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Bedrock: Frequencies
 in stock $10.29
Bedrock: Frequencies (mixed 3xCD)
Cat: BEDFREQCD 1. Rel: 17 Jul 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Emerson, Digweed & Muir - "Fanfare" (Stelios Vassiloudis Ambient mix)
  2. Lily Pita - "Run Away" (dub)
  3. Andromo, Chris Fortier - "This Just Then"
  4. Philipp Strabu, Charlie Thostenson - "Miracle Of Existance"
  5. BOg - "0901" (Lehar remix)
  6. Joris Biesmans - "New House"
  7. Stelios Vassiloudis, Nils Neurnberg - "Smoke Tree"
  8. Tijuana - "Groove Is In The Air" (Rhytm Design remix)
  9. Fideles - "Flying Dishes"
  10. Jamie Anderson - "Event Horizon" (Satoshi Fumi remix)
  11. Emerson, Digweed & Muir - "Tracer" (Nick Muir reprise)
  12. Glenn Morrison - "End Of Days" (Melodic dub mix)
  13. Etai Tarazi - "Horizontal Dance"
  14. BOg, Tim Engelhardt - "Scene 1"
  15. Robert Babicz - "I Feel You"
  16. Alex Kennon - "Sintesi"
  17. Lee Van Dovski, Nakadia - "Petro Sys"
  18. Guj J - "Temperament"
  19. Diamond Dealer - "Little Hungry Monster"
  20. Fideles - "Unreal"
  21. Monkey Safari - "Oxy"
  22. Emerson, Digweed & Muir - "Fanfare" (Stelios Vassiloudis remix)
  23. Martin Eyerer, Patrick Chardronnet - "Frequencies"
  24. Alex Kennon - "Sensual"
  25. Lee Williams - "Alterglow" (Nick Muir edit)
  26. BOg - "Scorpi"
  27. Emerson, Digweed & Muir - "Tracer" (Diamond Dealer remix)
  28. Tim Baresko, Clyde P - "Throwback"
  29. Moonface - "You Get So Give" (Montel remix)
  30. Rob Hes & Laat - "Perseverance"
  31. Saints & Sinners - "Pushin Too Hard" (Guy Mantzur remix)
Review: When compiling Frequencies, John Digweed wanted it to offer "a snapshot of the perfect Bedrock party". He's arguably done just that, moving from seductive mood enhancing ambience, to throbbing peak-time techno over the course of three impeccably mixed and programmed CDs. Along the way, the DJ formerly known as "Diggers" saunters between a range of warm, melodic and groovy fare - think deep house, tech-house and melodic techno - before unfurling a selection of muscular floor-burners that belie his reputation as a soft-focus progressive house maestro. With a bulging selection of friends, label-mates and frequent collaborators all contributing tracks, Bedrock: Frequencies is a treat for anyone who digs Digweed's distinctive DJ style.
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Balance Presents: Natura Sonoris
 in stock $13.54
Cat: BAL 21CD. Rel: 17 Jul 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Henry Saiz - "Lone Wolf (A Reality Mendley)"
  2. Hal Icandenza - "Contacto"
  3. Bufi - "Bird Song"
  4. RIP Bestia - "African Wedding Ceremony" (JMII Sagrada Familia remix)
  5. Landikhan - "Veneno Mortal" (RIP Bestia Acid Antidote JP 8080)
  6. A Friend Of Marcus - "She Who Annihilates + Samples From Henry Saiz Our Discovery"
  7. Damabiah - "Sur Les Genoux De L'automne" (Henry Saiz remix)
  8. Joep Mencke - "Sonder"
  9. Tentacle - "Goliath" (Brassica remix)
  10. Henry Saiz - "Secrets" (Tuff City Kids remix & Brassica remix)
  11. Marc Marzenit - "The Walrus" (Samples From Henry Saiz 'The Nothing')
  12. Victoria Rodriguez - "Moon On A Bright Day"
  13. Brian Cid - "Luminous Black + Samples From Hal Incandenza Ventura"
  14. Henry Saiz & Tentacle - "The Prophetess"
  15. Henry Saiz & Tentacle - "The Prophetess"
  16. Henry Saiz - "The Light" (bRUNA remix 2017 Master)
  17. Sistema - "Entree" (Henry Saiz remix)
  18. Henry Saiz - "Rave Flute + Samples From Henry Saiz Moonlight Wolf"
  19. Petar Dundov & Henry Saiz - "Infinite Promises + Samples From Henry Saiz Sleepwalk"
  20. NVSBL - "Woodhouse" (Henry Saiz remix)
  21. Henry Saiz - "Death Drive (Eduardo De La Calle Remix)/The Pendulum + Melody From Voltarec Sandman"
  22. Henry Saiz & Cora Novoa - "Golden Dawn" (Brynjolfur Dream mix)
  23. Henry Saiz - "September + Samples From Marc Marzenit Track For The End"
  24. Henry Saiz - "Spiricom (See You Soon)" (Hal Incandenza remix)
Review: The bods behind Australia's Balance label were chuffed with Henry Saiz's 2011 contribution to their long-running mix series, so asked him to provide another volume. Saiz decided to use it as an excuse to promote his Natura Sonoris label, gathering together two discs worth of previously unreleased material from his growing roster of artists. To make it extra special, he also utilized an impressive array of homemade field recordings. The resultant two disc throw-down is undeniably magical, with Saiz shuffling his way through deep and trippy tech-house, rubbery dancefloor electronica, drowsy ambient, fuzzy Balearic house, hushed late night grooves and becalmed experimental soundscapes. Oh, and a dash of "tropical pagan" (look it up: it's definitely a thing).
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Crown Ruler Sound
 in stock $11.64
Crown Ruler Sound (unmixed CD)
Cat: STLKCD 002. Rel: 17 Jul 17
  1. Ezy & Isaac - "Let Your Body Move (Oba Balu Balu)"
  2. Stimela - "I Love You"
  3. Kosmik 3 - "I'm Gonna Pack" (Jeremy Spellacey edit)
  4. Mike Fabulous - "Wang East" (instrumental)
  5. Feladey - "Forest Music (Anambra Na-imo)"
  6. Larry Maluma & Kalimba - "Kamusale"
  7. Acayouman - "Funk Around"
  8. JK Mandengue - "Afrika"
  9. The Staple Singers - "Slippery People" (club version)
  10. Brother Resistance - "Can I Get A Witness"
  11. Legacy - "Monday Blues"
  12. La Banda De Martin - "Mi Dueno"
  13. Devon Russell - "Move On Up"
  14. Costa & Chyps - "Detroit City Cats" (instrumental long version)
  15. Wilfred Percussion - "Andei"
Review: Crown Ruler Records co-founder Jeremy Spellacey is highly regarded within the crate-digging community, primarily for his ability to sniff out copies of obscure - but, naturally, high quality - boogie-era disco records from Africa and the Caribbean. On this fine compilation, Spacetalk has offered the New Zealander the opportunity to showcase some of those finds, alongside a smattering of better-known favourites and more recent cuts (see Mike Fabulous's overlooked modern boogie gem "Wang East"). Predictably, Spellacey has delivered the goods, serving up humid, exotic and loved-up gems galore, including the fluttering brilliance of Stimela's "I Love You", the marimba-laden Balearic boogie of Feladey's "Forest Music" and Devon Russell's impeccable reggae-soul cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Move on Up".
