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 in stock $9.56
Tropical (7" + sticker)
Cat: 196645 1. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Tropical
  2. Problems
Played by: Manu•Archeo
2hp 3:1 Voltage Controlled Gate Switch Module
 1 in stock $74.20
Cat: 635857 Rel: 02 Jan 17
Voltage controlled switch module
Notes: 3:1 is a voltage controlled switch. It allows the user to send one of three input signals to a single output.

Control over the active input allows the user to craft unique rhythmic events from existing gates and clocks within a patch. The module can also function as a gate summer allowing for the creation of polyrhythms from multiple inputs.
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2hp Mult 2 Input 6 Output Signal Splitter Module
 3 in stock $32.05
Cat: 635861 Rel: 02 Jan 17
Signal splitter module
Notes: Mult is a 2 input, 6 output signal splitter. Channel 1 is normalled to channel 2 when no cable is present, allowing the user to split an input signal six ways, or two input signals with three outputs each.
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2hp Nse White Noise Generator Module
 1 in stock $133.81
Cat: 620662 Rel: 15 Aug 16
White noise generator synth module in Eurorack format - 2HP
Notes: Nse is a white noise generator. The sample rate of the noise can be adjusted allowing for a wide range of sounds all the way from white noise to aliased, low frequency rumble.

In addition to its normal operation, VCA mode is accessible where enveloped noise bursts are emitted upon receiving a trigger signal. This facilitates the quick and easy creation of hi hat, snare, and percussion sounds.

Whether you're looking for a traditional noise source, or a quick way to generate drum sounds, Nse offers a powerful, high quality solution.


Max Power Consumption: 35 mA +12V, 16 mA -12V

Depth: 34 mm (skiff friendly)

Width: 2hp
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2hp Env Envelope Generator Module
 1 in stock $150.66
Cat: 620659 Rel: 15 Aug 16
Envelope generator synth module in Eurorack format - 2HP wide
Notes: Envelope generator with linear and exponential shapes. CV over decay time and end of attack gate output.


Max Power Consumption: 43 mA +12V, 16 mA -12V

Depth: 34 mm (skiff friendly)

