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Negative Space
 in stock $27.50
Negative Space (marbled vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: SMDELP 01. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. Hawkeye (5:48)
  2. Spasmolytic (5:43)
  3. Retina (with Red Army) (6:27)
  4. Ironhead (6:05)
  5. Echoes (6:08)
  6. Tidal Track (5:50)
  7. Malice (5:44)
  8. Jawbox (with Gremlinz) (5:42)
  9. Conduit VIP (5:48)
  10. Red Herring (6:07)
  11. Third Rail (6:25)
  12. Killing Moon (5:45)
Review: Topping off an incredible year in which he's launched his own label (Weaponry) and delivered three EP troves of deep drum darkness, Seattle's Homemade Weapons presents his debut album Negative Space. Followers of his disarming, physical, rolling sub-heavy sound will know exactly how important this is: the flurried amen crashes of opener "Hawkeye", the cavernous ricochet rhythm shots of "Retina", the heavily pressurised space station pads, micro-traces of jazz and busted drum fury of "Conduit", the gurgling Doc Scott style drones and sense-blurring space between the drums on "Red Herring".... Homemade Weapons has captured his stark signature with slick, subtle detail and created a document that compounds everything we've suspected since he emerged in 2011.
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Played by: M50, Bop
 in stock $9.98
Cat: COOLNEASY 001. Rel: 04 Jul 16
  1. Kid Lib - "Jookie Jookie" (4:58)
  2. Kid Lib & Percussive P - "Ragga Dis" (5:08)
Review: Lucky Muffin munching junglist Kid Lib lets rip on Ease & Sekkle's brand new sister label with two more additions to his hugely prolific repertoire. Sheer drum magic, "Jookie Jookie" punches with throaty acid and tripped out back textures before dropping into a sense-blurring diced drum display while "Ragga Dis" flexes with a smoother almost jazzy riff buried deep under the subs, amens and MC. Pure jungle business here.
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Numbers EP
 in stock $10.25
Numbers EP (12")
Cat: ONEF 003. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. The Raven (5:00)
  2. Drifting (5:32)
  3. Inside Your Love (5:19)
  4. Numbers (feat Benabu) (4:13)
Review: Six months deep and already onto his third 1985 release, Perez takes us back to his roots with a sublime selection of subtle work-outs; "The Raven" persists with a rattling percussive riff and droning bassline, "Drifting" swishes and sways with a slinky two-step, yearning atmospheres and lingering keys while "Inside Your Love" is a pneumatic funk trip into two-step soul. Finally "Numbers" turns the lights down with purring, naked soul. Beautiful.
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Played by: Bop, TASO TEKLIFE
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