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Eighty Eight: This Is Fokuz
 in stock $10.82
Cat: FOKUZ 088CD. Rel: 17 Jul 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Phaction - "Fantasy" (Spectrasoul remix)
  2. Command Strange & Intelligent Manners - "Memoirs" (Satl remix)
  3. Anthony Kasper - "Departure" (Technimatic remix)
  4. Bert H - "Bring Away"
  5. Air K & Cephei - "Desire" (Break remix)
  6. Drumcatcher - "What's On Your Mind"
  7. Ill Truth & Shen - "Time To Let Go"
  8. The Vanguard Project - "Lost Souls"
  9. Silence Groove - "Viber"
  10. Air K & Cephei - "Savannah" (Gerra & Stone remix)
  11. Seba & Jenna G - "Sweet Magnolia" (Air K & Cephei remix)
  12. The Vanguard Project - "Don't Let Go" (feat Charlotte Haining)
  13. Phaction & GLXY - "These Words"
  14. Mutt & Tedder - "Right & Wrong"
  15. Satl, Anthony Kasper & Lurch - "Sky Turns Black"
Review: There seems no grand concept behind Fokuz's latest compilation, other than to showcase the depth and breadth of talent at their disposal. Of course, much of the material is either unreleased or freshly remixed and, crucially, it's universally impressive. As you'd expect, there's an undeniably positive vibe throughout, with sparkling liquid rollers and "disco D&B" floor-fillers dominating. Of course, there are some extra-heavy moments dotted throughout - see the pulverizing sub-bass and crunchy breakbeats of Silence Groove's "Viber" and the thrusting attack on the senses that is Bert H's "Bring Away" - but it's the sparkling contributions from the likes of Phaction (remixed by Spectrasoul), Air K & Cephel (brilliant re-worked by Break) and Drumcatcher that really stand out.
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 in stock $7.85
Figure (CD limited to 150 copies)
Cat: ROHS! 025CD. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Figure
  2. Figure (Hatti Vatti rework)
  3. Kino
  4. Kino (Merv Re-translate)
  5. New Life
  6. Magic Marmelade
  7. Senza Nome (feat Brendon Moeller)
Review: A limited edition CD mini album Italian duo Tears Of Change featuring a range of all-star cameos, Figure runs the techno gauntlet in the finest way possible. Everything is covered from Hatti Vatti's fractured beat twist of "Figure" to the warm dubby bounces of the brilliantly titled "Magic Marmalade" via the hip-slinking jack of "New Life". Finally New York's finest pharmacist Brendon Moeller joins to help tell the final chapter with a pensive suspense piece where the drums are not what they seem. Change: don't fear... Shed a tear.
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DMC Essential Hits Issue 148 (Strictly DJ Only)
 in stock $12.18
Cat: DMHITS 148. Rel: 24 Jul 17
Funky/Club House
  1. Betsy - "Little White Lies"
  2. Bruno Mars Vs David Guetta - "Versace On The Floor" (radio)
  3. Camila Cabello - "Crying In The Club" (Steve Smart radio)
  4. Cardboard Foxes - "Do You Ever" (feat Kenyo - Nathan Jain VIP radio)
  5. Carly Rae Jepsen - "Cut To The Feeling" (Toy Armada & DJ Grind radio)
  6. Charlie Puth - "Attention" (Oliver Heldens remix)
  7. CID - "Believer" (feat CeeLo Green - CID VIP mix)
  8. David Guetta - "2U" (feat Justin Bieber - Glowinthedark remix)
  9. Duke Dumont & Gorgon City - "Real Life" (feat Naations)
  10. George Ezra - "Don't Matter Now"
  11. Inna - "Ruleta" (feat Erick)
  12. Jack Rose & Kryptonics - "Heartbreaker" (feat MC DT - Micky Simms Uk Garage mix)
  13. Jamiroquai - "Superfresh" (radio)
  14. Katy Perry - "Swish Swish" (feat Nicki Minaj - Cheat Codes remix)
  15. KC Thorpe - "Love Don't Break Me" (feat Jasmine Knight)
  16. LeAnn Rimes - "Love Is Love Is Love" (radio)
  17. Martine McCutcheon - "Say I'm Not Alone"
  18. Miley Cyrus - "Malibu" (Gigamesh remix)
  19. Rudimental - "Sun Comes Up" (feat James Arthur - radio)
  20. Shania Twain - "Life's About To Get Good"
  21. Zak Abel - "All I Ever Do (Is Say Goodbye)"
  22. Zara Larsson - "Don't Let Me Be Yours" (Black Chiney remix)
  23. Zedd & Liam Payne - "Get Low" (radio)
La Torre Ibiza: Volumen Dos
 in stock $12.99
Cat: HLTR 002. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Dip In The Pool - "On Retinae" (East version)
  2. Ishi Vu - "Tema Perr Malva"
  3. Oumou Sangare - "Diya Gneba"
  4. Fuga Ronto - "L' Uomo Invisibile"
  5. The Duritti Column - "Otis"
  6. Lord Of The Isles - "Expansions"
  7. Marvin Franklin - "Kona Winds" (with Kimo & The Guys)
  8. True Underground Sound Of Rome - "Secret Doctrine" (feat Stefano Di Carlo)
  9. (Don't Ask) - "Clocking Off"
  10. Tornado Wallace - "Today" (feat Sui Zhen)
  11. Vangelis - "Abraham's Theme"
  12. Pitto - "Finding"
  13. Dario Domingues & Tupac Amaru - "By The Round Lagoon"
  14. John Barry - "Midnight Cowboy"
  15. Mark Barrott - "What About Now? (Storm Clouds Over Cap Negret)"
  16. Blue Gas - "Shadows From Nowhere"
  17. Eric Serra - "Learning Time"
Review: Following the runaway success of their first La Torre Ibiza compilation last year, long-serving Balearic selectors Pete Gooding and Mark Barrott have once again joined forces to select another disc's worth of atmospheric, sunset-friendly gems. As you'd expect, their selections are not only superb, but also reflect the wide range of sounds and styles that come under the Balearic umbrella. So, while there's little surprising about the inclusion of killer cuts from Tornado Wallace, Lord of the Isles, Vangelis, the Duratti Column and Barrott himself, many may not have expected to hear the traditional Malian sounds of Oumou Sangare, the thrillingly loose and percussive acoustic soul of Marvin Franklin's "Kona Winds" or the sweeping orchestration and harmonica solos of John Barry's classic theme from "Midnight Cowboy".
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Played by: Kenneth bager
Tuesday Maybe
 in stock $9.74
Cat: ANJCD 054. Rel: 19 Jun 17
Euro Dance/Pop Dance
  1. Running Away (feat Eli & Fur)
  2. Set My Mind
  3. Oceans (feat Liu Bei)
  4. Lullaby Horizon
  5. The Call (feat Doe Paoro)
  6. Slam
  7. We Move In The Dark (feat Hendrik Burkhard)
  8. Diamond Dust
  9. A Sheltered Place
  10. Closer (feat Krister Linder)
  11. Tuesday Maybe
Out Of The Blue
 in stock $10.02
Cat: LENGCD 012. Rel: 07 Jun 17
  1. The Cactus Rose Project - "Jelly"
  2. Leston Paul - "Santa Cruz"
  3. Dancing Fantasy - "Voodoo Jammin'" (Eros mix)
  4. Bandolero - "Reves Noirs" (instrumental)
  5. Don Carlos - "Aqua" (part One)
  6. Language - "Tranquility Bass"
  7. Kamasutra - "Sugar Step"
  8. Moodswings - "The Jazz Man"
  9. Congarilla - "Sacred Tree"
  10. Red Sun - "Honey From The Baka"
  11. Coste Apetrea - "Hej Dar"
  12. Christoph Spendel Group - "Forever"
  13. Frank De Wulf - "The End"
  14. Cantoma - "Gambarra" (unreleased mix)
Review: Out of the Blue is arguably a more personal collection than many of Phil Mison's previous compilations. It was inspired by his first few trips to the White Isle of Ibiza, and specifically the unlikely set of circumstances that led to him filling in for the legendary Jose Padilla at the Cafe Del Mar. Musically, the track list is reflective of the story, joining the dots between impossible-to-find rarities (see the loved-up jazz-rock of "Jelly" by the Cactus Rose Project and the life-affirming fusion business of Christoph Spendel Group's "Forever"), huggable Balearic synth-pop, flamenco-inspired sunset gems and a smattering of head-in-the-clouds Italian dream house gems. Given Mison's heritage and status within the Balearic scene, it's little surprise to find that Out of the Blue is utterly brilliant.