Width: 2hp
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2hp Trim 2 Channel Passive Attenuator Module
 2 in stock $38.22
Cat: 635863 Rel: 02 Jan 17
2 channel passive attenuator
Notes: Trim is a 2 channel passive attenuator. It features two individual channels of attenuation.
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The X Files (remastered)
 in stock $17.71
Cat: 4W 220. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Dema (9:43)
  2. Farpoint (5:42)
  3. Phatima (6:20)
  4. The Neutral Zone (4:04)
  5. (Return To) Farpoint (7:33)
  6. Dominion (6:42)
  7. Quahya (2:18)
See You Soon
 in stock $11.23
Cat: 50WEAPONS 044. Rel: 09 Nov 15
  1. Bambounou - "See You Soon" (10:11)
  2. Margaret Dygas - "Popular Religions" (9:08)
 in stock $12.09
August (12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: 777 12. Rel: 26 Jun 17
Deep House
  1. Between (10:49)
  2. Pitch 175 (4:47)
  3. Evening Walk (6:56)
  4. Radzo (3:22)
  5. August (5:10)
Yrs Ago
 in stock $8.15
Yrs Ago (12")
Cat: PMAWS 010. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. Yrs Ago (6:50)
  2. Animus (4:59)
Review: Callum "Paleman" Lee is one of Swamp 81's most decorated artists, having released a string of well-regarded 12" singles for the hyped, bass-obsessed imprint. Yrs Ago is his third EP for the label's 81 offshoot, and sees him joining the dots between techno, post-dubstep bass music, and angular electronica. The title track sets the tone, with robotic voices, creepy electronics and smooth sub-bass riding a metallic, broken techno groove. Flipside "Animus" is a marginally more melodic affair, with spacey chords and bubbling arpeggio lines riding a punchy electro rhythm. Both tracks are naturally rather heavy, and undoubtedly amongst the producer's strongest work to date.
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I Declare Nothing
 in stock $17.43
I Declare Nothing (gatefold LP)
Cat: AUK 120LP. Rel: 29 Jun 15
  1. Wehmut (3:59)
  2. Cocaine Cat (4:06)
  3. Peace Defrost (4:02)
  4. German Tangerine (4:13)
  5. Gone (2:49)
  6. October 2nd (4:14)
  7. Mama (3:45)
  8. Voyage De L'Ame (4:13)
  9. Meliorist (3:10)
  10. Friendlies (4:35)
Review: Nothing if not reliable in terms of both the prolific nature of his output and its quality, maverick Berlin-based satyr Anton Newcombe has mapped out a back catalogue of gloriously lackadaisical '60s-fixated psychedelic pop that transcends his original genius-or-madman mythos. Yet this new collaboration with London-dwelling Canadian songwriter Tess Parks marries his trademark heavy-lidded atmosphere and outlaw cool with fresh inspiration and potent delivery from his new foil. Parks' acidic drawl elevates these late-night serenades to new heights of decadence and intrigue, arriving at a sound somewhat akin to a vision of Mazzy Star in Hell. A welcome curveball from a master of the psych-rock art and a compelling new talent.
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Recompiled I/II
 in stock $23.89
Recompiled I/II (2xLP + insert) (1 per customer)
Cat: ATON 02LP. Rel: 28 Aug 17
  1. Isolate (2:12)
  2. F3 (6:45)
  3. F4 (5:11)
  4. Intro (Variance) (1:40)
  5. Reykjavik (6:46)
  6. Live Ambient Extraction 1993 (4:29)
  7. Against The Wall (edit) (4:58)
  8. Disaffected (7:37)
  9. Untitled (7:54)
  10. Incubation (live version) (6:34)
  11. Golden Dawn (feat Stefanie Parnow - version) (1:48)
  12. Falling The Same Way (Function mix) (4:22)
  13. Principles (5:23)
Find My Way
 in stock $8.43
Cat: AM 005. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. Find My Way
  2. Find My Way (Marius Circus disco dub)
Review: Deep Balearica beckons as Almunia conjures a spell-binding fusion of guitars and studio effects. Imagine Andrew Weatherall producing Simon and Garfunkel. The soundtrack to the perfect sunset, this gradually builds with the most genuine euphoria that could possibly be mustered in a studio. For a proper dancefloor jolt, jump on Marius Circus's dub... Armed with a pumping 4/4, mild acid squirts and heavy dub effects on the guitar, it's the soundtrack to the perfect night that follows the perfect sunset. Make sure this finds its way to your collection.
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Electric Cats
 in stock $32.60
Electric Cats (limited hand-numbered black & red marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: AR 20. Rel: 04 Sep 17
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Return Of The Platypus (Based On The Idea Of An Orchestra Of Spheres) (4:53)
  2. Afghani (6:42)
  3. Electric Cats (9:05)
  4. A Trip To Gurustan (8:50)
  5. Drumoroto 2 (4:53)
  6. Sweep Orbit (8:05)
Psychedelic Woman
 in stock $8.71
Psychedelic Woman (limited 7")
Cat: AFRO 4508. Rel: 09 Nov 15
  1. Honny & The Bees - "Pschedelic Woman" (4:29)
  2. Gyedublay Ambolley & The Steneboofs - "Simigwado" (4:36)
Review: Mr Bongo come through with two pounding slabs of Ghanaian magic from 1973. Up top Honny & The Bees live up to their sweet name on "Psychedelic Woman," a hypnotic, insistent mid-tempo bell-bashing, string twanging nodder that really arrests when the big harmonic chorus heaves in. Complementing this, Gyedublay Ambolley & The Steneboofs offer "Simigwado" which will appeal to all break diggers; powerful JB-level horn heaven, it's concentrated funk of the highest order.
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Do The Smasher
 in stock $8.98
Do The Smasher (7" in silk-screened sleeve)
Cat: AFR 7702. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Do The Smasher (2:26)
  2. Love You Didn't Want (2:34)
Review: Afro7 Records once again come through with a bit of new funk for fans of labels like Mukatsuku. Tanya Ria is a newcomer on paper, but if "Do The Smasher" is anything to go by, we can safely regard her as being a total pro - funkiness and vibrations running knee deep on this heavy floor destroyer. The flip of this 7" is a little more soulful thanks to the wailing vocals on "Love You Didn't Want", but we're still very much in GET DOWN territory here...
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Light Of The World
 in stock $8.43
Cat: ERR 72. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Light Of The World (3:06)
  2. Dub World (2:59)
 in stock $18.27
Aeons (LP)
Cat: ZORN 17. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Hermits
  2. Spaceship
  3. Panagea
  4. Immortality
Rain Forest Music
 in stock $24.46
Rain Forest Music (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: ZORN 047LP. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Rain Forest Music: Floating Rain/Alone, By Myself/Child Is Father Of The Man/Song Of The Birds/Dance In The Meadow/Raindrop Fantasy (22:03)
  2. Visions During Movement (20:47)
Review: Texan JD Emmanuel claims that his music is designed 'to enhance deep meditative, or altered states, to allow the listener to personally connect to the creator of all that exists in the Universe.' Alrighty then JD, just tell us when the spaceship lands! Rain Forest Music was originally released in 1981 but still stands the test of time. This version of the album was the same as the LP, which used local rainfall and birds from the Houston Zoo. Emmanuel utilised Continuous Tape Looping, a technique borrowed from Terry Riley, Robert Fripp and Brian Eno. He apparently used two reel-to-reel tape decks placed about a foot apart and set at different distances to control the loop timing and all the while, adding and fading out new music. He used the Crumar Organ as the only instrument and some different riffs and themes as it developed. Amazing stuff right here and highly recommended for those chasing up some classic ambient works.
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Played by: J. Haller
Ulau Tau
 in stock $18.27
Ulau Tau (LP)
Cat: ZORN 31. Rel: 12 Aug 13
  1. Ulau Tau
  2. Spirit Of Sun
Pass Hidingly Seek
 in stock $18.27
Cat: ZORN 33. Rel: 12 Aug 13
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
 in stock $18.27
Cat: ZORN 30. Rel: 18 Mar 13
  1. Prosper With Integrity (Motivational Holography Suite)
  2. Clubmed Vortex
  3. Pyramid Power: End Titles
  4. Pathways To Clear
  5. Dream Swim
  6. Corporate Lotus
  7. 12th Dimensional Light Shield (Earth Plane Frequence Hub)
  8. Memory Gate
  9. Hacking The Akasha
  10. Utopia 3 0
Played by: Elenacolombi
My Favourite Fairytale
 in stock $25.30
My Favourite Fairytale (2xLP + insert)
Cat: ZORN 10. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Neverending Waves
  2. Glacial Meltwater
  3. Run, Rabbit, Run
  4. Computer - Human Interface
  5. White Lillies Lit The Way
  6. Looming Like A Submarine
  7. For Life In Space Is No Picnic
  8. Silently Circling Like Swarms Of Small Moons
  9. You Are My Rainbow
  10. Send Me To Pluto Please
  11. Nectar Stop
AIAIAI C09 TMA2 Replacement Coiled Cable (1.5m, yellow)
 1 in stock $24.71
Cat: 603098 Rel: 29 Feb 16
Replacement yellow coiled cable for TMA2 modular headphones
Notes: Coiled yellow 1.5m Thermo plastic cable, soft touch surface and can extend to 3.2m, perfect for Djing or small studio usage - comes with 1/4 to 1/8 screw on adaptor.
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AIAIAI TMA2 Modular C05 Cable (1.2m straight)
 1 in stock $23.09
Cat: 577630 Rel: 15 Jun 15
Straight, short cable part for AIAIAI TMA2 modular headphone system, ideal for a small workstation
Notes: C05 Cable - Short 1.2 meter straight Thermo plastic cable, soft touch surface and perfect for small workstation.

