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Release Date
 in stock $13.98
Pulsion (CD)
Cat: URCD 0327. Rel: 03 Nov 14
  1. Kagemusha
  2. Pulsion
  3. Rituel
  4. Resurrection
  5. La Traque
  6. Homo Analog
  7. Audio Synthese
  8. La Blanche
  9. Complot
  10. Shaman
  11. Drama
  12. En Sursis
  13. Chroniques Marxiennes
  14. French Connexion
  15. Code Panthera
  16. Kung Fu
 in stock $21.48
Bazaar (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: URII 002. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Bazaar (7:33)
  2. Her Deadly Oasis (12:45)
  3. The Anubis Dawn (3:20)
  4. Pharaoh's Serpent (14:13)
  5. Teleportation (10:20)
  6. Into The Camel's Eye (5:15)
  7. Translations (8:30)
  8. Mirages (5:18)
  9. Departure (11:17)
Sun Gypsy
 in stock $24.07
Sun Gypsy (2xLP)
Cat: URLP 113. Rel: 21 Oct 02
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Kiana
  2. Felicidad Nova
  3. Captiva Con Tigo
  4. La Nueva
  5. Bota Foga
  6. Dashiki
  7. Fragile
  8. Sun Musica
  9. Interlude
  10. Heaven And Earth
Luv N Haight Edit Series Vol 4
 in stock $12.94
Luv N Haight Edit Series Vol 4 (hand-stamped sleeve + clear vinyl 12")
Cat: UBR 11312-1. Rel: 25 Feb 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Magic Ritual (GB remix)
  2. Magic Ritual (original)
Review: Luv N'Haight's Edits series hits pay dirt here with the supreme pairing of Harry Whitaker's Black Renaissance project and Los Angeles producer par excellence Gifted & Blessed. The focus here is the Black Renaissance classic "Magic Ritual" which is present and correct on the B Side and if you don't know this highlight from the Body, Mind & Spirit LP then you need to get involved because it's a superb exercise in New York jazz, especially when that sax hits! Still though, the main draw is the remix from Eglo and Wild Oats artist GB and it's a killer reworking, implementing shards of the rattling, jazz percussion into a thick set beast that funks from start to end.
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Paciencia De Jo (Tall Black Guy remix)
 in stock $12.94
Cat: UR 12326. Rel: 20 Jan 14
  1. Paciencia De Jo (Tall Black Guy remix)
  2. Paciencia De Jo (Tall Black Guy remix instrumental)
  3. Bosq Of Whiskey Barons (feat Tita Lima)
  4. Paciencia De Jo (original instrumental - remix)
Review: One of the many highlights from his album Bosq Y Orquesta De Madera, "Paciencia De Jo" shows Whiskey Baron Bosq at his most sedate and soulful. A future Balearic classic blessed with the heart-melting vocals of Tita Lima, it oozes sunset charm throughout. For this special white vinyl release Ubiquity have invited Tall Black Guy to the fray for a stunning re-touch. Retaining the lush vibes of the original while adding a smooth sense of jazz and additional percussion, it complements the original with every soulful ebb and flow. Paciencia is a virtue, possess it if you can!
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Celestial Strut
 in stock $12.68
Cat: URCD 352. Rel: 26 Oct 15
  1. Cumbia En Bahia
  2. Bounce & Pull Up (feat Evan Laflamme)
  3. Ella (feat Jesus Pagan)
  4. Take Over (feat Kaleta)
  5. Bad For Me (feat Nicole Willis)
  6. Found Your Love (feat Kupen)
  7. Change (feat Jimmy Riler)
  8. Pay The Price (Kaleta)
  9. Liars & Thieves Dub (feat Kaleta)
  10. Laughs On Me (feat Angeline Morrison)
  11. Celestial Strut
Played by: Scratchandsniff
Celestial Strut
 in stock $17.59
Celestial Strut (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: URLP 352. Rel: 26 Oct 15
  1. Cumbia En Bahia (4:18)
  2. Bounce & Pull Up (feat Evan Laflamme) (7:55)
  3. Ella (feat Jesus Pagan) (5:41)
  4. Take Over (feat Kaleta) (7:32)
  5. Bad For Me (feat Nicole Willis) (7:10)
  6. Found Your Love (feat Kupen) (5:47)
  7. Change (feat Jimmy Riley) (5:44)
  8. Pay The Price (feat Kaleta) (6:09)
  9. Liars & Thieves Dub (feat Kaleta) (6:09)
  10. Laughs On Me (feat Angeline Morrison) (6:05)
  11. Celestial Strut (5:58)
Review: His agenda set with his 2013 debut album Bosq Y Orchestra De Madera, Whiskey Baron Bosq has gone on to unleash heavy 12s on the likes of Soul Clap, Gator Boots and Flavorhead. Now returning to Ubiquity with his second album, it's a series of street carnivals and dusky, balmy late night soirees that belie their autumnal release. Key examples of this album's arresting personality include the Afrofunk horns and relentless groove of "Bounce & Pull Up", the honeyed chants and positivity of "Take Over" and the straight up disco soul of the Nicole Willis-fronted "Bad For Me".
