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Jeff Ozdemir & Friends Vol 2
 in stock $13.84
Cat: KALKCD 99. Rel: 17 Jul 17
  1. Jeff Ozdemir - "Der Herr Doktor Sieht Das Nicht Gerne"
  2. Jeff Ozdemir & Sonja Polligkeit - "Agora Fica"
  3. Jeff Ozdemir & F S Blumm - "Der Mann Der Voll Nicht Am Start War"
  4. Jeff Ozdemir & Tigerlily - "Dada No 1"
  5. Jeff Ozdemir & Roderick Bell - "Konig Rasulov"
  6. Desole Leo - "Roseraie" (Band version)
  7. Jeff Ozdemir's Heart Repair - "Wann Ruft Sie Mich An?"
  8. Jeff Ozdemir & Akiva Zamcheck - "Luminous Obstruction"
  9. Jeff Ozdemir & Bram Van Der Poe - "Waiting For Lilou"
  10. The Office Project - "Emin Misin?" (feat Jeff Ozdemir)
  11. Andrew Pekler - "Compression Study"
  12. Jeff Ozdemir - "Augen" (feat The Halloumaniacs)
  13. Benjamin Wild - "Kawaii Tones"
  14. Jeff Ozdemir - "Hatira Ormani"
  15. Jeff Ozdemir & Zap - "Beautifull Ends"
  16. Dizzy From Rotation - "Why Love Matters"
  17. Jeff Ozdemir's Halloumi Express - "Messer" (feat F S Blumm)
  18. Jeff Ozdemir - "Eskalation Planet 2"
Soundspecies & Ache Meyi
 in stock $10.58
Cat: MANANA 3CD. Rel: 17 Jul 17
  1. Meme
  2. Bembe!
  3. Alina's Calypso
  4. Egua/Mawa
  5. Hyper Bembe!
  6. Egrem Bata Jam
  7. Ogun Meyi Meyi
  8. Traditional Bata
  9. Ikiri Ada
Review: Since launching earlier this year, Manana Records seems to have specialized in cross-cultural collaborations. The label's latest album release offers more of the same, with globally focused producers Sound Species joining forces with Ache Meyi, a four-piece outfit from Santiago de Cuba. The resultant album not only joins the dots between the past and the present - traditional folkloric percussion blended with contemporary dancefloor rhythms - but also organic and electronic instrumentation. It's a blend that works well, with Sound Species expertly crafting their synths and drum machines to the dense percussion and Afro-Haitian vocals of Ache Meyi. There's plenty of floor-friendly material to be found throughout, but also occasional trips into dreamy downtempo territory.
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