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5 Billion In Diamonds
 in stock $17.69
Cat: 100 LP64. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Gravity Rules (5:16)
  2. Better If (3:28)
  3. Travelling (4:14)
  4. Broken Wing (5:40)
  5. I'm Becoming You (3:47)
  6. Where The Moonbeams Are (4:24)
  7. Glider (3:07)
  8. Lost In The Sea (3:35)
  9. Paraphernalia (4:29)
  10. Close The Door (3:25)
5 Billion in Diamonds
 in stock $10.71
Cat: 100 CD64. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Gravity Rules
  2. Better If
  3. Travelling
  4. Broken Wing
  5. I'm Becoming You
  6. Where The Moonbeams Are
  7. Glider
  8. Lost In The Sea
  9. Paraphernalia
  10. Close The Door
Mange Tout
 in stock $19.29
Mange Tout (3xCD in mediabook)
Cat: EDSL 0002. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Don't Tell Me
  2. Game Above My Head
  3. Blind Vision
  4. Time Became The Tide
  5. That's Love, That It Is
  6. Murder
  7. See The Train
  8. All Things Are Nice
  9. My Baby
  10. The Day Before You Came
  11. Game Above My Head (long version - bonus track)
  12. Blind Vision (long version - bonus track)
  13. Don't Tell Me (extended - bonus track)
  14. Vishnu (short version - bonus track)
  15. Blind Vision (Martin Ware demo - bonus track)
  16. Time Became The Tide (demo - bonus track)
  17. If You Want To Be Hip (demo - bonus track)
  18. It Never Rains (demo - bonus track)
  19. Murder (demo - bonus track)
  20. Heaven Knows Where Heaven Is (bonus track - bonus track)
  21. On Our Way To? (bonus track)
  22. That's Love, That It Is (extended - bonus track)
  23. Vishnu (Full Length - bonus track)
  24. Get Out Of That (bonus track)
  25. All Things Are Nice (version - bonus track)
  26. The Day Before You Came (extended - bonus track)
  27. Don't Tell Me (remix - bonus track)
  28. That's Love, That It Is (remix - bonus track)
  29. Blind Vision (instrumental dub version - bonus track)
  30. Time Became The Tide (radio 1 Session 17.3.83)
  31. Murder (radio 1 Session 17.3.83)
  32. Blind Vision (radio 1 Session 17.3.83)
  33. Vishnu (radio 1 Session 17.3.83)
  34. Living On The Ceiling (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  35. Game Above My Head (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  36. I Can't Explain (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  37. My Baby (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  38. Blind Visiion (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  39. Don't Tell Me (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  40. God's Kitchen (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  41. Murder (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  42. The Day Before You Came (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  43. That's Love, That It Is (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  44. Kind (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
  45. Feel Me (In Concert, Hammersmith Palais 24.5.84)
 in stock $7.24
Cherry (CD)
Cat: IDIB 42CD. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Cherry's Dream
  2. I Can't Keep Running
  3. Red Car
  4. Ceremony (feat Ida No)
  5. At Your Door (8 track demo)
  6. White Light
  7. Candy
  8. Hands In The Dark
  9. Cherry
  10. Lady (On Film)
  11. Shadow (Take Me Down)
  12. Looking For Love (extended Disco version)
  13. Cherry (vocal)
  14. Ceremony (instrumental)
  15. Vertigo
  16. Lady Night Drive
  17. Headlight's Glare
  18. Cherry (instrumental)
Review: On its initial vinyl and download release late last year, Cherry was proclaimed by critics as being one of Chromatics' strongest albums to date. Given that the Portland band have now released seven acclaimed sets, that's some claim. This first "deluxe" CD edition adds previously unheard cuts and alternative versions, but it's the core set - featured on the first half of the CD - that really sparkles. As you might expect, it's not only full of the atmospheric, slow motion synth-pop with which they made their name, but also a swathe of cuts heavily influenced by the cinematioc soundtrack work Jonny Jewel has been concentrating on since their previous full-length dropped back in 2012. In other words, it's quite possibly Chromatics' most evocative and rounded set to date.
