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Portal EP
 in stock $9.91
Portal EP (12")
Cat: SHA 121. Rel: 11 Sep 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Portal (4:52)
  2. My Nu Leng & Friction - "Jigsaw" (4:09)
  3. Senses (feat Iyamah) (4:45)
  4. My Ne Leng & Spectrasoul - "The Terrace" (4:08)
Review: Having collaborated and set-up a label with Shogun bossman Friction under his Fine Art alias, it was only a matter of time before Bristol duo My Nu Leng flipped the favour and slapped down a little drum & bass in return. Their debut 170 cuts, "Portal", "Jigsaw" and "The Terrace" all smack with the type of muscle you'd hope - big riffs, gritty bass and a sense of drama that fits the current tech/jungle/halftime melting pot the genre is enjoying right now. For added measure they've also thrown in a unique groaning 130 wobbler that belongs in no other category but 'sick m8'. Powerful.
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Fabriclive 86
 in stock $6.51
Fabriclive 86 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 172. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. My Nu Leng & Kahn - "Ruins" (unreleased)
  2. Klient - "Shelter"
  3. RL Grime - "Scylla"
  4. Holy Goof - "Cheatin"
  5. Andrew Diggs - "The Ghost VIP"
  6. Skapes - "Beat On The Drums"
  7. My Nu Leng & Flava D - "Soul Shake" (unreleased)
  8. My Nu Leng - "Horizons" (feat Caan)
  9. Negativ - "Stealth" (unreleased)
  10. Harry Judda - "Machines"
  11. My Nu Leng - "Pushed VIP" (feat Detour City)
  12. Myd - "Numero Uno"
  13. Clentele - "She Knows"
  14. Nu Birth - "Anytime" (Tuff & Jams Kick dub)
  15. Tru Fonix - "NRG" (unreleased)
  16. Champion - "Cannon" (Dismantles VIP)
  17. Faze Miyake - "Ice Cold" (feat Inga Copeland)
  18. Mella Dee - "Keep On"
  19. WXT - "Convo"
  20. Randomer - "Bring"
  21. Courage - "Icarus"
  22. Deadbeat UK - "Certain Beat" (feat Forca)
  23. B Squared - "Square Root"
  24. Just Now & T Williams - "YEAH" (feat Dread MC - unreleased)
  25. Moony - "Ballin" (Dr Cryptic Funky Roller mix)
  26. My Nu Leng & Fineart - "Set It VIP"
  27. Notion - "Massive & Crew" (unreleased)
  28. Snow & Dismantle - "Messy" (unreleased)
  29. L Wiz - "Girl From Codeine City"
  30. Synth Sense - "Tomorrow's World" (Indigo remix)
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