Short, straight, black 1.2m thermo plastic cable with soft touch surface. Perfect for the small workstation when simplicity is key.
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AJH Synth Ring SM Ring Mod Sub Bass Mixer Module (silver)
 1 in stock $275.48
Cat: 625077 Rel: 26 Sep 16
AJH synth ring sm ring mod sub bass mixer module
AJH Synth Mini Mod VCF Transistor Ladder Filter Module (silver)
 1 in stock $219.26
Cat: 625059 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod VCF Transistor Ladder Filter Module
AJH Synth Mini Mod VCF Transistor Ladder Filter Module (black)
 1 in stock $236.13
Cat: 625060 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod VCF Transistor Ladder Filter Module
AJH Synth Mini Mod Glide + Noise Module (black)
 2 in stock $185.53
Cat: 625074 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod Glide + Noise Module
Akai APC Key 25 Ableton Live Keyboard Controller With Ableton Live Lite Software (B-STOCK)
 1 in stock $76.46
Cat: 604268 Rel: 18 Aug 14
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

In 2009, Akai Professional collaborated with the creators of Ableton Live, a powerful music performance and production software environment, and introduced the original Ableton Performance ControlleriAPC40. The instrument raised the standards of controller design, revolutionized hardware and software integration, and proved to be an essential performance tool for Ableton Live users everywhere. Now, after incorporating five years of user feedback into their development, Akai Professional builds upon this original partnership by introducing three new APCs - APC40 mkII, APC Key 25, and APC mini.