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Also Sprach Zarathustra
 in stock $10.56
Cat: CDSTUMM 401. Rel: 17 Jul 17
  1. Vor Sonnen-Untergang
  2. Ein Untergang
  3. Die Unschuld I
  4. Ein Verkundiger
  5. Von Gipfel Zu Gipfel
  6. Das Gluck
  7. Das Nachtlied I
  8. Das Nachtlied II
  9. Die Unschuld II
  10. Als Geist
  11. Vor Sonnen-Aufgang
  12. Von Den Drei Verwandlungen
 in stock $16.52
Aquatic (CD)
Cat: YLCD 012. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Sunsation (feat Andy Anderson)
  2. Vanity Hees
  3. Preach On The Beach
  4. Some Bunny Out There
  5. Summer Night (feat Sanna Hartfield)
  6. Barracuda Staredown
  7. French Flies
  8. Vitamin Sea
  9. Bahamian Rhapsody
  10. Motion Of The Ocean
  11. Expectations (feat Sanna Hartfield)
  12. Breeze In, Breeze Out
Review: Belgian Professor Of Chill Sven Van Hees returns with his tenth studio album and the timing couldn't be better. Sun-kissed to the core with deep sedate feels coded into every element, once again he lays down a set that's sympathetic to pretty much any relaxed al fresco experience or pastime you have planned this summer. Crucially, though, he does this without losing momentum or a sense of groove and warmth. As deep and chilled as he gets, Van Hees maintains a focus and weight to ensure nothing washes over you. The gorgeously sultry dub soul of "Some Bunny Out There", the glacial twinkles and snake-like guitar line of "French Fries", the pipe-tickling mysticism of "Bahamian Rhapsody", the list goes on...
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 in stock $10.72
Dasein (CD in gatefold sleeve)
Cat: INTONECD 9. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Lets Jack
  2. Lear Jet
  3. Nuclear Cloud
  4. Do It Right Now
  5. New Lucifer/The Truth Is Bad
  6. Radioactive Water
  7. Invasion Pretext
  8. 20 Block Lockdown
  9. Sub/Antarctic/H20
Review: Cabaret Voltaire co-founder Richard H. Kirk, once one of electronic music's most prolific artists, has been surprisingly quiet of late. In fact, Daesin is his first album of new material since 2011. As you might expect, it's particularly obtuse, with the forthright experimentalist producing the kind of set worthy of the Cabs in their early '80s pomp. While there are moments of fleeting positivity - see the intergalactic industrial funk of "Do it Right Now", the shoegaze-goes-Italo throb of "Radioactive Water" and EBM onslaught "20 Block Lockdown" - for the most part the album is as formidably fuzzy, moody and foreboding. That means raw, heavy, effects-laden guitar textures, trippy electronics, steel-clad drum machine beats and, for the first time in a decade, Kirk's gnarled vocals.
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Opera Sauvage (Soundtrack) (remastered)
 in stock $4.66
Cat: 478940 4. Rel: 01 May 17
  1. Hymne
  2. Reve
  3. L'enfant
  4. Mouettes
  5. Chromatique
  6. Irlande
  7. Flamants Roses
Music Gallery Detroit Four
 in stock $13.81
Cat: MG 001. Rel: 10 Jul 17
Deep House
  1. Music Gallery Detroit Four (May 27, 2016 314 E Baltimore Detroit, MI)
Review: In the Motor City, Theo Parrish's annual Music Gallery party has become the stuff of legend. Each event features Parrish and a rotating cast of Sound Signature related DJs, with the usual raucous response sometimes causing issues with the authorities (2015's event was shut down by the police). This 80-minute live recording was captured at the 2016 event, which took place at the end of May. It features Parrish and rising star Specter going back to back in their distinctive, redlined style, joining the dots between fuzzy house and techno, grubby low-slung disco, sweaty dancefloor soul and much more besides.
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Square One
 in stock $11.90
Cat: STS 308CD. Rel: 10 Jul 17
  1. On U
  2. Arthur
  3. 12 Volt
  4. K16 Del 1
  5. Steintongt
  6. Kappe Tre
  7. Arthur's Return
Review: Few have done more for Norwegian electronic music than scene founder Bjorn Torkse and second wave hero Prins Thomas. It's somewhat of a thrill, then, to see them join forces in the studio for Square One, an album that draws deeply on both producers' love of trippy dub effects, krautrock, exotic Eastern instrumentation and African-influenced percussion. Sticky, humid and skewed, the set contains a few club-ready moments, but for the most part sees the duo create percussive, off-kilter soundscapes that sit somewhere between the loose wonkiness of DJ Sotofett (himself heavily influenced by Torske) and the krautrock end of Prins Thomas's output. Unsurprisingly given the pair's combined talents, it's a very impressive album.
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The Journey Man (Deluxe Edition)
 in stock $13.54
The Journey Man (Deluxe Edition) (limited 3xCD + booklet)
Cat: METACD 012X. Rel: 19 Jun 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Horizons (feat Swindle)
  2. Prism
  3. Mountains (Farida's Song)
  4. Castaway
  5. The Mirrored River
  6. Goldie Vs Ulterior Motive - "I Adore You" (feat Natalie Williams)
  7. I Think Of You
  8. Truth (feat Jose James)
  9. Redemption
  10. Tu Viens Avec Moi?
  11. The Ballad Celeste
  12. This Is Not A Love Song
  13. The River Mirrored
  14. Triangle
  15. Tomorrow's Not Today
  16. Run Run Run
  17. Natalie's Truth (The Instra Suites)
  18. Horizon
  19. Mountains
  20. The Ballad Celeste
  21. Castaway
  22. Goldie Vs Ulterior Motive - "I Adore You"
  23. The Mirrored River
  24. Truth
  25. This Is Not A Love Song
  26. Tomorrow's Not Today
  27. Run Run Run
  28. Redemption
Review: The reviews for Goldie's first album in nearly 20 years have largely been positive, with some critics calling it a triumphant return to form. The Journey Man naturally features sweeping, classical instrumentation, but there's nothing as self-indulgent as the fare featured on 1998's patchy Saturnz Returnz. What's perhaps most impressive about the album, though, is the ease in which Goldie flits between different styles of drum & bass - dancefloor darkness, jungle revivalism, liquid funk, and so on - while working with a wide range of collaborators (Ulterior Motive, Swindle, Jose James, Natalie Williams, Terri Walker). This "deluxe" edition expands the set even further, stretching it out from two discs to three, via the addition of a CD of superb instrumental interpretations.
