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Dance To It
 in stock $17.43
Cat: ASVN 004. Rel: 28 Sep 15
  1. Dance To It (part 1) (3:00)
  2. Dance To It (part 2) (2:57)
  3. Disco Madonna (2:56)
  4. Ramaya (2:43)
  5. Let's Keep It Together (3:50)
  6. Give It Up (4:15)
  7. Don't Fight The Feeling (7:29)
  8. Odwa (8:41)
African Funk Experimentals 1975-1982
 in stock $17.43
Cat: ASVN 038. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Africa Africa (2:08)
  2. Aboki (Mon Copain) (4:39)
  3. Nyambe (4:25)
  4. N'kondo (La Joie Des Retrouvailles) (3:02)
  5. Ekila (5:37)
  6. Soul Castle (1:42)
  7. Massoma (Remerciements) (4:17)
  8. Machine Ma Bwindea (4:32)
  9. Mother Africa (4:10)
  10. Lambo Lena (3:59)
Review: Africa Seven ignites 2017 with an outstanding addition to their African Funk Experimentals series with this precision curation of Cameroonian Ekambi's best work. Taken from albums such as Djambo's Djambo's, Africa Oumba and his two eponymous albums, the far-reaching collection ranges from downhome low-swung bluesy funk disco ("Soul Castle") to glistening highlife vibrancy ("Lambo Lena") by way of thumping French disco ("Nyambe"). Brilliant by name, brilliant by nature...
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 in stock $8.85
Cat: ASVN 020. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Big Blow
  2. Dakar Streets
  3. Aloko Party
  4. Bayam Seel'am
  5. Baobab Sun 7
  6. Afrovision
Manu 76
 in stock $10.46
Manu 76 (CD)
Cat: ASVN 007. Rel: 27 Jul 15
  1. Qui Est Fou De Qui? (Chouchou)
  2. Bokilo's Boogie
  3. Mimbo
  4. Mouvemont Ewondo
  5. Besoka
  6. Angola
Sun Explosion
 in stock $8.85
Cat: ASVN 009. Rel: 01 Aug 16
  1. Anty
  2. Matumba
  3. Motapo
  4. Sun Explosion
Ceddo (Soundtrack) (reissue)
 in stock $15.55
Cat: ASVN 043. Rel: 20 Mar 17
  1. Ceddo (5:06)
  2. Les Cavaliers (4:27)
  3. Le Reve De Dior (3:39)
  4. La Boisson (2:10)
  5. Marabout (8:06)
  6. Ceddo (Cenerique De Fin) (7:04)
Jake Sollo
 in stock $17.43
Cat: ASVN 003. Rel: 13 Jul 15
  1. Father Time, Mother Nature (4:53)
  2. Say No More (3:41)
  3. Weebo-Me Weebo (4:19)
  4. Pas Du Tout (4:39)
  5. Five O Five (6:36)
  6. African Gypsy (4:22)
  7. Show Me How (5:13)
  8. Greetings (3:14)
 in stock $17.43
Cat: ASVN 013. Rel: 23 May 16
  1. Djambo (3:10)
  2. Tchiula (4:54)
  3. Mamy (4:30)
  4. Tchiayala (4:30)
  5. Mosi Zole (3:52)
  6. Mambu (3:47)
  7. Atide O Sika (3:46)
  8. Zizi Ku Mbele (2:11)
  9. Mbongui (2:40)
Review: Disco-edged Afro funk by way of Milan, M'Bamina - comprising members from Congo, Benin and Cameroon - enjoyed a 12 year run from the early '70s to the mid-'80s, working with and supporting some of the biggest names possible from James Brown to Manu Dibango. Experimental is their second album (1978) and shows them really finding their groove and some incredibly tight musicianship. Prime examples of their unique funk melting pot include the sudden switches between epic Afro horn blasts and lolloping disco bassline of "Mosi Zole", the glistening universal folk-soul of "Mambu" and the frenetic guitars on the sweaty party blazer "Mamy". All of which still hits hard almost 40 years since it was first recorded.
