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Altai HL H160 Turntable Headshell (black)
 4 in stock $9.51
Cat: 416849 Rel: 31 Jan 11
Headshell includes 4 colour coded wires
Notes: Turntable headshell with 4 colour coded wires. Product does not include weights and additional screws.
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Audio Technica ATLT13A Aluminium Cartridge Headshell (13 grams)
 4 in stock $35.25
Cat: 542957 Rel: 04 Aug 14
Replacement headshell made from die cast aluminium, with a weight of 12.8g
Notes: The Audio Technica AT-LT13a is a long running staple of the Audio Technica product lineup and is a reliable replacement headshell.

It is a simple design made from die cast aluminium and weighs 12.8g. Perfect for a deck missing a headshell.
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Audio Technica HS1 Headshell For LP120USB/LP240USB/LP1240 Turntables
 2 in stock $10.67
Cat: 542959 Rel: 04 Aug 14
Universal headshell unit for a range of turntable models, comes with colour coded lead wires and cartridge mounting hardware
Notes: This universal 1/2"-mount headshell for 4-pin turntable cartridges features all-metal construction and an integral finger lift. It is equipped with a rubber washer for a secure fit to your tone arm, and comes with color-coded headshell lead wires and cartridge mounting hardware.

The AT-HS1 Universal Headshell fits both the AT-LP120-USB, AT-LP240-USB and AT-LP1240-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntables.
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Audio Technica MG10 10g Headshell With Magnesium Body
 1 in stock $45.93
Cat: 590669 Rel: 21 Mar 16
10g headshell with magnesium body, includes gold plated terminals quad wire
Notes: 10g headshell magnesium body

- Threaded headshell avoiding in use of nuts when fitting cartridge

- 7 pairs of installation screws (3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12 mm and 14mm)

- Includes gold plated terminals quad wire
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Omnitronic Universal Headshell (silver)
 1 in stock $9.88
Cat: 653007 Rel: 12 Jun 17
Universally adaptable headshell - silver
Notes: - Replacement headshell
- Without stylus
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Omnitronic Universal Turntable Headshell With Weights (black)
 2 in stock $10.67
Cat: 653008 Rel: 12 Jun 17
Headshell with weights - black
Notes: Solid construction helps to prevent an uneven run, and concerning scratching it helps to prevent the jumping of the record. Can either be weighed down with 2 or 4 gram pieces, so the pick-up is pressed on to the record.
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Pioneer PC HS01 Turntable Headshell For PLX-1000 & PLX-500 Turntables (silver)
 1 in stock $23.24
Cat: 635446 Rel: 09 Jan 17
Headshell for the PLX-1000, PLX-500 & other analogue turntables - silver
Notes: The PC-HS01 headshell comes in black, silver and gold so you can choose the colour that complements your setup best. Or use the colours to differentiate between your weight, cartridge and stylus preferences; for example, black for scratching, silver for recording, and gold for listening.

The PC-HS01 comes with a 4 gram shell weight, but the headshell also allows you to attach different weights (cartridge and stylus are not included).

PC-HS01 includes:
- 2 screws
- 2 washers
- 2 nuts
- 4 gram shell weight
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QTX Standard Turntable Headshell (black)
 More than 10 in stock $5.61
Cat: 307042 Rel: 31 Mar 08
Notes: This standard headshell will allow most cartridges to be fitted to most turntables supplied with wires for connection to the cartridge.
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Stanton H4 Headshell (gunmetal)
 1 in stock $18.15
Cat: 344817 Rel: 23 Feb 09
Headshell with screw-on weight
Tonar Lightweight Headshell (black)
 3 in stock $17.08
Cat: 567691 Rel: 30 Mar 15
Lightweight black headshell
Notes: Lightweight black headshell.
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Tonar Lightweight Headshell (silver)
 2 in stock $17.08
Cat: 567689 Rel: 30 Mar 15
Lightweight silver headshell
Notes: Lightweight silver headshell.

Attachment screws and nuts included.
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Tonar Lightweight Headshells (pair, black)
 1 in stock $30.98
Cat: 588260 Rel: 21 Sep 15
Pair of lightweight black headshells
Notes: Lightweight black headshell.

Attachment screws and nuts included.
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