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Unofficial Edits Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes Sampler 3
 in stock $17.60
Cat: CIRCUIT T SAMPLER 3. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Barimbo
  2. You Owe Me
  3. Craft
  4. Jack Hi (reprise)
  5. The House Is Ours
  6. Never Danced Before
  7. Pass It
  8. Queen Africa
Too Slow To Disco Vol 3
 in stock $11.64
Cat: HDYARE 4. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Lee Ritenour - "Is It You?"
  2. Bob Welch - "Don't Let Me Fall"
  3. Pratt & McClain - "Whachersign" (extended version)
  4. The Cornelius Bumpus Quartet - "Inside You"
  5. David Gates - "Silky"
  6. Weldon Irvine - "I Love You"
  7. The Markley Band - "Fallin' In Love"
  8. Vapour Trails - "Do The Bossa Nova"
  9. The Fifth Avenue Band - "One Way Or Another"
  10. Mark Capanni - "I Believe In Miracles"
  11. Grateful Dead - "Shakedown Street"
  12. Dwight Druick - "Quand Tu Te Laisse Aller"
  13. Archie James Cavanaugh - "Take It Easy"
  14. Rob Mehl - "Taste & See"
  15. Larry Carlton - "Where Did You Come From"
  16. Jeremy Spencer Band - "Cool Breeze"
  17. Stars 'N' Bars - "Stars & Bars"
  18. Billy Mernit - "Special Delivery"
Played by: Kenneth bager
Trans Neptunian Objects
 in stock $10.29
Cat: AUXCD 011. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Sedna
  2. Dysnomia
  3. Eris
  4. Haumea
  5. Orcus
  6. Ixion
  7. Vanth
  8. Quaoar
Review: San Diego-based Brit James Clements has long been regarded as one of the ambient scene's most singular talents. While capable of creating blissfully melodious works, his albums under the ASC alias tend towards the darker and fuzzier end of drone. Trans-Neptuian Objects, his latest full-length excursion, manages to combine both of these approaches into one hugely atmospheric whole. Dark and moody soundscapes, where notes and chords seemingly stretch out to infinity and beyond while mutilated field recordings provide texture, are accompanied by pieces laden with melodic melancholia or, on rare occasions, poignant, picturesque beauty. As a result, highlights are plentiful, from the Pete Namlook style haziness of "Eris", to the floatation tank bliss of closer "Quaoar".
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Played by: Decka
Balearic 3
 in stock $10.82
Balearic 3 (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: BLRC 3CD. Rel: 19 Jun 17
  1. Cantoma - "Abando"
  2. The Madrigal - "Ride To The Moon"
  3. Fuga Ronto - "Daydreams"
  4. Shy Layers - "Black & White"
  5. Quinn Lamont Luke - "Primavera"
  6. Zee Erf - "Southern Freeez" (Mudd's mix For Emma)
  7. Hubbabubbaklubb - "Mopedbart" (Olefonken’s Autostrada Miks)
  8. Penelope Antena - "Tradewinds" (Cobby mix)
  9. Maajo - "Musa Paradisa"
  10. Hear & Now - "Hirundo"
  11. Nancy Noise - "Kaia"
  12. Tommy Awards - "Sessions II Untitled Track 1" (Balearic remix)
Review: It's that time of year when thoughts turn to lazy afternoons down the beach, early evenings sat watching White Isle sunsets and sticky nights of loved-up debauchery. In other words, it's the perfect time to dive into the latest volume in the consistet Balearic compilation series. There's naturally much to admire in the now-familiar Cafe Del Mar/Cafe Mambo style, from the horizontal, flute-laden samba shuffle of The Madrigal's "The Ride to the Moon" and Shay Lovers exceedingly drowsy "Black & White", to the warm chords and head-nodding beats of Steve Cobby's remix of "Tradewinds" by Penelope Antena, and tropical exuberance of Maajo's "Musa Paradisa". Best of all, though, is Mudd's impeccable "Mix for Emma" of Zee Erf's blissful cover of "Southern Freeez", which is one of the most stunning tracks you'll hear all year.
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Played by: Joe Morris
The Colundi Sequence Volume 2
 in stock $15.15
Cat: DUBCD 015. Rel: 19 Jun 17
  1. GBBVT1337082
  2. UK74R1513080
  3. UK74R1406070
  4. UK74R1514020
  5. UK74R1510029
  6. UK74R1512020
  7. UK74R1409107
  8. UK74R1407020
  9. GBBVT1337202
  10. UK74R1515050
  11. UK74R1514160
  12. UK74R1408124
  13. UK74R1408074
  14. UK74R1406060
  15. UK74R1409117
  16. UK74R1512040
Review: Given that Aleksi Perala has self-released a phenomenal amount of music based around "the Colundi Sequence" - a custom musical scale that boasts 127 frequencies chosen "via experimentation and philosophy" - it can be hard for newcomers to know where to start. We'd suggest this hand picked collection of project highlights, which is Perala's second such compilation. As you'd expect, it contains some seriously good electronica, IDM and ambient music, all with unfathomable titles. While largely positive and jaunty in tone, Perala finds space to include the ghostly, piano-fired bliss of "UKR74R1512020", the frankly chilling drone antics of "UK74R1407020" and the spaced-out techno paranoia of "GBBVT1337202".
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 in stock $8.65
Incidents (CD)
Cat: SFQCD 002. Rel: 03 Jul 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Entry
  2. A Civil Dose
  3. Fever
  4. Stand Up
  5. Do It For Me
  6. Disco Rebellion
  7. Shape Your Dreams
  8. Raid
  9. Master Of The Universe
  10. Ripple Effect
  11. Exit
Review: After recent releases on the Save Fabric album, Alola & Jack Trax, Mr.C has delved deep into his musical psyche to deliver an acid master-class that's influenced by Ska, Dub, Electro, Italo Disco, Acid House & Tech House, bringing his roots up to date with this massive modern production. Incidents is about things that can happen while clubbing. Down-tempo tracks Entry Search, A Civil Dose & Quick Exit will dub you out. Slightly quicker Acid Fever & Stand Up will completely groove you & dance tracks Do It For Me, Disco Rebellion, Shape Your Dreams, Raid, Ripple Effect & Master Of The Universe will make you dance like no-one's watching. Incidents is the complete electronic album that pulls all the punches, gives a nod to the past & yet has it's feet firmly embedded in the future. This is easily Mr.C's best solo work to date & essential listening.