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Rewind This! (Soundtrack)
 in stock $24.92
Rewind This! (Soundtrack) (limited 180 gram coloured vinyl LP with obi-strip + MP3 download code)
Cat: DW 17. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Rewind This! (2:42)
  2. Devil Ant (2:24)
  3. Escape 2000 (2:30)
  4. Still Evolving (4:40)
  5. Science Crazed (4:01)
  6. Dormarth (2:33)
  7. Deadly Prey (3:32)
  8. Northern Yukon (3:29)
  9. Bubba Until It Hurts (1:49)
  10. Street Trash (3:21)
  11. The Beyond (3:00)
  12. Wanna Date? (2:33)
  13. Never Forget (3:22)
  14. Rolling Vengeance (4:54)
  15. Head Cleaner (2:33)
Music To Drive
 in stock $7.24
Music To Drive (unmixed CD)
Cat: IDIB 073CD. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Chromatics - "Digital Versicolor"
  2. Desire - "Under Your Spell"
  3. Chromatics - "Tick Of The Clock"
  4. Symmetry - "The Nightshift"
  5. Chromatics - "Lady"
  6. Symmetry - "The Hunt"
  7. Chromatics - "The River"
  8. Symmetry - "Yes"
  9. Chromatics - "A Matter Of Time"
  10. Symmetry - "City Of Dreams"
  11. Glass Candy - "Beatific"
  12. Symmetry - "The Maze"
  13. Glass Candy - "Silver Fountain"
  14. Chromatics - "I Can't Keep Running"
  15. Chromatics - "Night Drive"
  16. Glass Candy - "The Possessed"
  17. Symmetry - "Eulogy"
  18. Symmetry - "Bloodsport"
  19. Chromatics - "Red Car"
  20. Symmetry - "Cruise Control"
  21. Symmetry - "Magic Gardens"
Review: While it was Cliff Martinez who eventually wrote and produced the score for acclaimed movie Drive, it was Jonny Jewel and the Italians Do it Better crew who were originally slated to do it. It's perhaps fitting, then, that Jewel has decided to celebrate the film's fifth anniversary by putting together this brilliant "companion piece". Like the brilliant Symmetry album of a few years back, it's effectively an alternative soundtrack, featuring a combination of soundtrack style compositions originally slated to appear in the movie, and Italians Do it Better material written, recorded and released in the same period. It goes without saying that it's a stunning collection of tracks.
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Half Lives
 in stock $7.24
Cat: IDIB 103. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. One Night At The Raw Deal
  2. 0000
  3. Struck Twice
  4. Man Of Steel
  5. Struck Twice (club mix)
  6. 0000 (club mix)
  7. One Night At The Raw Deal (instrumental)
Review: Last year, Italians Do It Better's premier "mystery act" Twisted Wires - recently revealed to be Richard Durham and IDIB main man Jonny Jewel - returned to action for the first time in seven years. Half Lives is the duo's debut album, though it's more like a longer-than-average EP. It includes a combination of fresh songs and previously released material (the jangly, bubbling synth-pop-goes-electrofunk brilliance of "Struck Twice", which is also featured in the even better "Club Mix" form, and the melancholic slo-mo brilliance of "0000"); throughout, the set brilliantly joins the dots between darkwave, Italo-disco, synth-funk and the kind of glistening, radio-friendly fare that Jonny Jewel, in particular, does so well.
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Cold Waves Of Color Volume 4
 in stock $13.40
Cat: COLORCD 06. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Beatmixer - "Danse Electrique"
  2. Silicon Valley - "Going Out"
  3. Berserk In A Hayfield - "Start Of Something"
  4. Disintegrators - "Transmissions Unknown"
  5. Silicon Valley - "2X"
  6. WeR7 - "Word Perfect" (edit)
  7. Mystery Plane - "I'll Get You For This"
  8. Echophase - "Train"
  9. Berserk In A Hayfield - "Optical"
  10. Lives Of Angels - "Gateway"
  11. Beatmixer - "The Beatmixer"
  12. Disintegrators - "Cold Soul"
  13. Modern Art - "Clear Light"
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