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Take Over
 in stock $12.68
Take Over (white vinyl 12")
Cat: UR 346. Rel: 10 Aug 15
  1. Take Over (7:31)
  2. Take Over (Less Patient edit) (5:21)
  3. Bounce & Pull Up (feat Evan Laflamme) (7:54)
Review: Having landed his debut album Bosq Y Orchestra De Madera on Ubiquity Records back in 2013, Bosq will be returning with his second long player on the Californian label later this year. Take Over is the second 12" laid down as a precursor of what Bosq has up his sleeve and the Boston-based Whisky Baron is certainly on good form. Known for his towering vocal contributions to Fela's Egypt 80, Benin-born / Nigerian-raised singer Kaleta once again lines a Bosq production in lead cut "Take Over", and it might just be their heaviest collaboration yet! The Less Patient edit adds a bit of dancefloor weight to the track. Flip for the dense, delay heavy afrobeat burner "Bounce And Pull Up" which features some devilish horns from Evan Laflamme.
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Brown Sabbath Vol 2
 in stock $12.68
Cat: URCD 363. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Supernaut
  2. Snowbird
  3. Symptom Of The Universe (feat Aaron Behrens)
  4. Fairies Wear Boots
  5. Children Of The Grave
  6. Electric Funeral
  7. Sweet Leaf
  8. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (feat Aaron Behrens)
Let My People Go
 in stock $19.93
Let My People Go (limited coloured vinyl LP + MP3 download code 再プレス)
Cat: LHLP 048. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Let My People Go
  2. Legs (part 1)
  3. Didn't I
  4. I Want Your Love So Bad
  5. How I Got Over
  6. My Momma & My Poppa
  7. Sure Know How To Love Me
  8. Listen To My Song
  9. True
Review: Limited repress on coloured vinyl... If you haven't got Ubiquity's 2006 Darondo collection yet, now is most crucially the time. Shucks, if you have got it, you might want this for the collection anyway. Criminally overlooked by funk tourists, the Bay Area legend was originally the soul preserve for serious collectors until Gilles Peterson, Jack Penate and even Breaking Bad brought him to our attention a few years before his death. With a stark vocal range that reaches falsettos Jack Splash could only dream of and a lyrical dexterity that sits solemnly between raw emotion and touching poetry, each track shows how helped shape the blueprint that the likes of Child Of Luv, Plantlife, Amp Fiddler and many others developed years later. Essential.