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Hed Kandi Ibiza 2017
 in stock $12.45
Hed Kandi Ibiza 2017 (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: HEDK 158. Rel: 17 Jul 17
Funky/Club House
  1. Sigala & Ella Eyre - "Came Here For Love"
  2. Jax Jones - "You Don't Know Me" (feat RAYE)
  3. John Gibbons - "PYT (Pretty Young Things)"
  4. Martin Solveig - "Places" (feat Ina Wroldsen)
  5. Alex Ross - "Dreams" (feat Dakota & T-Pain)
  6. KATO & Sigala - "Show You Love" (feat Hailee Steinfeld)
  7. Bakermat - "Baby"
  8. Oliver Heldens - "Good Life" (feat Ida Corr)
  9. MK - "My Love 4 U" (feat A*M*E)
  10. Tobtok - "Rooftops (Aber)" (feat Sorana)
  11. Aeroplane & Purple Disco Machine - "Counting On Me" (feat Aloe Blacc)
  12. Disco Fries - "Born Ready" (feat Hope Murphy - Halogen radio edit)
  13. Bob Sinclair & Daddy's Groove - "Burning"
  14. Just Kiddin - "Fall For You"
  15. Kristine Blond - "Love Shy" (Sam Divine & CASSIMM remix)
  16. Sonny Fodera - "Always Gonna Be" (feat Alex Mills)
  17. Zash - "Sweet Harmony" (Anton Powers remix)
  18. The Aston Shuffle - "Pass You By"
  19. CID - "Together"
  20. Lika Morgan - "Feel The Same" (EDX dubai Skyline radio mix)
  21. Robin Schulz & David Guetta & Cheat Codes - "Shed A Light"
  22. Alex Mills - "Be Somebody"
  23. Le Youth - "Walk Away"
  24. The Magician & Julian Perretta - "Tied Up" (Balearic vocal dub)
  25. Thomas Jack & Jasmine Thompson - "Rise Up"
  26. Watermat - "Won't Stop" (feat Kelli-Leigh)
  27. Jack Wins - "I Used To Love You" (feat Francci Richard - Full vocal mix)
  28. Nora En Pure - "Waves"
  29. Lucas & Steve - "Calling On You" (feat Jake Reese)
  30. Michael Calfan - "Over Again"
  31. Sander Van Doorn & LVNDSCAPE - "Need To Feel Loved"
  32. YVE 48 - "Records" (feat HIER)
  33. Micky More & Andy Tee - "Say To Ya" (original mix)
  34. Disco Fries - "My World" (radio edit)
  35. Crazibiza, Frank Caro & Alemany - "Fresh" (Charles J remix)
  36. Antonio Giacca - "Soul Motion"
  37. Milk & Sugar - "Music Is Moving" (Nora En Pure remix edit)
  38. Ferdinand Weber - "Sun" (radio edit)
  39. A-Minor & Kokiri - "Energy" (feat DTale - radio edit)
  40. Kideko & George Kwali - "Crank It" (Apres remix)
Cloudy Tracks
 in stock $16.52
Cat: SV 12. Rel: 17 Jul 17
  1. Autumn Leaves
  2. Rustle Of Morning Stars
  3. Deep Road
  4. Smoke Spring
  5. Ozimye
  6. November Night
  7. Lumen
  8. Dry Breakfast
  9. Sleepy Vigil I
  10. Sleepy Vigil II
  11. Sleepy Vigil III
  12. White Rain
Review: For the latest spacey, tripped-out release on his Space of Variants label, Serget Barkalov has collected together some of his most rare and hard-to-find Mr Cloudy productions. As you'd expect, it's a master class in texture-laden dub techno, fuzzy ambient dub, and the kind of ultra-deep, ultra-spacious electronica that defies easy categorization. Highlights include the potent space dub of "Rustle of Morning Stars", the deep and hypnotic Motor City grooves of "Deep Road" and "Lumen", a slowly unfurling chunk of intoxicating techno deepness that reminded us of Orbital classic "Semi-Detached". Perhaps best of all, though, is the "Sleepy Vigil" trilogy of tracks, in which Barkalov slowly shifts focus throughout.
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Somewhere Between The Light
 in stock $9.48
Cat: NHS 312CD. Rel: 03 Jul 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Somewhere Between The Light (feat Child Of Chief)
  2. Side By Side (feat Thomas Oliver)
  3. Driftwood (feat Ed Thomas)
  4. Sun Goes Down
  5. Strut (feat Other Echoes)
  6. Red Velvet
  7. Nova
  8. Sanctuary
  9. Dreamweaver
  10. Pathways (feat Blake)
  11. Change Or Die (feat Brendan Reilly)
  12. Sepia (feat LSB)
  13. Our Nights
Listen To Your Heart
 in stock $10.56
Cat: DOGCD 07. Rel: 05 Jun 17
Deep House
  1. Over & Over
  2. Bring It Back
  3. Moons & Flowers
  4. The Hatch
  5. Shadows
  6. Matching Half
  7. Unchained
  8. If We Can Make It Here
  9. Almost Midnight
  10. Castle For Sale
  11. Up To Rise (LP mix)
  12. Head Over Heels
  13. Thermal Explorer
Review: Although they've delivered plenty of fine singles over the years, it's invariably Session Victim's albums that get us hot under the collar. This is primarily because it gives them a chance to showcase a wider range of grooves, tempos and instrumentations amongst the ear-pleasing dancefloor workouts. Their sunny disposition, noted sample-spotting ability and varied inspirations are all in evidence on the German duo's third full-length excursion. It's a deliciously evocative, enjoyable and mood enhancing affair that smilingly meanders between dreamy jazz-house bliss, Bossa-Balearic fusion, disco-sampling cheeriness, glistening slow jams, Afro-tinged deep house warmth and humid dub riddims (the impeccable "Castle For Sale"). In other words, it's another hugely enjoyable romp packed full of winning moments.
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Played by: Tufan Demir, 25 Places
Mura Masa
 in stock $10.56
Mura Masa (CD)
Cat: 576632 7. Rel: 17 Jul 17
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Messy Love
  2. Nuggets (feat Bonzai)
  3. Love$ick (feat A$AP Rocky)
  4. 1 Night (feat Charli XCX)
  5. All Around The World (feat Desiigner)
  6. Give Me The Ground
  7. What If I Go? (feat Bonzai)
  8. Firefly (feat NAO)
  9. Nothing Else! (feat Jamie Lidell)
  10. Helpline (feat Tom Tripp)
  11. Second 2 None (feat Christine & The Queens)
  12. Who Is It Gonna B (feat A K Paul)
  13. Blu (feat Damon Albarn)
Ote Maloya: The Birth Of Electric Maloya In La Reunion 1975-1986
 in stock $10.29
Cat: STRUT 151CD. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Cameleon - "La Rosee Si Feuilles Songes"
  2. Michou - "Maloya Ton Tisane"
  3. Jean Claude Viadere - "Moin La Pas Fait Tout Sel"
  4. Daniel Sandie - "Defoule 3e Age"
  5. Cormoran Group - "P'tit Femme Mon Gate"
  6. Marie Helen Et Ses Creol's - "Sega Le Sport"
  7. Francoise Guimbert - "Tantine Zaza"
  8. Vivi - "Toe Meme Maloya"
  9. Pierrot Vidot - "Commandeur"
  10. Herve Imare - "Mele-Mele Pas Toue P'tit Pierre"
  11. Groupe Dago - "Reveil Creole"
  12. Ti Fock - "Se Pi Bodie"
  13. Gaby Et Les Soul Men - "C'est Le Meme Cadence"
  14. Vivi - "Mi Bord' A Toe"
  15. Maxime Lahope - "Sous Pied D'Camelias"
  16. Gilberte - "Serre Serre Pas"
  17. Gaby Et Les Soul Men - "Oh Maloya"
  18. Herve Imare - "Mi Donne A Toue Grand Coeur"
  19. Carrousel - "Ote Maloya"
Space Energy & Light: Experimental Electronic & Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88
 in stock $12.45
Cat: SJRCD 392. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. JB Banfi - "Gang (For Rock Industry)"
  2. Michael Garrison - "To The Other Side Of The Sky"
  3. Iasos - "Lueena Coast"
  4. Carl Matthews - "As Above, So Below"
  5. Tim Blake - "Midnight"
  6. Stratis - "By Water"
  7. Laurie Spiegel - "Improvisation On A 'Concerto Generator'"
  8. Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company - "Ceres Motion"
  9. Michael Stearns - "In The Beginning"
  10. Beverly Glenn-Copeland - "Ever New"
  11. Richard Pinhas - "Sur Le Theme Des Bene Gesserit VII"
  12. Tod Dockstader - "Piece#1"
  13. Kevin Braheny - "Ancient Stars"
  14. Steven Halpern - "Starborn Suite"
Review: The latest compilation from the consistent Soul Jazz camp celebrates some of the far-sighted, space-obsessed pioneers of electronic music. It boasts not only cuts from synthesizer-doodlers of the '60s and '70s, but also "mid-'70s proto-new age gurus and 1980s, DIY-era guerilla artists. It's packed with thrilling curiosities and eccentric - but still fantastic sounding - tracks from artists that all but a handful of knowledgeable collectors have forgotten. While some may be familiar with Beverley Glenn-Copeland, few will have heard the musique concrete experiments of Tod Dockstader, the deep space synth-scapes of Tim Blake, or the ensemble antics of Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Group, the world's first all-synthesizer band, which was put together with the assistance of Robert Moog.
