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ART P16 XLR Balanced Rackmount Patch Bay
 1 in stock $102.83
Cat: 478271 Rel: 14 Jan 13
16 channel XLR balanced patch bay
Notes: The ART P16 XLR Balanced Patch Bay. Ideal for any live PA rack, studio rack or fixed installation where easy access to XLR inputs are required, the P16 brings all rear-mounted XLR inputs from various devices to one, convenient single space rackmountable location. The P16 saves wear and tear on the connectors of expensive audio equipment by bringing all commonly used connections to the external patch bay.

All-steel chassis, black anodized finish and secure, high-quality XLR connections front and back with internal connections made via PCB wiring ensure long term reliability from the passive ART P-16 balanced XLR rackmount patch bay.

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ART P48 Rackmount Balanced Patch Bay
 1 in stock $118.00
Cat: 515499 Rel: 16 Dec 13
19" rackmount balanced patchbay for studio or live use
Notes: The ART P48 48 point balanced patchbay is the best solution for organising cables while optimising connectivity in any studio or live PA rack. Designed for maximum convenience, each pair of TRS 1/4" balanced I/O can be configured for normal or half normal operation.

The fully shielded steel 19" 1U rackmount chassis has reversible rack ears for maximum flexibility.
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ART TPatch Eight Point Balanced Patch Bay
 1 in stock $40.58
Cat: 458032 Rel: 04 Jun 12
8-point balanced patchbay
Notes: The ARTcessories TPatch is a compact 8-point balanced patchbay that organises your cables into a convenient central location on your studio desktop. Designed for maximum flexibility, the TPatch has 1/4" TRS phone connectors user selectable normal and half-normal modes.

The compact black-anodized all aluminum case and it's passive design allow the TPatch to provide years of trouble free service.

The specifications:

Connectors: 1/4" TRS balanced phone jacks
CMRR: > -90 dB (typical)
Isolation: > -80 dB (typical)
Dimensions (mm): 47 H x 117 W x 99 D
Weight: 0.38kg

Connectors: 1/4" TRS balanced phone jacks
CMRR: > -90 dB (typical)
Isolation: > -80 dB (typical)
Dimensions: 47mm x 117mm x 99mm
Weight: 0.38kg.
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Hosa PDR369 XLR3F To XLR3M Patch Bay
 1 in stock $82.98
Cat: 624090 Rel: 05 Sep 16
Hosa PDR369 12-point XLR patch bay with reversible configuration
Notes: The PDR-369 XLR Patch Bay by Hosa Technology is designed to provide 12 channels of balanced audio throughput for any situation. It is ideal for making rear-panel microphone mixer inputs easier to reach. Features include:

- Rolled-steel chassis for rugged durability and ease of repair
- Gold-plated contacts for corrosion resistance and superior signal transfer
- Shielded, Oxygen-Free Copper conductors for enhanced signal clarity

Connectors: XLR3F to XLR3M
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Neutrik NYS SPP L1 1/4" Jack 48 Way Rackmount Patchbay Panel (black)
 1 in stock $80.50
Cat: 616177 Rel: 20 Jun 16
24 channel balanced 1/4" jack patch bay panel
Notes: 24 channel half normalled, balanced 6.35mm jack patch panel. Can be rackmounted.

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