Designed for the performing musician or the conventional composer, APC Key 25 is the first Ableton Live controller from Akai Professional that is equipped with a high-performance keyboard. Uniting the power of a clip-launching panel with a keyboard interface, APC Key 25 couples real-time control of Ableton Live with traditional composition tools: create melodies, compose bass lines, and play chords with 25 synth-action mini keys. Plus, dedicated buttons for Octave Up, Octave Down, and Sustain expand the expressive capabilities of the keyboard, enabling you to tap into the full melodic range and perform with classic piano-style sustain.

APC Key 25 features a 5x8 multicolor clip-launching grid that's built for dexterous exploration: launch clips and create or perform your song from the ground up using 40 responsive triggers. Tri-color lighting provides visual feedback and displays three clip statuses - loaded, playing, and recording - so you can intelligently perform without looking at your computer. Plus, you can use the Shift button and directional arrows to manipulate the scope of the 5x8 grid.

APC Key 25 comes equipped with eight control knobs that are laid out next to the clip-launching grid for easy tweaking. Users can change knob functionality with the dedicated buttons for volume, pan, sends, and device control: fade clips in and out of the mix; pan instruments to the left, right, or center; raise the level of reverb or other effects to create fluid transitions; open and close filters for lush sweeps; and much more. Additionally, each knob is completely assignable for flexible mixing and mapping options.

APC Key 25 comes pre-mapped to Live for an instant performance and production setup. When APC Key 25 is plugged into your computer, its hardware controls correspond 1 to 1 with Ableton Live's interface - no additional configuring is required. For APC veterans, all of APC Key 25's controls can be re-assigned on the fly for customized setups that change with your performance or production style. Plus, APC Key 25 can also be used as a general MIDI controller to manipulate other software applications such as virtual instruments, plugins, and DAWs.

For maximum portability, APC Key 25 is powered over USB and supports plug-and-play connectivity; no power adapter or drivers needed. APC Key 25 also offers a smaller footprint than its APC counterparts, enabling musicians to use APC Key 25 alongside effects controllers and other APCs.