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Selectors 003
 in stock $13.81
Selectors 003 (unmixed CD)
Cat: DKMNTLSLCTRS 003CD. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Front 242 - "Don't Crash"
  2. The Force Dimension - "Algorythm" (Manipulating mix)
  3. Executive Slacks - "So Mote It Be"
  4. Martin Dupont - "The Light Goes Through My Mouth"
  5. A Thunder Orchestra - "Diabolical Gesture" (Marcel Dettmann edit)
  6. Twice A Man - "Happy Life"
  7. Cabaret Voltaire - "Low Cool" (Marcel Dettmann edit)
  8. Kaa Antilope - "Rise Up Helicopter, Like A Bird"
  9. Clan Of Xymox - "A Day"
  10. Ministry - "Same Old Madness"
  11. Fad Gadget - "Back To Nature"
Review: Following editions from Young Marco and Motor City Drum Ensemble, techno giant Dettmann steps up to curate the third instalment of Denkmantel's Selectors series. Digging deep into his proto-techno, EBM, industrial and avant garde synth pop roots, it's a side to Marcel we often imagine and can easily perceive but seldom hear. Highlights include the soaring day dream production and aesthetic of "Happy Life" by Twice A Man, the drone cadences and harmonies of Kaa Antilope's "Rise Up Helicopter" and the nutty still-future sweatiness of Ministry's "Same Old Madness".
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Heavenly Revisited
 in stock $15.15
Cat: KMSRRCD 002. Rel: 17 Jul 17
  1. Forces
  2. Savage & Beyond
  3. Into The Future
  4. Behold
  5. Bass Line
  6. Cry For The Future
  7. Banjo
  8. Oombah
  9. Human Bond
  10. World Of Deep
  11. Foundation
  12. Pump The Move
  13. One Nation
  14. Rock To The Beat
  15. Velocity Funk
  16. Uptempo
  17. Anongay
  18. Heavenly
  19. Feel The Mood
Cornell 5/8/77
 in stock $14.07
Cornell 5/8/77 (3xCD + booklet)
Cat: 008122 7942557. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. New Minglewood Blues
  2. Loser
  3. El Paso
  4. They Love Each Other
  5. Jack Straw
  6. Deal
  7. Lazy Lightning
  8. Supplication
  9. Brown-Eyed Women
  10. Mama Tried
  11. Row Jimmy
  12. Dancing In The Street
  13. Scarlett Begonias
  14. Fire On The Mountain
  15. Estimated Prophet
  16. St Stephen
  17. Not Fade Away
  18. St. Stephen
  19. Morning Dew
  20. On More Saturday Night
Fabriclive 93
 in stock $10.82
Fabriclive 93 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 186. Rel: 24 Jul 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Daphni - "Face To Face"
  2. Daphni - "Xing Tian"
  3. Daphni - "Carry On"
  4. Jamire Williams - "Futurism" (Daphni edit)
  5. Daphni - "Poly"
  6. Daphni - "Ten Thousand"
  7. Daphni - "Medellin"
  8. Daphni - "Hey Drum"
  9. Luther Davis Group - "You Can Be A Star" (Daphni edit)
  10. Daphni - "Try"
  11. Daphni - "Vikram"
  12. Pheeroan Ak Laff - "3 In 1" (Daphni edit)
  13. Daphni - "Listen Up"
  14. Daphni - "Tin"
  15. Daphni - "Moshi"
  16. Daphni - "Strange Bird"
  17. Container - "Dissolve" (Daphni edit)
  18. Daphni - "Joli Mai"
  19. Daphni - "Nocturne"
  20. Daphni - "So It Seems"
  21. Daphni - "Screaming Man Baby"
  22. Daphni - "Vs"
  23. Daphni - "The Truth"
  24. Daphni - "406.42 PPM"
  25. Daphni - "Always There"
  26. Daphni - "Fly Away"
  27. Daphni - "Life's What You Make It"
Review: Dan Snaith taps into an elite force of Fabric selectors such as Shackleton and Omar-S as he delivers a mix that comprises his own work. Over 23 originals and four edits, all of which previously unreleased, Dan takes us deep into his rawer, floor-focused eccentricities. Join him as he pops to angular acid house ("Try") swoons and hovers to twinkling bliss ("Moshi") and requests as jack our cheeky little faces off to the physical technoid chugs of "406.42 ppm". Climaxing with the blistering euphoria of the piano-slapping "Fly Away", this is Daphni at his most direct and daring. A future Fabric classic.
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Fabric 92
 in stock $10.02
Fabric 92 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 183. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Beatrice Dillon & Rupert Clervaux - "The Same River Twice"
  2. M:I:5 - "Masstab 1:5/11"
  3. Jan Jelinek - "Tendency"
  4. Dresvn - "Untitled B1"
  5. Objekt - "The Stitch-Up"
  6. Two Full Minds - "No Smoke"
  7. Photek - "T'Raenon"
  8. Don't DJ - "Pornoire"
  9. Flanger - "Spinner"
  10. Carl Craig - "A Wonderful Life" (Epic mix)
  11. Call Super - "Acephale I"
  12. Call Super - "Acephale II"
  13. Marco Bernardi - "Demonia"
  14. Jega - "ZX82"
  15. Shanti Celeste - "Strung Up"
  16. Bitstream - "Incubator"
  17. Bruce - "Sweat"
  18. Convextion - "Niche"
  19. Karen Gwyer - "Hippie Fracca"
  20. Thomas Ankersmit & Valerio Tricoli - "Plague #7"
  21. Walter Brown - "Keep On Walkin'"
  22. Yves Tumor - "The Feeling When You Walk Away"
  23. Max Loderbauer - "Giant Hug"
  24. Speng Bond - "Cutbacks"
Review: Soon, Fabric's impeccable mix series will reach its 100th installment - an impressive achievement in anyone's book. This 92nd volume comes from rising star Call Super, who joins the dots between all manner of tasty house and techno treats - some left-of-centre and quirky, others simply wonky and picturesque - over the course of 80 hugely entertaining minutes. According to the producer, it's designed for the break of dawn, rather than peak-time, a fact reflected in the presence of dreamy, loose, fuzzy and melodious tracks from the likes of Carl Craig, Speng Bond, Max Loderbauer, Shanti Celeste and Dresvn.
