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Scorchers From The Mighty Two
 in stock $23.20
Cat: VP 41301. Rel: 03 Nov 08
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Culture - "Two Sevens Clash"
  2. Gregory Isaacs - "Babylon Too Rough"
  3. Junior Murvin - "Cool Out Son"
  4. Cornell Campbell - "Boxing Around"
  5. Marcia Aitken - "I'm Still In Love With You"
  6. The Mighty Diamonds - "Just Like A River"
  7. George Nooks - "Left With A Broken Heart"
  8. Junior Byles - "Heart & Soul"
  9. Cornell Campbell - "No Man's Land"
  10. Dhaima - "Ina Jah Children"
  11. Prince Alla - "Funeral"
  12. Sylford Walker - "Jah Golden Pen"
  13. Glen Washington - "Rockers A Nuh Crackers"
  14. Dennis Brown - "Ghetto Girl"
  15. Bobby Melody - "Jah Bring I Joy In The Morning"
  16. Sylford Walker - "Burn Babylon"
  17. George Nooks - "Tribal War"
  18. The Mighty Diamonds - "Identity"
  19. Black Uhuru - "Rent Man"
  20. Jacob Miller - "Keep On Knocking"
  21. Barrington Levy - "My Woman"
  22. Eek A Mouse - "Virgin Girl"
  23. Enos McLeod - "Hello Carol"
  24. Cornell Campbell - "Rope In"
  25. Ruddy Thomas - "When I Think Of You"
  26. Chalice - "Good To Be There"
  27. Althea & Donna - "Uptown Top Ranking"
  28. Dennis Brown - "Love Has Found It's Way"
Can't Stop A Man: The Ultimate Collection
 in stock $24.58
Cat: VPRL 1664/VPLP 1664. Rel: 15 Dec 03
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. One Step Ahead
  2. Last War
  3. Groovy Little Thing
  4. What One Dance Can Do
  5. She Loves Me Now
  6. Tempted To The Touch
  7. Putting Up Resistance (feat U Roy)
  8. Come Back Home
  9. Full Attention
  10. Who Say (feat Buju Banton)
  11. Live On (feat Marcia Griffiths)
  12. Double Trouble
  13. Step Aside
  14. Love Means Never To Say You're Sorry
  15. Show It Off
  16. Doctor's Orders
  17. My Wish
  18. Sweetness
  19. Sugar You Want
  20. Preacher Man
  21. Left Me Crying
  22. I Could Beat Myself
  23. No Disturb Sign
  24. Can't Stop A Man
  25. Love From A Distance
  26. Sweet Lies
  27. Call On The Father
  28. Warriors Don't Cry
  29. Queen & Lady
  30. Can You Play Some More (Pull It Up) (feat Buju Banton)
  31. They Gonna Talk
  32. Rockaway
  33. Ain't It Good To Know
  34. Come Down Father
  35. Ain't That Loving You (feat U Roy)
  36. Dancehall Vibes (feat Big Youth)
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