ambient. Bucharest-based Vlad Caia handles the flipside, in the process delivering a typically trippy chunk of rolling Romanian tech-house.
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The Dance Remixed 1
 in stock $10.15
  1. Movement (Joey Anderson remix) (5:09)
  2. Fusion (Wa Wu We reduction) (7:26)
  3. Fusion (Markus Suckut remix) (7:10)
  4. Movement (Wa Wu We strip) (6:27)
Played by: Deep'a & Biri
Murph Tone Jack Session I
 in stock $10.67
Cat: SYNAPSIS 007. Rel: 29 Apr 13
  1. Smack Sessions
  2. Technicals
  3. Flavor Aide
  4. Unit Movement
Murph Tone Jack Session II
 in stock $10.67
Cat: SYNAPSIS 007.1. Rel: 18 Nov 13
  1. Jbonaza
  2. Chicago Head
  3. Tender B
  4. Gestation
Review: Hakim Murphy brings some minimal heat to his own Synapsis Records and begins with the playful spookiness of "Jbonaza", while "Chicago Head" sounds like the inside of a midnight carriage on a busy New York subway. "Tender B" is pure, deep Chicago minimalism at its best, while "Gestation" sees Murphy warm up his stripped beats with a fat walking bassline similar to the one heard on Omar S' "The Shit Baby".
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Played by: Hakim Murphy
CPH Sessions
 in stock $10.67
Cat: SYNAPSIS 014. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Booming System (8:10)
  2. Tryout (7:15)
  3. Sarah Aron Melkisedek (6:14)
Rush Over EP
 in stock $9.61
Cat: SNTPL 008. Rel: 12 Sep 16
  1. Fuel (7:01)
  2. Rush Over (6:54)
  3. Meduz Affair (6:41)
  4. Tot Cubas (5:47)
Electrica Salsa
 in stock $22.17
Electrica Salsa (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: COR 12140. Rel: 01 Aug 16
  1. Electrica Salsa (Henrik Schwarz dub) (8:39)
  2. Electrica Salsa (Henrik Schwarz remix) (9:09)
  3. Electrica Salsa (Roman Flugel remix) (7:08)
  4. Electrica Salsa (original mix) (5:51)
Review: Originally released in 1986, "Electrica Salsa" by electronic group OFF is a German dance pop classic featuring Sven Vath's hilarious vocals; he was only 21 at the time on this track produced by Luca Anzilotti and Michael Munzing. It gets some modern revisions here by Innervisions stalwart Henrik Schwarz who brought in a brass band and recorded live strings and latin bass for his rendition, but the dub version is more typical of the Berlin producer's sound. Another Frankfurt legend gets onboard for a remix in the form of Roman Flugel, whose remix is another epic deep house escapade you'd expect of the man, as per usual.
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 in stock $7.21
Islands (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: STYRAX PEAKSHIFT. Rel: 05 Aug 13
  1. South Exit
  2. Imaginary Numbers
Review: After some recent flirtations with some UK-centric bass sounds, Styrax return to what they do best with some deep, Detroit-informed house sounds from Peak Shift. Absent from the scene since his last release in 2002, Islands sees two of his finest tracks reissued on clear vinyl for a new generation of house fans. Despite a sound obviously rooted in the late '90s, the drifting pads and forcefull bassline of "South Exit" sounds remarkably fresh today, falling somewhere between classic Spectral Sound and Kompakt material and the more esoteric analogue house of today, while 2001 track "Imaginary Numbers" takes things into deeply trippy territory where minimal house meets ambient.
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 in stock $10.67
#003 (12")
Cat: FLUG 003. Rel: 28 Sep 15
  1. Roar - "Safran" (6:14)
  2. Adam Touch & Marino - "Damri" (7:46)
  3. Sumau - "Ansambul" (7:32)
  4. Oscar Saliba - "Still Going" (6:59)
Coast 2 Coast EP
 in stock $10.42
  1. Alexander Robotnick - "Undicidisco" (Justin Van Der Volgen edit)
  2. Florian Meindl - "Flashmob" (Doc Martin Subvoice remix)
Review: Pitting previously overlooked jams against the artists that first supported them in the dance is an inspired move, and so its no surprise that the Hell Yeah posse struck gold with these two remix commissions. Justin Vandervolgen has a whale of a time playing with Alexander Robotnick's "Undicidisco" track, maximizing on the warm and quirky melodic attributes of the Italian stallion and pushing the cut into ever more effervescent territory. Doc Martin meanwhile brings a sweaty clamour to Florian Meindl's "Flashmob" which results in delirious basslines, feverish vocal processing and some nasty synth rubs all placed with deadly accuracy to set the place on fire.