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 in stock $19.15
Coils (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: URLP 358. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Coil (3:24)
  2. Take A Chance (6:52)
  3. Rain Maker (4:22)
  4. Beats (1:19)
  5. Stalks (5:04)
  6. Husk (4:08)
  7. Sleeptalking (5:55)
  8. Uncoil (4:22)
Ikebe Shakedown
 in stock $19.66
Cat: URLP 292. Rel: 13 Jun 11
  1. Tujunga
  2. Kumasi Walk
  3. No Name Bar
  4. Tame The Beats
  5. Don't Contradict
  6. The Hold Up
  7. Refuge
  8. In Circles
  9. The Viking
  10. Five Points
  11. Tujunga
  12. Kumasi Walk
  13. No Name Bar
  14. In Circles
  15. Don't Contradict
  16. The Hold Up
  17. Refuge
  18. Tame The Beats
  19. The Viking
  20. Five Points
  21. Asa Sa
  22. Pepper
  23. Sakonsa
  24. Green & Black
A Very Ping Pong Christmas
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coming soon $TBA
Cat: UR 224. Rel: 20 Jan 17
Hip Hop/R&B
Full Moon Wizard: Mood Music & Unknown Soundtrack Themes
 in stock $21.48
  1. Full Moon Wizard (Wizard's Theme) (2:19)
  2. The Lake (1:33)
  3. March From The Moon (2:00)
  4. The Oddissey (part 1) (3:27)
  5. In All Things (3:18)
  6. Long Ago (3:16)
  7. Nymphs (2:57)
  8. Dancing With Her (Woman's Theme) (2:48)
  9. Pigeon & Swan (2:18)
  10. The Oddissey (part 2) (1:55)
  11. Grand Empty (The Awakening Theme) (3:40)
  12. Spaceship Jazz (3:55)
Boom Shadow
 in stock $15.27
Cat: URLP 251. Rel: 01 Jun 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Sleep
  2. Time Of Day
  3. We Fight
  4. Looking At your Face
  5. Continue To Call
  6. Running
  7. Stella
  8. Something Like?
  9. What You Do To Me
  10. All Around The World
  11. I Love Myself
Kings Ballad
 in stock $18.63
Kings Ballad (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: UBR 112641. Rel: 15 Feb 10
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Indeed
  2. Doobie Down
  3. Simple Advice
  4. Kings Ballad
  5. RIP
  6. Thrones
  7. Summer Love
  8. Shang-A-Lang
  9. The Ooh Wee Show
  10. Can't Stand Yo Love
  11. To The Stage
  12. March For Africa
  13. Chocolate Reign
  14. Baby Dee
  15. Live
  16. Room Punk!
  17. Thatch
  18. Industrial Bap
  19. Morena Del Ray
Goodbye World
 in stock $19.15
Goodbye World (LP + MP3 downloaad code)
Cat: LHLP 079. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. Rational Culture/Testimony (7:46)
  2. You Gotta Do Right (3:12)
  3. No Man Is An Island (2:49)
  4. This World Is Moving Too Fast (3:14)
  5. He Never Sleeps (2:19)
  6. Can't Feel Nothin' (4:09)
  7. What You Say (2:59)
  8. Forgive Me Now (Songbird Goes Home) (2:35)
Voices & Choices
 in stock $19.28
Cat: UBR 11207. Rel: 26 Feb 07
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Intro
  2. Song For David
  3. Tense Bossa
  4. Kiss The Sky
  5. Fiendish Fifth
  6. Francoise Hardy
  7. Glass Act
  8. Perculator
  9. Nod Your Head
  10. The Hour Glass Effect
  11. JW
  12. Changing Times
  13. Bobulski
  14. Mondo Mondo
  15. Tired
  16. Jawbreaker
Soul Rock!
 in stock $18.38
Soul Rock! (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: URLP 350. Rel: 12 Oct 15
  1. Opening (2:08)
  2. You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love (5:29)
  3. Astra (3:06)
  4. Straight Up (3:09)
  5. TSS Groove (3:20)
  6. Less Talk More Do (4:27)
  7. Time Is A Gun (3:56)
  8. Raw (2:36)
  9. Stop Fooling Around (2:08)
  10. Phoenix (3:06)
You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love
 in stock $6.47
  1. You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love (part 1) (3:34)
  2. You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love (part 2) (2:07)
Review: Russian funk crew The Soul Surfers return to Ubiquity with the first single from their forthcoming debut album. Hooking up with Stones Throw vocalist Myron & E, the band provide a rigid Rhodes-based groove that builds momentum along with the horns but is spacious enough for Myron to do his business. Flip for the second side of the tale as the keys are elements are switched out in sequence, giving a cross-section view of how The Soul Surfers construct their compositions. We can't wait for the album.
