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All Kind Music
 in stock $21.04
Cat: PFLP 005. Rel: 19 Jun 17
  1. Petwo, Reality Souf Broker (6:08)
  2. Canal Din (Open Voice) (5:18)
  3. Ahola (3:34)
  4. No One Person Can Ever Be The Center (5:25)
  5. Slow Dance (5:03)
  6. Ama Yes Uzume (6:08)
  7. Time Feel (4:13)
  8. Teth (Baka) (4:51)
Review: It's hard to easily summarize the work of Georgia, AKA New York-based duo Brian Close and Justin Tripp. Like their previous full-length explorations, All Kind Music is a humid affair, with the duo lacing synthesized renditions of traditional Amazonian melodies over humid field recordings, and drum machine rhythms that draw influence from various international musical styles. Throw in eccentric electronics, dub disco basslines, modular bleeps and trippy vocals, and you have a set of tracks that are variously humid, eccentric, experimental and otherworldly, but always hugely enjoyable. You'll also struggle to find a wilder, more intricately programmed new age electro track than "Anhola".
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Through The Looking Glass
 in stock $19.36
Cat: PFLP 006. Rel: 20 Mar 17
  1. Mr Henri Rousseau's Dream (11:56)
  2. Crossing (8:51)
  3. Trompe-l'oeil (5:32)
  4. Catastrophe (15:16)
Review: Since slipping out in 1983, Midori Takada's debut album, Through The Looking Glass, has become something of a sought-after item amongst ambient enthusiasts (with hugely inflated online prices to match). Happily, Palto Flats has decided to reissue it, allowing those without overblown record buying budgets to wallow in its gentle, humid majesty. Remarkably, Takada not only composed and produced it, but also played every instrument, including marimbas, recorder, vibraphone, harmonium, and all manner of things you can hit and shake. The resulting tracks remain hugely beguiling, sitting somewhere between a dreamy take on traditional Japanese music, the classic ambient albums of Brian Eno, and the gentle, sweat-soaked explorations of The Chi Factory.
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 in stock $22.16
Awaawaa (LP)
Cat: PFLP 004/NGC 001. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Odd Spiral (1:59)
  2. Green Blob (3:41)
  3. Mobile Phone (0:56)
  4. The Goodies (5:26)
  5. Homage To Matta (2:40)
  6. Sympti (1:50)
  7. Tick Tock (2:29)
  8. Awaawaa (5:22)
  9. Back On Track (2:18)
  10. Ruby Past Lives (3:07)
  11. Wobbly (1:17)
  12. Robots Dancing (2:24)
  13. Babalonia (1:01)
  14. Sailing (2:29)
  15. Fun, The Final Frontier (2:46)
  16. Fanfare (0:46)
Review: Famously, Woo's Mark and Clive Ives began making music in their Wimbledon bedroom as bored teenagers, way back in 1972. Eventually, it led to a series of obscure - but later celebrated - albums that somehow joined the dots between fuzzy ambience, odd indie-rock, lo-fi jazz, atmospheric acoustic music and other similarly out-there ideas. Here, Palto Flats present a selection of unheard tracks from the brothers' archives, recorded in Wimbledon between 1975 and 1982. Thrillingly, much of the material is more psychedelic and out-there than even their wildest releases, making it an enticing, adventurous hotch-potch of weird and wonderful interludes, doodles and quickly recorded escapades.
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