APC Key 25 comes packed with a version of Ableton Live, two high-definition virtual synthesizers, and professional samples and loops for immediate out-of-the-box music creation. Ableton Live Lite enables musicians and producers to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise, and edit musical ideas in a fluid audio/MIDI environment. Hybrid 3, by AIR Music Tech, is a high-definition synthesizer for electronic musicians, DJs, sound designers, and music producers who love to get their hands dirty. Create anything from fat, retro synth sounds to edgy, modern leads and everything in between. SONiVOX Twist is a spectral morphing synthesis virtual instrument. Comprised of a dynamic interface, an advanced pattern generator, and onboard effects, Twist lets you create serious sounds using simple controls. Toolroom Records artist launch packs bring you the coveted sounds of electronic music with a premium collection of sample packs, produced exclusively for Akai Professional. Produce, compose, and remix with professional sounds curated by the world's premier electronic music label.
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A Blues Christmas
 in stock $12.90
Cat: AL 9203. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Koko Taylor - "Merry, Merry Christmas" (4:28)
  2. Lil Ed & The Blues Imperials - "I'm Your Santa" (2:56)
  3. Shemekia Copeland - "Stay A Little, Longer" (4:22)
  4. The Holmes Brothers - "Back Door Santa" (3:05)
  5. Katie Webster - "Deck The Halls With Boogie Woogie" (3:00)
  6. Charlie Musselwhite - "Silent Night" (2:42)
  7. Little Charlie & The Nightcats - "Santa Claus" (2:57)
  8. Michael Iron Man Burks - "Christmas Snow" (3:58)
  9. Marcia Ball - "Christmas Fais Do Do" (3:15)
  10. Roomfull Of Blues - "Santa Claus, Do You Ever Get The Blues?" (3:21)
  11. Tinsley Ellis - "Santa Claus We Want Some Lovin'" (3:23)
  12. Elvin Bishop - "The Little Drummer Boy" (2:51)
In The Land Of Aou Tila
 in stock $23.89
In The Land Of Aou Tila (limited hand-numbered LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALT 001. Rel: 25 Jul 16
  1. Hostages Of Hope (7:45)
  2. Nomad's Dream (3:59)
  3. Moroccan Dancer (5:39)
  4. Fela (4:47)
  5. Ti Se Mellei (5:48)
  6. Sinte Conofe (8:55)
  7. Aou Tila (6:00)
Played by: Renegades Of Jazz
Altered Soul Experiment 09
 in stock $10.40
Altered Soul Experiment 09 (mixed cassette + sticker)
Cat: ASE 09CASS. Rel: 10 Jul 17
  1. Track 1 (45:20)
  2. Track 2 (44:34)
Profondo Rosso (Record Store Day 2014)
 in stock $17.43
Profondo Rosso (Record Store Day 2014) (red vinyl 7" limited to 500 copies)
Cat: AMS 4501. Rel: 05 May 14
  1. Profondo Rosso
  2. Death Dies
Bora Bora (Soundtrack)
 in stock $28.67
Bora Bora (Soundtrack) (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: AMSLP 111. Rel: 11 Apr 16
  1. Tahiti (3:19)
  2. Bora-Bora (4:08)
  3. Tamoure Festival (3:10)
  4. Blue Rhythm Festival (3:42)
  5. Magic Of Tahiti (2:01)
  6. Eros In Hiro (4:57)
  7. Tamoure Nella Sera (3:07)
  8. Tahiti Tamoure (1:29)
  9. L'isola Incantata (3:23)
  10. Bora-Bora Finale (4:26)
A Pugni Nudi (Soundtrack)
 in stock $19.05
Cat: AMSLP 105. Rel: 11 Apr 16
  1. With Bare Fists (2:52)
  2. A Fist In The Thought (3:00)
  3. Where They Reform You (3:08)
  4. Underworld (3:17)
  5. A Human Outlook (1:28)
  6. Noble Impulse (2:51)
  7. Dog's Heart (1:04)
  8. Split Second (2:40)
  9. With Clenched Fists (1:32)
  10. The Hunt-Down (3:08)
  11. Break (3:38)
Il Diavolo Nel Cervello (Soundtrack)
 in stock $28.67
Il Diavolo Nel Cervello (Soundtrack) (gatefold purple vinyl LP)
Cat: AMSLP 85. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. La Ragione, Il Cuore, L'Amore (3:22)
  2. Viaggio Primo (2:05)
  3. Prima Della Rivelazione (5:04)
  4. Oltre Il Silenzio (3:25)