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Fragile Things
 in stock $10.09
Fragile Things (clear blue vinyl 12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: UR 12310. Rel: 27 Feb 13
  1. Fragile Things (feat Sarah Gessler & Ty)
  2. Fragile Things (instrumental mix)
  3. Fragile Things (feat Sarah Gessler & Ty - Quiet Dawn remix)
  4. Fragile Things (Quiet Dawn remix instrumental)
Review: Ubiquity Records come correct once again, offering up the label debut of French producer Dandy Teru on a rather dashing hand stamped slab of clear blue wax. Hailing from the South of France, Teru has previous with material on the Bastard Jazz label and a contribution to the Food for ya Soul J Dilla tribute compilation Do The Dilla which should give you a slant on where he's coming from with the Fragile Things 12". Slated as the prelude to a forthcoming long player for the Californian label, Teru has soul by the beat load here, laying down bass heavy beats caked in record dust, with killer vox input from UK vocalist Ty and Beatspoke's Sarah Gessler. Also features a great snapping jazz recut from Teru's button pushing partner in crime Quiet Dawn - don't sleep!
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Luv N Haight Edit Series Vol 7: You're In Love
 in stock $7.51
Luv N Haight Edit Series Vol 7: You're In Love (limited splattered vinyl 7")
Cat: UR 7331. Rel: 10 Feb 14
  1. You're In Love (Kon remix)
  2. You're In Love (Kon dub)
Review: Ubiquity's super-collectable Luv N Haight series continues with immaculate aplomb. Here we find Kon applying his crafty edit knife to Twilight's 1986 soul boogie smoocher "You're In Love". The remix carries the full honey-coated vocals while the dub switches the focus to the groove with subtle flourishes of the vocal. A spotless contempory rework.... And, as the seventh volume, it's fittingly the first in the series to be served on 7". Nice touch.
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Twilight Meets The Twilite Tone: Special High
 in stock $8.54
Cat: UR12 351. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. Lovin' On High (The Twilite Tone Tribute To Twilight) (6:34)
  2. Lovin' On High (The Twilite Tone Tribute To Twilight - instrumental)
  3. Well Be Special (The Twilite Tone remix) (7:59)
  4. Well Be Special (The Twilite Tone - remix instrumental)
The Myth Of The Golden Ratio
 in stock $18.38
Cat: URLP 354. Rel: 29 Feb 16
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Sophia (3:22)
  2. Scion (2:57)
  3. Grow (5:05)
  4. I Am We (5:19)
  5. Twister (7:12)
  6. Far Far Away I/II/III (10:43)
  7. Cave (9:13)
  8. Golden (5:15)
Review: It would not be fair to think of United Vibrations without the word "masters". That is, masters of the future jazz category, a deeply exploitive and diverse strain of pseudo electronic music that has its roots firmly weaved into the dynasty by greats such as Sun Ra. Their new album, The Myth Of The Golden Ratio, has dropped on Ubiquity, and it's nothing short of a spectacular 8-track journey into the deepest, most soulful realms of nu-jazz. Tracks like "Scion" and "Sophia" also contain an indie element to them, while others like "I Am We" could almost be categorised as broken beat, or some form of deranged house music with a soulful edge. All in all, it's a sublime piece of work.
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Rewind! 6: Original Classics Re Worked Re Edited & Rewound Vol 6
 in stock $21.48
Cat: UR 344. Rel: 04 May 15
  1. Monophonics - "Bang Bang" (3:31)
  2. Shawn Lee's Incredible Tabla Band - "Apache" (4:54)
  3. Black Randy - "Give It Up Or Turn It Loose" (2:01)
  4. The Echocentrics - "Party People" (3:20)
  5. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - "Hey Ya" (4:27)
  6. Johnny Frigo - "Day Tripper" (3:06)
  7. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - "East" (6:36)
  8. Orgone - "I Get Lifted" (7:28)
  9. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - "Rock Your Body" (4:27)
  10. The Lions - "Think (About It)" (4:32)
  11. Frankie Gee - "Date With The Rain" (2:45)
  12. Brownout presents Brown Sabbath - "Planet Caravan" (7:10)
  13. The Electric Peanut Butter Company - "Dreams" (3:01)
  14. James Combs - "Happy Together" (3:28)
  15. Johnny Frigo - "Spill The Wine" (4:03)
  16. Jed & Lucia - "Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites" (3:54)
 in stock $18.38
Wendelu (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: UR 342. Rel: 09 Mar 15
  1. Stop (4:01)
  2. Signs (4:10)
  3. Empty Words (4:21)
  4. No Such Thing (5:46)
  5. Only Now (3:24)
  6. Usurpation (4:47)
  7. Close To Far (4:15)
  8. Which Direction (3:55)
  9. Your Way (4:04)
  10. Let It Flow (4:17)
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