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 in stock $16.27
Prana (limited LP)
Cat: ZORN 01. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. Sea Of Miracles (6:13)
  2. Gliding (3:46)
  3. Crystal Dream (2:29)
  4. Surrounded By Data (3:03)
  5. Mind Door (1:53)
  6. Synchronous Memories (7:52)
  7. Omni Bay (3:04)
  8. A Rotating View (5:24)
 in stock $18.24
Equinox (LP)
Cat: ZORN 13. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. Titans (9:23)
  2. Pyramids (6:19)
  3. Tetrahedron (4:53)
  4. Delta (7:03)
  5. Seed & Light (2:57)
  6. Minus Ten (7:04)
  7. From Dust (5:08)
Moon's Milk In Final Phase
 in stock $25.53
Cat: SOL 185BLK. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Moon's Milk: Waxing (7:31)
  2. Moon's Milk: Waning (8:25)
  3. Moon's Milk: Eternal Phase (7:33)
  4. Moon's Milk: Dark Passing (9:01)
Review: Originally released in ultra-limited quantities back in 2012, Moon's Milk in Final Phase was originally recorded by Electric Sewer Age members Danny Hyde (once of Psychic TV) and Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle, Coil) in 2007, three years before the latter's untimely death. Here the EP of evocative, classical-influenced ambient works gets a deserved reissue on Soeleilmoon. There's plenty to admire, from the ghostly electronics and fizzing melodies of "Moon's Milk: Waxing" and drifting paranoia of "Moon's Milk: Waning", to the bubbly, early morning shuffle of "Moon's Milk: Passing". Arguably best of all, though, is epic closer "Moon's Milk: Dark Passing", a pitch-black trip into clandestine ambient territory.
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Rain Forest Music
 in stock $22.16
Rain Forest Music (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: ZORN 047LP. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Rain Forest Music: Floating Rain/Alone, By Myself/Child Is Father Of The Man/Song Of The Birds/Dance In The Meadow/Raindrop Fantasy (22:03)
  2. Visions During Movement (20:47)
Review: Texan JD Emmanuel claims that his music is designed 'to enhance deep meditative, or altered states, to allow the listener to personally connect to the creator of all that exists in the Universe.' Alrighty then JD, just tell us when the spaceship lands! Rain Forest Music was originally released in 1981 but still stands the test of time. This version of the album was the same as the LP, which used local rainfall and birds from the Houston Zoo. Emmanuel utilised Continuous Tape Looping, a technique borrowed from Terry Riley, Robert Fripp and Brian Eno. He apparently used two reel-to-reel tape decks placed about a foot apart and set at different distances to control the loop timing and all the while, adding and fading out new music. He used the Crumar Organ as the only instrument and some different riffs and themes as it developed. Amazing stuff right here and highly recommended for those chasing up some classic ambient works.
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Played by: J. Haller
L'Enfant Sauvage
 in stock $18.24
L'Enfant Sauvage (LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ZORN 21. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. No Talisman (14:23)
  2. Love (14:46)
Vinyl Coda I-II
 in stock $37.02
Vinyl Coda I-II (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: GOD 40. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Vinyl Coda I (21:41)
  2. Vinyl Coda II A (22:39)
  3. Vinyl Coda II B (12:34)
  4. Vinyl Coda II C (23:01)
 in stock $10.66
Causeway (limited purple vinyl 10")
Cat: SMGHORO 010. Rel: 25 Jul 16
  1. Causeway (4:25)
  2. Dear Friends (6:46)
Review: Geoff Presha's Samurai Horo imprint continues exploring interesting experiences in grey area drum and bass explorations to stunning effect. Britain's Kiyoko are Joe McBride aka Synkro and Jack Lever aka Bering Strait. On the A side "Causeway" is yet another brilliant example of bass reductionism from the label, interpreted via stark and chilling industrial textures. On the flip, the rather Autonomic sounding "Dear Friends" has some mesmerizing ambience and exotic wind instruments keeping time with a steady 85 (or is that 170) BPM broken beat. Nice one!