  5. Viaggio Secondo (2:23)
  6. Il Diavolo Nel Cervello (2:54)
  7. Viaggio Terzo (2:23)
  8. Vita Sospesa (5:27)
  9. Viaggio Quarto (2:04)
  10. La Ragione, Il Cuore, L'Amore #2 (3:15)
La Morte Bussa Due Volte (Soundtrack)
 in stock $28.39
La Morte Bussa Due Volte (Soundtrack) (limited gatefold transparent silver vinyl LP)
Cat: AMSLP 101. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Un Posto Per Un Addio (2:34)
  2. Continuita (3:03)
  3. Stutterer (1:57)
  4. At Present (1:46)
  5. Trappola Sentimentale (1:54)
  6. Crystal (2:01)
  7. My Face (2:19)
  8. La Morte Bussa Due Volte (Versione Archi E Organo) (1:32)
  9. La Morte Bussa Due Volte (My Face) (1:18)
  10. La Morte Bussa Due Volte (Bob & Helen) (3:11)
  11. La Morte Bussa Due Volte (1:44)
  12. Concession (2:04)
  13. Consequence (2:26)
  14. To Seek (2:07)
  15. Bob & Helen (2:20)
  16. Un Posto Per Un Addio (Versione Cantata) (2:18)
  17. Bob & Helen (Versione Organo) (2:12)
  18. La Morte Bussa Due Volte (My Face, Versione Organo) (1:33)
  19. Bob & Helen (Versione Armonica) (1:44)
  20. La Morte Bussa Due Volte (My Face, Versione Shake) (1:51)
The Bariba Sound 1970-1976
 in stock $20.23
Cat: AALP 071. Rel: 07 May 12
  1. Bariba Soul - "Gandigui"
  2. Bariba Soul - "Wegne Nda M Banda"
  3. Pachanga Fon - "Me Ton Le Gbe"
  4. Afro Beat Bariba - "Abakpe"
  5. Pop Bariba - "Guessi-Guere-Guessi"
  6. Folklore Dendi - "Sembe Sembe Boudou"
  7. Afro Beat Bariba - "A Na Gan Garo Ka Nam"
  8. Pachanga Dendi - "Bori Yo Se Mon Baani"
  9. Folklore Dendi - "Aske"
  10. Folklore Bariba - "Ko Guere"
  11. Vodoun Hounwato Minon Dou Gbandja
  12. Cavacha Dendi - "Abere Klouklou"
  13. Afro Beat Dendi - "Dadon Gabou Yo Sa Be No 2"
  14. Soul Dendi - "Hanoubian Gabou"
  15. Boucher Dendi - "Binin Hounnin"
  16. Cavacha Bariba - "Adiza Claire"
Bambara Mystic Soul: The Raw Sound Of Burkina Faso 1974-1979
 in stock $20.23
Cat: AALP 070. Rel: 07 Nov 11
  1. Amado Ballake Et l'Orchestre Super Volta - "Bar Konou Mousso"
  2. Abdoulaye Cisse - "Kodjougou"
  3. Compaore Issouf - "Dambakale"
  4. Amadou Ballake Et Les 5 Consuls - "Renouveau"
  5. Traore Seydou Richard Et Les Vadou Du Flamboyant - "Katougou"
  6. Mamo Lagbema - "Love, Music & Dance"
  7. Amadou Ballake Et l'Orchestre Super Volta - "Johnny"
  8. Coulibaly Tidiani - "Sie Koumgolo"
  9. Amadou Ballake Et Les 5 Consuls - "Baden Djougou"
  10. Afro Soul System - "Tink Tank"
  11. Mangue Konde Et Le Super Mande - "Kabendo"
  12. Orchestre CVD - "Rog Mik Africa"
  13. Amadou Ballake Et l'Orchestre Super Volta - "Sali"
  14. Mamo Lagbema - "Zambo Zambo"
  15. Amadou Ballake Et l'Orchestre Super Volta - "Oye Ka Bara Kignan"
  16. Sandwidi Pierre Et l'Orchestre Harmonie Voltaique - "Tond Yabramba"
Legends Of Benin
 in stock $23.33
Legends Of Benin (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: AALP 065. Rel: 07 Sep 09
  1. Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Dadjes - "Dadjes Von O Non"
  2. El Rego Et Ses Commandos - "Feeling You Got"
  3. Antoine Dougbe - "Honton Soukp Gnon"
  4. El Rego Et Ses Commandos - "E Nan Mian Nuku"
  5. Honore Avolonto Et L'Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - "Tin Lin Non"
  6. Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Panchos - "Okpo Videa Bassouo"
  7. Antoine Dougbe Er I'Orchestre Pily-Rythmo - "Ya Mi Ton Gbo"
  8. Antoine Dougbe - "Nou Akuenon Hwlin Me Sjn Koussio"
  9. Honore Alvolonto - "Na Mi Do Gbe Hue Nu"
  10. El Rego Et Ses Commandos - "Vimado Wingnan"
  11. Honore Avolonto Et I'Orchestre Black Santiago - "Dou Dagbe We"
  12. El Rego Et Ses Commandos - "Djobime"
  13. Antoine Dougbe - "Kovito Gbe De Towe"
  14. Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Dadjes - "La Musica En Verite"