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Na Man Pass Man
 in stock $16.90
Cat: ASVN 015. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Na Real Sekele Fo' Ya (6:20)
  2. Follow Me Into My Dreams (In Jamaica) (3:55)
  3. Mbale (Face To Face With The Truth) (3:48)
  4. Misosi (Don't Shoot On Me) (2:52)
  5. Babette D'O (Rastawoman) (5:53)
  6. Back To Funky (3:32)
  7. ABC (3:10)
  8. Na Man Pass Man (Na Iron De Cut Iron) (2:55)
Du Mali
 in stock $17.43
Du Mali (LP)
Cat: ASVN 045. Rel: 31 Jul 17
  1. Yayoroba (6:05)
  2. Porry (11:34)
  3. N'ne Diarabila (7:53)
  4. Dintal (8:57)
Sory Bamba Du Mali
 in stock $17.43
Cat: ASVN 035. Rel: 23 Sep 16
  1. Mayel (6:00)
  2. Kanaga 78 (4:59)
  3. Bayadjourou (6:24)
  4. Tjamantie Kolo (7:26)
  5. N'Nebakaidi (5:11)
  6. Nani Nani (6:17)
Review: 1979's Sory Bamba Du Mali was a masterpiece when it first came out, and that hasn't changed a single bit over thirty-five years later. Africa Seven are the ones to resurface this little gem of an album from the comparatively tiny corner of Africa's Mali, and it's very much in line with the rest of the wonderful music from that part of the hemisphere. "Mayel" starts off with a deep brass symphony guided by a mysterious wave of echoing guitar riffs and tribal chanting, but the following "Kanaga 78" is a moment of pure magic, a 4/4 groove with a nutty guitar and wild organ gliding with total freedom - recommended just for that. As you can imagine, the rest of this special album keeps on evolving with each new track, and from ritualistic, percussion-heavy dances to exotic rhythms, this is a must have. Don't even think of getting the original for less the L500.
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African Funk Experimentals 1975-1978
 in stock $17.43
Cat: ASVN 018. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Intro (0:42)
  2. Hot Koki (5:11)
  3. Black Gold (5:18)
  4. Sugar Lump (6:01)
  5. Gotam (3:11)
  6. Arabica (4:35)
  7. Black Woman (3:24)
  8. Ma Ka La (3:45)
  9. Nom Te Ma (4:42)
  10. Tcham Tcham (4:01)
Review: Africa Seven continue their rich vein of releases this year with an indepth exploration of the Tala A.M. discography. Those unfamiliar with the Cameroonian's story will be shaken by the adversity he lived through before going on to enjoy a successful music career; blindness and the death of both parents afflicted him as a child. However Tala Andre Marie's love of music was his guiding light, as was Cameroonian icon Manu Dibango who helped him relocate to Paris and thus began a recording career consisting of no less than 13 albums! African Funk Experimentals 1975 To 1978 sees Africa Seven dip into the Tala AM archives for a ten track presentation of his funkiest cuts during the early years of recording for the Fiesta label. "Hot Koki" is a particular treat, whilst disco selectors will love "Sugar Lump".
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African Funk Experimentals (1968-1982 & 2017)
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coming soon $17.43
  1. Jangolo
  2. Funky Feeling
  3. Piani
  4. Those Flowers
  5. American Lady
  6. Dig It Babe (part 1)
  7. Dig It Babe (part 2)
  8. Ewande
  9. The Lion Roar
  10. It's The D Day
African Funk Experimentals (1968-1982 & 2017)
e-mail me when released
coming soon $9.64
Cat: ASVN 048CD. Rel: 29 Sep 17
  1. Jangolo
  2. Funky Feeling
  3. Piani
  4. Those Flowers
  5. American Lady
  6. Dig It Babe (part 1)
  7. Dig It Babe (part 2)
  8. Ewande
  9. The Lion Roar
  10. It's The D Day
  11. Mystic Power
  12. A'Muna
  13. Get Down & Freak
  14. Get It The Way I Like It
Africa Airways Three: The Afro Psych Excursion 1972-1984
 in stock $17.43
Cat: ASVN 030. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. Afro National - "Push Am Forward" (3:36)
  2. Ifang Bondi & The Afro Mandingue Sounds - "Atis-A-Tis" (4:38)
  3. Sory Bamba - "Kanaga 78" (4:55)
  4. African Black - "Nzango" (7:02)
  5. Bunzu Soundz - "Zinabu" (3:21)
  6. Messi Jacques & Les Dissoumbas De Libreville - "Onga Ben Ma Na Mene Mebua" (6:18)
  7. Ofo & The Black Company - "Allah Wakbarr" (3:26)
  8. Damas Swing Orchestra - "Odylife" (2:20)
  9. AKA - "Shake Me" (5:32)
  10. Manu Dibango - "Ceddo" (5:06)
Review: The Africa Seven label might not have been around for very long, but the London-Paris dynasty has certainly established itself as a no.1 outlet for rare, unhinged world music. This is Africa Airways Volume 3: The Afro-Psych Excursion, a gorgeous compilation spanning the years 1972 to 1984, and it clearly offers some of the most magnetic tunes that they label has put out thus far. There isn't a mediocre song in here and, as the saying goes, it's all-killer-no-filler; take African Black's "Nzango", for example, a twisted, FX-heavy tribal experiment, or the more soulful highs and lows of tunes like "Zinabu" by Bunzu Soundz. Rough, dusty, completely psyched-out, and inimitable the whole way through; if you're looking for something that'll get the heads turning, and the diggers jealous, then this is your LP. Highly recommended.
