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Tales From The Night EP
 in stock $9.78
Cat: HOD 013. Rel: 11 May 15
  1. When I Hear That Music (5:35)
  2. Kag (5:39)
  3. We Know How To Work It (feat Danielle Moore) (5:48)
  4. The Fire (6:38)
  5. When I Hear That Music (reprise) (4:49)
Gruff EP
 in stock $9.78
Gruff EP (12")
Cat: HOD 014. Rel: 01 Feb 16
  1. Gruff (5:08)
  2. Gruff (Ron Basejam remix) (8:07)
  3. Freebooter (5:43)
  4. Orchard (6:11)
  5. Orchard (Snacks remix) (6:53)
Review: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The House Of Disco, come in and make yourselves comfortable. What began life as a blog and party has now become fully established as a record label, as THOD arrive at release number 14 with Dutch pair Daniel Leseman and Hans Peeman at the helm under their FOUK name. The Gruff EP comes after two well received FOUK Eps last year and fits snugly into The House Of Disco aesthetic, brandishing a trio of disco house pumpers that all retain that loose and live feel to them. Push us for a favourite and we'd probably plump for the filtered pump of the curiously named "Freebooter". Complementing these are remixes from Ron Basejam and Snacks of the title track, with the rasping groove of the latter a delight.
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 in stock $9.78
Cat: HODSTASH 003. Rel: 10 Jul 17
Deep House
  1. Track 1 (7:15)
  2. Track 2 (6:30)
  3. Track 3 (7:29)
Talkin Bout Life EP
 in stock $9.78
Cat: HOD 017. Rel: 03 Apr 17
  1. Talkin Bout Life (6:58)
  2. We Together (7:26)
  3. Talkin Bout Life (Brisa remix) (4:26)
Review: Aroop Roy is a producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from the UK. Be prepared for one well funky and soul infused journey on "Talkin Bout Life" which is perfect to bring in the summer of 2017. Funky elements, a serious horns section and strong vocals hold up this brilliant track. It's a more straight ahead deep house affair on the rather evocative "We Together" and actually its the kind of track you could imagine Derrick May or Dixon playing out; there are definitely elements of 'hi-tech soul' in it. The Brisa remix of Talkin Bout Life" on the flip is a worthy addition also.
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Ulibis EP
 in stock $9.78
Ulibis EP (12")
Cat: HOD 018. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Epiphany Five (6:08)
  2. Y'Sul's Ball (6:53)
  3. Ulibis (9:52)
Celebre EP
 in stock $9.25
Celebre EP (12")
Cat: HOD 012. Rel: 27 Oct 14
  1. Celebre
  2. Celebre (Kickflip Mike remix)
  3. Spezzatura
  4. Slurpsville
  5. Slurpsville (The Revenge remix)
  6. Celebre (The Revenge remix)
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