Afro Beat Airways: West African Shock Waves: Ghana & Togo 1972-1979
 in stock $20.23
Cat: AALP 068. Rel: 27 Sep 10
  1. Uppers International - "Dankasa" (3:34)
  2. Apagya Show Band - "Ma Nserew Me" (4:05)
  3. K Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas - "Me Yee Owu Den" (8:43)
  4. Marijata - "Break Through" (5:10)
  5. Ebo Taylor & The Sweet Beans - "Odofo Nyi Akyiri Biara" (9:33)
  6. Orchestre Abass - "Awula Bo Fee Ene" (3:42)
  7. Itadi - "Live In Other World" (5:00)
  8. Apagya Show Band - "Mumunde" (3:06)
  9. Cos-Ber-Zam - "Ne Noya" (4:11)
  10. 3rd Generation Band - "Obiye Saa Wui" (bonus vinyl track) (3:58)
  11. Orchestre Abass - "Operation Bye Bye" (bonus vinyl track) (3:24)
  12. Pagadeja - "Okpe See" (bonus vinyl track) (4:10)
  13. De Frank Professionals - "Afe Ato Yen Bio" (4:39)
  14. African Brothers Band - "Ngyegye No So" (6:28)
  15. Uppers International - "Neriba Lanchina" (3:55)
  16. Ebo Taylor & The Pelicans - "Come Along" (6:01)
Pop Makossa: The Invasive Dance Beat Of Cameroon 1976-1984
 in stock $17.98
Cat: AACD 083. Rel: 10 Jul 17
  1. Dream Stars - "Pop Makossa Invasion"
  2. Mystic Djim & The Spirits - "Yaounde Girls"
  3. Bill Loko - "Nen Lambo"
  4. Pasteur Lappe - "Sanaga Calypso"
  5. Eko - "M'onguele M'am"
  6. Olinga Gaston - "Ngon Engap"
  7. Emmanuel Kahe & Jeanette Kemogne - "Ye Medjuie"
  8. Nkodo Si Tony - "Mininga Meyong Mese"
  9. Pasteur Lappe - "Sekele Movement"
  10. Bernard Ntone - "Mussoloki"
  11. Pat´ Ndoye - "More Love"
  12. Clement Djimogne - "Africa"
Review: Just when you think that the well of obscure music from around the world has run dry, Analog Africa returns to put the record straight. Pop-Makossa shines a light on a glorious but largely overlooked period in the story of Cameroonian makossa, when local musicians began to replace funk and highlife influences with the rubbery bass of classic disco and the sparkling synth flourishes and drum machines of electrofunk. The resultant compilation, which apparently took eight years to produce, is packed full of brilliant cuts, from the heavily-electronic jauntiness of Pasteur Lappe's "Sanaga Calypso" and horn-totin' Highlife-disco of Emmaniel Kahe and Jeanette Kemogne's "Ye Medjuie", to the dense, organ-laden wig out that is Clement Djimogne's "Africa".
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Erosion Part 2
 in stock $10.96
Cat: AAR 008. Rel: 20 Feb 17
Deep House
  1. Aeolian (8:16)
  2. Biological (6:10)
  3. Glacial (12:50)
Played by: Leo James
 in stock $16.30
Resurgam (LP)
Cat: ABR 0087. Rel: 25 Aug 08
  1. New To A Few
  2. I Heart Drum Machines
  3. Well Water Black (feat Yoni Wolf Of Why?)
  4. Oakland Morning
  5. MG Jack
  6. Prelude To A Death Watch
  7. Death Watch
  8. Place Of No More Choices
  9. Resurgam
  10. Autumnal Ego
  11. Weathering (feat The One AM Radio)
  12. Just A Machine
  13. Oakland In The Rearview
Played by: DJ Baku
 in stock $7.59
Jahovia (7")
Cat: DKR 240. Rel: 21 Aug 17
  1. Jahovia (3:17)
  2. Jahovia (version) (3:14)
Sound System
 in stock $13.77
Cat: ARILP 281. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Mad Professor - "Sahara Dub" (4:32)
  2. Mad Professor - "Western Border" (4:58)
  3. Mad Professor - "Blood Donor" (3:49)
  4. Mad Professor - "Midget Dub" (3:19)
  5. Mad Professor - "Spiritual War" (4:19)
  6. Channel One - "Cornmeal Dub" (3:56)
  7. Channel One - "Kings Dub" (4:06)
  8. Channel One - "Rastaman Dub" (3:49)
  9. Channel One - "Channel One Special" (3:52)
  10. Channel One - "Rebel Dub" (4:06)
ARP Odyssey Duophonic Analog Synthesizer (Rev.3, black & orange) (B-STOCK)
 1 in stock $669.03
Cat: 642655 Rel: 09 Mar 15
B-STOCK: Box damaged, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, product in perfect working order***