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DMC Pro Latino 102: June 2017 (Strictly DJ Only)
 in stock $10.29
Cat: DMCPL 102. Rel: 10 Jul 17
  1. Alessio Bernabei - "Non E Il Sudamerica"
  2. Alex Britti - "Stringimi Forte Amore"
  3. Briga - "Nel Male E Nel Bere"
  4. Enrique Iglesias - "Subeme La Radio" (feat Descemer Bueno & Zion & Lennox - Paolo Ortelli remix)
  5. Ermal Meta - "Ragazza Paradiso"
  6. Fabio Rovazzi - "Volare" (feat Gianni Morandi)
  7. Gaia - "Fotogramas"
  8. Gianluca Grignani - "Aida"
  9. Jake La Furia - "El Party" (feat Alessio La Profunda Melodia)
  10. Jenn Morel - "Ponteme" (Sak Noel remix)
  11. Juanes - "El Ratico" (feat Kali Uchis)
  12. Judy Santos - "Secreto"
  13. Marco Mengoni - "Onde"
  14. Max Pezzali - "Le Canzoni Alla Radio" (feat Nile Rogers)
  15. Moda - "Forse Non Lo Sai"
  16. Morat & Alvaro Soler - "Yo Contigo, Tu Conmigo (The Gong Gong Song)"
  17. Nina Zilli - "Mi Hai Fatto Fare Tardi"
  18. Ricky Martin - "Vente Pa Ca" (feat Maluma - Eliot El Mago DOz Urban remix)
  19. Roshelle - "Body Adi"
  20. Roy Paci & Aretuska - "Tira"
  21. Shade - "Bene Ma Non Benissimo"
  22. Sigala & Ella Eyre - "Came Here For Love"
  23. Takagi & Ketra - "L'esercito Del Selfie" (feat Lorenzo Fragola & Arisa)
  24. Victor Manuelle - "Haste Que Me La Gana"
  25. DJ Ivan Santana - "Pro Latino Hits 102 Mix"
  26. Antonio Jose & Cali & El Dandee - "Tu Me Obligaste"
  27. Becky G - "Todo Cambio" (feat Justin Quiles - remix)
  28. Chris Jeday - "Ahora Dice" (feat J Balvin, Ozuna & Arcangel)
  29. CNCO - "Hey DJ"
  30. CNCO - "Reggaeton Lento (Bailemos)" (feat Zion & Lennox - remix)
  31. Daddy Yankee - "Hula Hoop"
  32. Daddy Yankee - "La Rompe Corazones" (feat Ozuna)
  33. Enrique Iglesias - "Subeme La Radio" (feat Descemer Bueno & Zion & Lennox - Robbie Rivera Juicy mix)
  34. Happy Colours - "Chevere" (feat Magic Juan)
  35. IAMCHINO - "Amor" (feat Chacal & Wisin)
  36. Karol G - "A Ella"
  37. Kevin Roldan - "Na Na Na"
  38. Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee - "Despacito" (Pop version)
  39. Maluma - "Felices Los 4"
  40. Nacho - "Bailame"
  41. Natalia LaFourcade - "Tu Si Sabes Quererme" (feat Los Macorinos)
  42. Reykon - "Dejame Te Explico"
  43. Zion & Lennox - "Mi Tesoro" (feat Nicky Jam)
Split Decision Band
 in stock $11.90
Cat: NA 5140CD. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Say Woman (3:18)
  2. Watching Out (3:24)
  3. Night Dancer (3:47)
  4. Dazed (4:24)
  5. Crystal Powder (3:57)
  6. My Love Just For You (4:10)
  7. Seeking (3:08)
  8. Shoot Your World (3:44)
  9. You're The One (3:25)
  10. Split Decision Band Wants You To Groove (3:44)
  11. Split Decision Band Groove (3:56)
Review: Many funk and soul collectors have long hankered after Split Decision Band's soul 7" single, 1978's scorching - and notoriously hard-to-find - double A-side, "Watching Out"/"Dazed". It was always assumed that the Gordon Starr-helmed band made no other recordings. Happily, enquiries from Now-Again Records owner Egon resulted in Starr handing over the master tapes to this previously unreleased album. It's a superb set, all told, with highlights including the soaring disco-funk brilliance of "Night Dancer", the sugar-sweet soul of "Crystal Powder", the synth-laden passion of "You're The One" and the low-slung, jazz-funk inspired grooves of "Split Decision Band Wants You To Groove". Throw in both "Watching Out" and "Dazed", and you have one of the strongest funk, soul and disco albums you're likely to hear all year.
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 in stock $11.37
Gorthleck (limited hand-numbered CD)
Cat: C56CD 020. Rel: 25 Jul 16
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Dogwood (5:46)
  2. Enos (6:15)
  3. Errogie (5:09)
  4. Alrick (2:24)
  5. Gorthleck (part 1) (1:28)
  6. Mhor (9:02)
  7. Mr Coats (7:18)
  8. Nether (6:46)
  9. Gorthleck (part 2) (2:12)
Review: For the recording sessions for Gorthleck, long-running collaborators Paul 'Mudd' Murphy and Ben Smith set up a small studio in a loch-side house in the Scottish highlands. The dramatic scenery and ever-changing weather patterns seem to have proved inspirational, because the album is arguably the downtempo duo's strongest to date. Variously influenced by kosmiche, Balearica, neo-folk, ambient, Tangerine Dream and movie soundtracks, the album's nine tracks meander along impressively, subtly shifting shape whilst winding their way into your subconscious. It's a beautiful set from start to finish, rich with hazy musicality and mood-enhancing moments, and comes highly recommended.
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Pure Comedy
 in stock $7.31
Pure Comedy (CD + 24 page booklet)
Cat: BELLA 628CD. Rel: 10 Apr 17
  1. Pure Comedy
  2. Total Entertainment Forever
  3. Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution
  4. Ballad Of The Dying Man
  5. Birdie
  6. Leaving LA
  7. A Bigger Paper Bag
  8. When The God Of Love Returns There'll Be Hell To Pay
  9. Smoochie
  10. Two Wildly Different Perspectives
  11. The Memo
  12. So I'm Growing Old On Magic Mountain
  13. In Twenty Years Or So
Every Valley
 in stock $9.74
Cat: PIASR 970CDX. Rel: 10 Jul 17
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. Every Valley
  2. The Pit
  3. People Will Always Need Coal
  4. Progress (feat Tracyanne Campbell)
  5. Go To The Road
  6. All Out
  7. Turn No More (feat James Dean Bradfield)
  8. They Gave Me A Lamp (feat Haiku Salut)
  9. You + Me (feat Lisa Jen Brown)
  10. Mother Of The Village
  11. Take Me Home
Review: Once again using an ambitious conceptual framework to house a record which draws on historical texts and multimedia sources alongside their widescreen melange of post-rock, prog, dance and ambient stylings, 'Every Valley' deals with the Welsh mining industry and its trials and travails in the last half of the twentieth century. A project as mighty as the industry it chronicles, it resonates with emotive heft and atmospheric power whilst being careful not to overly romanticise its subject matter - this is fundamentally a deeply melancholic album, chronicling the slow demise of a way of life with spirit, clarity and sensitivity, not to mention musical invention.
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Island People
 in stock $14.62
Cat: RM 174. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Ember
  2. Colour District
  3. Vultures & Doves
  4. Thought I Knew You
  5. From The Sky
  6. Cogs
  7. Breathing Spell
  8. Kindling
  9. Sonde
  10. Song For The Sea
  11. Shadows & I
  12. Waterway
  13. Vogelsang
  14. Distance 7
 in stock $10.56
Raskit (CD)
Cat: STANK 003CD. Rel: 24 Jul 17
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Focus
  2. Wot U Gonna Do
  3. Space
  4. I Ain't Even Gonna Lie
  5. The Other Side
  6. Make It Last
  7. Ghost
  8. Business Man
  9. Bop N' Keep It Dippin
  10. She Knows What She Wants
  11. Dummy
  12. Everything Must Go
  13. Slow Your Roll
  14. Sick A Dis
  15. The Way I Am
  16. Man Of The Hour
Review: It's the Dizzee album many of us have been waiting over 10 years for. Forthright, heavy, inventive and barbed with incisive observations and wry humour. Don't expect many big sing-alongs, don't come crying for big pop cameos, Dizzee has returned to his outpost in 'da corner' and honed some of the most provocative tracks of his career. Highlights include the orchestral theatrics of "I Ain't Gonna Lie", the flute-snapping "Ghost" and the pure venom of "Sick A Dis". The futuristic, bass-heavy beats carved by the likes of Valentino Khan, Cardo and Paul Salva ensure Dizzee rides in style.