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Africa Airways One: Funk Connection 1973 -1980
 in stock $20.65
Cat: ASVN 001. Rel: 10 Aug 15
  1. Ekambi Brillant - "Africa Africa" (2:06)
  2. Tala AM - "Black Gold" (5:17)
  3. Kemayo - "Kag Am" (3:06)
  4. Jo Tongo - "Jangolo" (4:52)
  5. Manu Dibango - "Mimbo" (4:42)
  6. Jo Bisso - "Give It Up" (4:01)
  7. M'Bamina - "Mbongui" (2:39)
  8. Jake Sollo - "Father Time, Mother Nature" (4:50)
  9. Sookie - "Choco Date" (4:19)
  10. African Souls Band - "Nande" (3:51)
Review: A brand new label based in London and Paris but with roots deeply planted in the motherland, Africa Seven catapult themselves into our collection with such funky gusto very soon it will hard to be able to look at our collections and remember life without them. Their launch compilation is a showcase of Africa's funkiest side. Ranging from deep cosmic psychedelic rock (Ekambi Brilliant's "Africa Africa") to bright-flared, horn-fronted disco funk (Jo Tongo's "Jangolo") via firing, straight up floor-grooves like Jo Bisso's "Give It Up", this is an exceptional collection of a expertly curated jams that have yet to enjoy the exposure they deserve. Something tells us Africa Seven are going to add even more weight to the Afrobeat dialogue in the near future.
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Afrosonique Vol 1
 in stock $23.06
Cat: ASVN 041. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Afro National - "Jokenge" (IG Culture edit) (5:00)
  2. Ekambi Brillant - "Soul Castle" (Silkie edit Over dub) (4:35)
  3. M'Bamina - "Mosi Zole" (EVM edit Over dub) (5:42)
  4. M'Bamina - "Mbongui" (Marcel Lune edit Refix) (5:24)
  5. Sorry Bamba - "Nani Nani" (Appleblim edit Over dub) (3:58)
  6. Douglas Mbida - "Nnom Mot" (Ry9n & Knid edit Over dub) (5:44)
  7. Sookie - "Rhythm On Rhythm" (DJ Food Chop Up) (6:18)
  8. Ekambi Brillant - "Afrika Afrika" (John Talabot & Pional Lost Scripts Rerub) (6:30)
  9. Manu Dibango - "Les Cavaliers" (Plaid edit Over dub) (4:31)
  10. Pasteur Lappe - "Sekelimania (Nku Bilam)" (Jabru edit Over dub) (5:22)
  11. Bunzu Soundz - "Zinabu" (Moody Boyz edit Refix) (6:17)
  12. Bozambo - "Bgklouala Niklouala" (Redpine & Solo edit Over dub) (6:05)
Review: Crate-digging reissue specialists Africa Seven has decided to flip the script on this fantastic album, asking a range of contemporary producers to "re-imagine" a string of rare soul, funk, Afrobeat and disco jams. Thrillingly for those who remember the original West London broken beat scene, the comp contains some killer "bruk" revisions - not least Silkie's brilliantly fluid and groovy take on Ekambi Brillant's "Soul Castle" and EVM's rolling, Bugz in the Attic style revision of M'Bamina's "Mosi Zole". Elsewhere, Appleblim delivers a typically fuzzy and bass heavy rework of Sorry Bamba, Dj Food chops up Sookie's organ-laden funk slammer "Rhythm on Rhythm" an IDM heroes Plaid join the dots between vintage African jazz and woozy electronica. In a word: superb.
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African Airways One & Two: Funk Connection 1973-1980 & Funk Departures 1973-1982
 in stock $10.62
Cat: ASVN 001CD . Rel: 25 Jul 16
  1. Ekambi Brillant - "Africa Africa"
  2. Tala AM - "Black Gold"
  3. Kemayo - "Kag Am"
  4. Jo Tongo - "Jangolo"
  5. Manu Dibango - "Mimbo"
  6. Jo Bisso - "Give It Up"
  7. M'Bamina - "Mbongui"
  8. Jake Sollo - "Father Time, Mother Nature"
  9. Sookie - "Choco Date"
  10. African Souls Band - "Nande"
  11. Pasteur Lappe - "Na Real Sekele Fo Ya"
  12. M'Bamina - "Kilowi-Kilowi"
  13. Ekambi Brilliant - "Aboki (Mon Copain)"
  14. Bongi Makeba - "Don't Do It"
  15. Jo Tongo - "Piani"
  16. Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars - "Relax (Before Doin' Sex)"
  17. Bozambo - "Get It On The Music"
  18. Misse Ngoh - "Tata Ngoh"
  19. Miriam Makeba - "Toyota Fantasy" (John Bryan edit)
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