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Dig Your Own Hole (reissue)
 in stock $21.13
Dig Your Own Hole (reissue) (gatefold silver vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 576196 4. Rel: 10 Jul 17
  1. Block Rockin' Beats (5:14)
  2. Dig Your Own Hole (5:29)
  3. Elektrobank (8:17)
  4. Piku (4:57)
  5. Setting Sun (5:31)
  6. It Doesn't Matter (5:54)
  7. Don't Stop The Rock (3:20)
  8. Get Up On It Like This (4:35)
  9. Lost In The K-hole (3:51)
  10. Where Do I Begin (6:51)
  11. The Private Psychedelic Reel (9:27)
Undertablism Breaks
 in stock $11.26
Cat: PWR 001. Rel: 20 Oct 08
  1. Nandoka Beat
  2. Beats & Beats Classics
  3. UnderBlist
  4. My Symphony
  5. Back To The Roots
  6. Beats & Beats Classics II
  7. Xpression Loops
  8. Words
  9. Next Step
 in stock $26.77
Leftism (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MOVLP 044. Rel: 18 Jan 10
  1. Release The Pressure
  2. Afro Left
  3. Melt
  4. Song Of Life
  5. Original
  6. Black Flute
  7. Space Shanty
  8. Inspection (Check One)
  9. Storm 3000
  10. Open Up
  11. 21st Century Poem
Played by: Juno Classics, ImiAFan
Orbital 2 (Brown Album)
 in stock $41.69
Orbital 2 (Brown Album) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 082564 6128716. Rel: 17 Aug 15
  1. Time Becomes (1:43)
  2. Planet Of The Shapes (9:36)
  3. Lush 3-1 (5:40)
  4. Lush 3-2 (4:10)
  5. Impact (The Earth Is Burning) (10:47)
  6. Remind (7:54)
  7. Walk Now... (6:45)
  8. Monday (7:05)
  9. Halycon + On + On (9:18)
  10. Imput Out (2:11)
Review: This important album and piece of true electronic music history gets a re-issue; on 180 gram vinyl. What can be said for this album that has not been said already? Well, it is known for the classics "Halcyon (On & On)" and "Lush" and the brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll are not just UK rave legends but pioneers of electronica that is for sure. Named after Greater London's orbital motorway, the M25, which was ground zero for the rave scene of the late eighties. This album is as seminal as it gets and a true zeitgeist of a moment in electronic music's history. Re-issues don't come much better than this!
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Radio Ga Ga
 in stock $7.33
Radio Ga Ga (1st 12")
Cat: GI 022/TWGHI 000022. Rel: 02 Feb 04
  1. My Radio (extended mix)
  2. Perspects (Cut Up mix)
  3. Schneider TM (Mustanng Remake)
  4. For You (Lowfish remix)
  5. Poly Ensemble
The Bastard'e
 in stock $9.58
Cat: PWR 006BLACK. Rel: 30 Jan 12
  1. Sounds GRY
  2. Beat Chilque
  3. Trace U
  4. Beat Sit Back & Enjoy The Ride
  5. Traca Ues
  6. Beat D-Boy
  7. Beat Ctrl Mal
  8. Sounds Insp
  9. Sinthravel
  10. Beat SKB3
  11. Sounds R & FLC + LT
  12. Perc Loops
  13. Beat Try A Skratching Breack
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