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 in stock $10.56
Blueprint (2xCD)
Cat: FLASHOVERCD 05. Rel: 26 Jun 17
Uplifting Trance
  1. Reception
  2. Blueprint
  3. Your Face (feat Eric Lumiere)
  4. Venera (Vee's Theme) (with Gouryella)
  5. Something To Believe In (feat Eric Lumiere)
  6. Waiting (feat Niels Geusebroek)
  7. Here We Are (feat Haliene)
  8. Edge Of The Sky (feat Haliene)
  9. A World Beyond
  10. Trust
  11. Lonely Inside
  12. Piece Of You (feat Haliene)
  13. Wherever You Are (feat Haliene)
  14. Drum's A Weapon
  15. Reanimate (feat Clairity)
  16. Another Sunrise (feat Eric Lumiere & Haliene)
  17. Eternity
Cigarettes After Sex
 in stock $9.74
Cat: PTKF 21462. Rel: 12 Jun 17
  1. K
  2. Each Time You Fall In Love
  3. Sunsetz
  4. Apocalypse
  5. Flash
  6. Sweet
  7. Opera House
  8. Truly
  9. John Wayne
  10. Young & Dumb
Review: The last ten years have seen no shortage of bands with their delay pedals set to stun intent on capturing an aura of dreamlike radiance. Yet Texas 'pop-noir' troupe Cigarettes After Sex are no ordinary shoegazers, for a variety of reasons - frontman Greg Gonzalez' androgynous and dulcet tones may be part of the appeal, yet moreover it's the quality of the songwriting here, which never falls prey to the style-over-substance traps of their peers. Indeed, this debut is more than enough to justify the considerable hype around this outfit, being a collection of ditties as sultry as they are atmopsheric.
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Run The Jewels 2
 in stock $8.93
Run The Jewels 2 (CD + poster + sticker)
Cat: MSAP 0005. Rel: 03 Nov 14
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Jeopardy
  2. Oh My Darling Don't Cry
  3. Blockbuster Night (part 1)
  4. Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (feat Zazk De La Rocha)
  5. All My Life
  6. Lie, Cheat, Steal
  7. Early (feat Boots)
  8. All Due Respect (feat Travis Barker)
  9. Love Again (Akinyele Back)
  10. Crown (feat Diane Coffee)
  11. Angel Duster
Dub Affairs Vol 1 (reissue)
 in stock $7.85
Dub Affairs Vol 1 (reissue) (hand-numbered unmixed CD limited to 100 copies)
Cat: ROHS!TP 01. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Biodub - "ADJB"
  2. Desove - "Countermeasure Dub"
  3. Hemisphere Dub - "Oblige Au Silence"
  4. Hieronymus - "Lightyear"
  5. Hieronymus - "Talk Mirror Dub"
  6. Subset - "Rivers Of Dub"
  7. Upwellings - "Satta Down Dub"
  8. Xoki - "Whistleblower"
  9. Zzzzra - "Bulles Et Filaments"
Global Underground: Adapt
 in stock $10.56
Cat: 019029 6952005. Rel: 03 Jul 17
Progressive House
  1. Superpitcher - "Snow Blind"
  2. Lusine - "Ticking Hands" (feat Sarah McIlwain)
  3. Lake People - "Pull Off"
  4. Fjaak - "Spnd Ballett"
  5. Tuff City Kids - "Boilered"
  6. Ghost Culture - "Coma"
  7. Marius Lehnert & Arno Mueller - "Typee"
  8. JOBE - "The Other Side"
  9. T Raumschmiere - "Wacker"
  10. Phil Martyn - "Come On" (Quivver remix)
  11. IDQ - "Easy Times"
  12. Reinhard Voigt - "Husky" (Terranova mix)
  13. Aaryon - "Iridium"
  14. Township Rebellion - "Aphrodite"
  15. Luke Santos & Marcelo Vasami - "Mesmerizing"
  16. Adz - "Supernova"
  17. Citizenn - "Story So Far" (Harvard Bass remix)
  18. Brussels Pony Club - "Dirt"
  19. Yousef - "Pleasure Defined" (feat Erica Thompson - ESS remix)
  20. Julian Wassermann - "Trinity"
  21. MOHN - "Hoover"
  22. John Kimata - "Two Billion Light Years Of Silence"
  23. Max Cooper - "Distant Light"
  24. Gregor Tresher - "Quiet Distortion" (Nicole Moudaber remix)
  25. Solarc - "Kaleidoscope"
  26. Pablo Bolivar - "Dahnser"
  27. RUFUS - "Innerbloom" (HOSH remix)
  28. Sasha - "Out Of Time" (feat Polica - Patrice Baumel remix)
  29. Sasha - "Out Of Time"
  30. Christian Loffler - "Haul" (feat Mohna)
 in stock $13.27
Himuro (CD)
Cat: ICEBERG 3. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Hyozan (Iceberg)
  2. Ryuhyo (Drift Ice)
  3. Hyokai (Icy Waters)
  4. Hisame (Frozen Rain)
  5. Hyosetsu (Ice & Snow)
  6. Himuro (Ice House)
Dance Of Magic & Dark Of Light
 in stock $6.49
Cat: CSS 006. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Dance Of Magic
  2. Morning Change
  3. Blue
  4. Give The Drummer Some
  5. Dark Of Light
  6. Butterfly Dreams
  7. Laughter
  8. Black Lightnin
  9. Twilight Zone
  10. Song For Rosa
Back In The DHSS
 in stock $11.37
Cat: PROBE 004CD. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Busy Little Market Town
  2. God Gave Us Life
  3. Fuckin' 'Ell It's Fred Titmus
  4. Sealclubbing
  5. 99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd
  6. Time Flies By (When You're The Driver Of A Train)
  7. I Hate Nerys Hughes
  8. Len Ganley Stance
  9. Venus In Flares
  10. I Love You Because (You Look Like Jim Reeves)
  11. Reflections In A Flat
  12. I Left My Heart In Papworth General
  13. The Trumpton Riots
  14. Architecture & Morality Ted & Alice
  15. 1966 & All That
  16. Albert Hammond Bootleg
  17. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit
The 1980 Floorshow
 in stock $10.56
The 1980 Floorshow (unmixed CD)
Cat: GOSS 028. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. David Bowie - "1984/Dodo"
  2. David Bowie - "Sorrow"
  3. Carmen - "Bulerias"
  4. David Bowie - "Everything's Alright"
  5. David Bowie - "Space Oddity"
  6. David Bowie - "1984"
  7. David Bowie - "I Can't Explain"
  8. Marianne Faithfull - "As Tears Go By"
  9. David Bowie - "Time"
  10. The Troggs - "Wild Thing"
  11. Carmen - "Bullfight"
  12. David Bowie - "The Jean Genie"
  13. Marianne Faithfull - "20th Century Blues"
  14. The Troggs - "I Can't Control Myself"
  15. The Troggs - "Strange Movies"
  16. David Bowie & Marianne Faithfull - "I Got You Babe"
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