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Astral Body
 in stock $9.88
Astral Body (heavyweight vinyl 12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: MEANDER 019. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. Between Dreams (10:43)
  2. Brothers (9:46)
Played by: MARIANO
Guerilla Shit EP
 in stock $10.67
Cat: SYNAPSIS 008. Rel: 14 Oct 13
  1. King Kong
  2. Guerilla Shit
  3. 4dabrothasthatainthere
Review: Sounding utterly at home on Episodes after the installments from Hakim Murphy, Ike Release et al, Chicago veteran Spirit Of The Black 808 crafts rough machine musings that slot right in with the aesthetic those aforementioned artists are crafting. "King Kong" is a sharp-edged blade of hopping drums and careful 303 deployment, while the lopsided synth notes on top of the mix add a delirious quality to the music without trying too hard. "Guerilla Shit" heads into more experimental territory, its rhythm a slippery one and the sonic decoration equally erratic. "4dabrothasthatainhere" is more sturdy, although the heartfelt chords inject a healthy dose of emotion into the testing fare.
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Kizuna EP
 in stock $10.15
Kizuna EP (12")
Cat: PBR 031. Rel: 01 Apr 13
  1. Delicious Effect (original)
  2. Delicious Effect (Dakini9 remix)
  3. Fall Moon (original)
  4. Fall Moon (DJ Spider remix)
Review: Making a return to Plan B Recordings for a full solo release after some choice compilation appearances last year, Takenawa is pulling no punches with these pitch-black techno rollers. "Delicious Effect" calls to mind the murkiness of Hawtin's M_nus posse without the cartoony sound effects, instead laying the sound design on thick. Dakini9 twists the original up into a stripped and dry roller, shearing away the low end rumble and replacing it with a leaning on the top end. "Fall Moon" is equally bleak, shivering with intricate patterns of shakers, congas and more besides, making for a veritable jungle of sound. DJ Spider adds a kink into the groove for his version of "Fall Moon", allowing some space for dubby effects to growl and echo in the metallic ambience.
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Pop Ambient 2010
 in stock $16.29
Pop Ambient 2010 (LP + CD)
Cat: KOMPAKT 207. Rel: 01 Feb 10
  1. Marsen Jules - "The Sound Of One Lip Kissing"
  2. Brock Van Wey/Bvdub - "Lest You Forget"
  3. Triola - "Schildergasse"
  4. Wolfgang Voigt - "Zither Und Horn"
  5. Andrew Thomas - "Clouds Across Face"
  6. The Orb - "Glen Coe"
  7. Mikkel Metal - "Blue Items"
  8. DJ Koze - "Bodenweich"
  9. Jurgen Paape - "864M"
  10. Dettinger - "Therefore"
  11. Thomas Fehlmann - "In The Wind"
  12. Marsen Jules - "The Sound Of One Lip Kissing"
  13. Brock Van Wey/Bvdub - "Lest You Forget"
  14. Triola - "Schildergasse"
  15. Wolfgang Voigt - "Zither Und Horn"
  16. Andrew Thomas - "Clouds Across Face"
  17. The Orb - "Glen Coe"
  18. Mikkel Metal - "Blue Items"
  19. DJ Koze - "Bodenweich"
  20. Jurgen Paape - "864M"
  21. Dettinger - "Therefore"
  22. Thomas Fehlmann - "In The Wind"
  23. Popnoname - "Deutz Air"
  24. Brock Van Wey/BVDub - "Will You Know Where To Find Me"
Gravity Treatment EP 1/2
 in stock $8.01
Cat: ESSAYS 004. Rel: 03 Dec 12
  1. Casas Suenos
  2. Eversion
Review: Ever the smooth operator, Sven Weisemann conjures up an elegant two-track delight for his own Essays imprint that shows off both his classical leanings and his gift for house music in equal measure. "Casas Suenos" begins proceedings with its heart-wrenching piano tones, delicately played to complement the shimmering tambourine shake and careful chord pulses and overall testing just how deep house can go and still be considered house music. On the flip there's a surprising electro thread to the boom bap of the drums on "Eversion", while the dub techno chords and ethereal pads cool off those fiery beats to ensure the vibe remains austere and cultured.
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