The ARP Odyssey was an analog synthesizer originally produced in 1972 by the American manufacturer ARP Instruments, Inc. that quickly garnered a faithful following among musicians. Well respected for its high value, ease to play and portability, the ARP Odyssey had undergone several improvements during its history and continued to be a long-seller until manufacturing stopped in 1981 due to economic hardships and the digital surge. Loved by a wide range of musicians as a historical classic, its sound can be heard on numerous classic songs.

Now in 2015, KORG has brought back the ARP Odyssey for today. With the advisory assistance of David Friend, the co-founder of ARP Instruments, KORG has completely reproduced the original circuitry for artists looking to recreate classic sounds and explore new ones. Together the engineers at KORG and Arp were able to nail the sound and feel of the original. Every detail has been carefully considered to stay true to the quality of the original, down to the sophisticated semi-hard case.

The legendary ARP sound is loved to this day. Long stopped, the wheels of history have again begun to move.

The original ARP Odyssey was a 2VCO duo-phonic instrument. Its most distinctive feature was its sharp, penetrating sound and its rich range of tonal variation. With a variety of functions and modulation possibilities provided by oscillator sync, sample & hold, pulse width modulation, high-pass filter, two types of envelope generator, and pitch bend using the PPC, it was able to create a versatile range of sounds.

The ARP Odyssey reproduces the sounds of these components at the circuit level. Under the supervision of David Friend, parts were carefully selected and every detail was adjusted to replicate the original unit's distinctive synthesis.

Broadly speaking, there were three versions of the original ARP Odyssey, divided by the date of production, with the major difference being the filter circuit. The ARP Odyssey provides all three of these different filter circuits, and allows you to select one of them with a single switch.

TYPE I (Rev1) is a 12 dB/Oct circuit that produces a sharp, punchy sound. TYPE II (Rev2) is a 24 dB/Oct filter with great-sounding lows. TYPE III (Rev3) maintains excellent stability even when resonance is raised. These distinctive filters have been reproduced just as they originally were.

On the original ARP Odyssey, the behavior of portamento when using the transpose function differed between Rev1 and Rev2/3. The ARP Odyssey reproduces both of these behaviors and lets you select the desired one with a switch.

The ARP Odyssey has been downsized to 86% of the original ARP Odyssey. Carefully selected parts are used in the familiar slider section, providing an operating feel that's even smoother than the original. The keyboard uses a 37-note slim keyboard that features lighter weight and excellent playability. While making the instrument more compact and easier to use, we have also paid attention to ensuring that the mini-keyboard is uncompromisingly "playable." Although the keyboard has 37 keys, the transpose function lets it cover a broad range of seven octaves.

In order to deliver a more powerful analog sound, a DRIVE switch is provided as a new function. Turning this switch on makes the VCA distort, generating a rough and raw sound.

The connectors provided on the original ARP Odyssey differed by production date, but based on Rev3 of the original, the ARP Odyssey brings the specifications up to a modern standard. In addition to a MIDI IN connector and USB-MIDI port, we've added a headphone jack with adjustable volume (*). The XLR output jacks which had been unbalanced have been changed to noise-resistant balanced outputs.

Quarter-inch and mini-size patch cables are included. If you connect a patch cable from the newly added headphone jack to the external audio input jack, you can produce a powerful sound by applying self-feedback. If you connect the GATE OUT jack to the TRIG IN jack, the EG won't be retriggered, allowing you to play legato.

A dedicated semi-hard case that's ideal for storage and transportation is included. It sports the classical ARP logo, and has a sophisticated finish in a black tone. The corrugated shell structure ensures excellent impact resistance, and internal cushioning and pocket for small items is also provided.
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Weird Fiction
 in stock $22.48
Weird Fiction (limited hand-numbered heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: ARTYARDLP 2017. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. No Hopper (4:49)
  2. Prophet (8:45)
  3. The Red Tower (5:33)
  4. Baudelaire (8:01)
  5. No Hopper (instrumental) (7:18)
  6. Ladder Of Perfection (4:42)
 in stock $26.14
Barragan (LP + insert)
Cat: BLDE 001VL. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Barragan
  2. Lady M
  3. Dripping
  4. Cat On Tin Roof
  5. The One I Love
  6. No More Honey
  7. Mind To Be Had
  8. Defeatist Anthem (Harry & I)
  9. Penultimo
  10. Seven Two
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