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Played by: M50
 in stock $10.38
Cloitre (CD)
Cat: TONE 51. Rel: 19 Jun 17
  1. Cloitre (live)
Body Pilot
 in stock $18.52
Body Pilot (limited hand-numbered 10")
Cat: SERE 11.3. Rel: 23 Jun 14
  1. Stillness
  2. The Dying Roar
  3. Koretz's Meteor
  4. The Ultimate Horizon
Crystal Anniversary
 in stock $18.24
Crystal Anniversary (LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ZORN 15. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. Nova Scotian Arms - "Navigation (Devotional)" (16:51)
  2. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - "Censer" (3:48)
  3. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - "Lotus Flower" (12:53)
My Favourite Fairytale
 in stock $25.25
My Favourite Fairytale (2xLP + insert)
Cat: ZORN 10. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Neverending Waves
  2. Glacial Meltwater
  3. Run, Rabbit, Run
  4. Computer - Human Interface
  5. White Lillies Lit The Way
  6. Looming Like A Submarine
  7. For Life In Space Is No Picnic
  8. Silently Circling Like Swarms Of Small Moons
  9. You Are My Rainbow
  10. Send Me To Pluto Please
  11. Nectar Stop
 in stock $18.80
Sonnet (LP)
Cat: KRANK 193LP. Rel: 30 Mar 15
  1. With No Advantage (0:38)
  2. The Gilded Fear That Guides The Flow (4:26)
  3. Of Everything That Rhymes (5:04)
  4. Is In Its Clearest Form (0:39)
  5. An Image Apart From Ourselves (3:41)
  6. Whose Palms Create (4:06)
  7. As Would A Weaver (1:34)
  8. A Shade Of Celadon (2:26)
  9. So Etched In Memory (2:55)
  10. Upon The Break Arch (5:35)
  11. That Wounded Weathered (1:16)
  12. Shut-ins On Sunday See (3:20)
  13. The Very Edge Of Its Flame (7:22)
  14. And Relent (2:46)
 in stock $18.24
Aeons (LP)
Cat: ZORN 17. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Hermits
  2. Spaceship
  3. Panagea
  4. Immortality
 in stock $18.24
Impressions (LP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: ZORN 26. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. Blue Dream (20:11)
  2. Telepathic Heart (22:27)
 in stock $18.24
Lunar (LP)
Cat: ZORN 05. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. Stretching Out (19:37)
  2. Zoning Out (19:46)
Avec Laudenum
 in stock $18.52
Cat: KRK 059. Rel: 19 May 08
  1. The Atomium (part one)
  2. The Atomium (part two)
  3. The Atomium (part three)
  4. Dust Breeding
  5. I Will Surround You
Sounds Of The Future/Trapdoor To Infinity
 in stock $18.24
Sounds Of The Future/Trapdoor To Infinity (LP + hand-numbered insert in screen-printed sleeve limited to 150 copies)
Cat: ZORN 29. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. Tidal - "Sounds Of The Future" (19:52)
  2. Rambutan - "Trapdoor To Infinity" (19:23)
 in stock $18.24
Cat: ZORN 30. Rel: 18 Mar 13
  1. Prosper With Integrity (Motivational Holography Suite)
  2. Clubmed Vortex
  3. Pyramid Power: End Titles
  4. Pathways To Clear
  5. Dream Swim
  6. Corporate Lotus
  7. 12th Dimensional Light Shield (Earth Plane Frequence Hub)
  8. Memory Gate
  9. Hacking The Akasha
  10. Utopia 3 0
Played by: Elenacolombi
Ulau Tau
 in stock $18.24
Ulau Tau (LP)
Cat: ZORN 31. Rel: 12 Aug 13
  1. Ulau Tau
  2. Spirit Of Sun
 in stock $12.06
Rise (clear vinyl 10" + sticker)
Cat: DLR 001. Rel: 20 Mar 17
  1. Dawn (5:51)
  2. Kaizen (5:42)
  3. Aware (7:37)
Pass Hidingly Seek
 in stock $18.24
Cat: ZORN 33. Rel: 12 Aug 13
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
Quaking Myth
 in stock $18.24
Cat: ZORN 32. Rel: 12 Aug 13
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
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