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 in stock $29.34
Suzuki (2xLP)
Cat: K7 085LP/GSLP 008. Rel: 19 Mar 00
The Silent Years
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 006. Rel: 25 Jun 01
  1. Coast 2 Coast
  2. Informatics
  3. The Silent Years
Played by: Sync 24
Reclaim The Future
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 09. Rel: 07 Oct 02
  1. Fermata
  2. Ectosphere
  3. Android Robotix
 in stock $10.40
Cat: ESL 67. Rel: 03 Nov 03
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Exploration
  2. Shall We Dance
  3. The Power Of Suggestion
Death Of A Star
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 016. Rel: 01 Mar 04
  1. Death Of A Star (5:33)
  2. Soul Frus (6:20)
  3. Wisla (6:23)
  4. Dawn Over The City (4:59)
The Versions
 in stock $15.47
Cat: BMD 3LP/43971. Rel: 26 Apr 04
  1. King Version
  2. Queen Version
  3. Jah Version
  4. Truddin Version
  5. Mash Down Version
  6. Hit You Version
  7. Friend Version
  8. History Version
Played by: WAHEVER
With The Artists
 in stock $15.74
Cat: BMD 2LP/43970. Rel: 26 Apr 04
  1. King In My Empire
  2. Queen In My Empire
  3. Jah Rule
  4. We Been Troddin
  5. Mash Down Babylon
  6. Music Hit You
  7. Best Friend
  8. Making History
Review: This album showcases the series of heavily reggae-orientated tunes that was created throughout the past three years - starting with the landmark 'King In My Empire' with Cornel Campbell - which so far has only been available on 10" vinyl format. After the previous Burial Mix album Showcase (BMD-1, released 1998), exclusively with vocals by Paul St. Hilaire, the present release features eight tunes, voiced in Berlin, New York and Jamaica by seven artists, some of them living legends; Cornel Campbell, Paul St. Hilaire, Shalom, The Chosen Brothers, Love Joy, Jennifer Lara and Jah Batta. Released simultaneously, The Versions (BMD-3) contains the corresponding instrumental versions backed with dubs that integrate minimal structures with Rhythm & Sound's breathtaking atmospheric density. An essential twin-release.
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Uranium Angels
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 018. Rel: 24 May 04
  1. Uranium Angels
  2. Ergo
  3. Masheen Song
  4. Elapse Current Loop
The Second Wave EP
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 021. Rel: 11 Oct 04
  1. Second Wave (6:04)
  2. Sub.Sonic Base (6:01)
  3. End Of The Pain (6:28)
Exoplanet Voice Transistors
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 002. Rel: 08 Nov 04
  1. Vrml (6:40)
  2. I Take My Time (7:58)
  3. Ems (Acid/Switch mix) (6:02)
  4. Inc. The Funk (6:04)
Played by: Sync 24
Museful Revolution EP
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 023. Rel: 06 Dec 04
  1. Le Monde
  2. Electro Manifesto
  3. Attention Attention
  4. Robot Kingdom
Review: Another great EP from the 3 boys from Sweden, the Blotnik Brothers. Strong percussive big room electro, thick melodies and perfectly-timed arrangements are the mark of their second EP. Kraftwerk on steroids!
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Slave Of The Darkness
 in stock $10.40
Cat: LG 032. Rel: 18 Apr 05
Electro House
  1. Missing Love
  2. Class Of Paradise
  3. Slave Of The Darkness
Post Humain EP
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 028. Rel: 19 Sep 05
  1. POW
  2. Biological Entity
  3. Delinkant
  4. The Zeta Reticuli Incident
Peanut Butter Breaks
 in stock $14.93
Cat: STHR 2043. Rel: 26 Sep 05
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Summer's End
  2. Dopestyle
  3. Gold Diggin
  4. Soggy D
  5. Chain Gang
  6. Don't Turn Your Back
  7. Currents
  8. Rape Date
  9. Wake Up Beat
  10. Creepin
  11. Charizma
Review: Before battle records, there was Peanut Butter Breaks! PB Wolf's legendary instrumental LP back in print and in stock.
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Walking On Sunshine
 in stock $11.47
Cat: XSS 166647. Rel: 03 Oct 05
  1. Walking On Sunshine
  2. Electric Avenue
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas
 in stock $15.20
Cat: 541416 501427. Rel: 14 Nov 05
  1. Forelopig Bit
  2. Suppegjok
  3. Boney M Down
  4. Turkish Delight
  5. Feel AM
  6. Don O Van Budd
  7. Sykkelsesong
  8. En Dag I Mai
  9. Naa Er Druene Paa Sitt Beste
  10. Horseback
  11. Claudja
  12. Plukk Og Pirk
  13. Run
Review: Eskimo comes up with its first artist album. Hans Peter Lindstrom and Thomas Hermansen (aka Prins Thomas) provide us with lush basslines, sublime melodies and rolling rhythms.
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Second Wave EP (remixes)
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SATRX 004. Rel: 14 Nov 05
  1. Second Wave (Tipper remix) (5:31)
  2. Second Wave (Uprokk remix) (5:46)
  3. Second Wave (EMS's remix) (5:41)
  4. Second Wave (Imatron Voima remix) (6:04)
Review: Exzact is one of URB's top 100. Four remixes from four corners of the world. Tipper, Uprokk, EMS and Imatron Voima mixing it up for the Rx sub-label.
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No One Likes A Smartarse EP
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 030. Rel: 12 Dec 05
  1. No One Likes A Smartarse
  2. Orash
  3. From Detroit
Digital Mind
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 029. Rel: 12 Dec 05
  1. Clone Factory
  2. Robot Skin
  3. Digital Mind
  4. New Race
Collie Bud
 in stock $7.46
Cat: RRM 002. Rel: 23 Jan 06
  1. The Skatalites - "Collie Bud"
  2. Charlie Organaire - "Royal Charlie"
Studio One Soul 2: The Original
 in stock $23.21
Cat: SJRLP 128. Rel: 30 Jan 06
  1. Jacob Miller - "Westbound Train"
  2. Hortense Ellis - "People Make The World Go Round"
  3. Horace Andy - "Ain't No Sunshine"
  4. Soul Vendors - "Swing Easy"
  5. The Heptones - "Choice Of Colours"
  6. Jackie Mittoo & The Brentford Disco Set - "Choice Of Music" (Part 2)
  7. Prince Jazzbo - "Fool For Love"
  8. Cornell Campbell - "Ten To One"
  9. Winston Francis - "Don't Change"
  10. Jackie Mittoo - "Jumping Jehosophat"
  11. Tony Gregory - "Get Out Of My Life Woman"
  12. Dub Specialist - "Darker Block"
  13. Little Joe - "Red Robe"
  14. Devon Russel - "Make Me Believe In You"
  15. Jerry Jones - "Compared To What"
  16. Ken Booth - "Thinking"
  17. Anthony Creary - "Land Call Africa"
  18. Jackie Mittoo - "Fancy Pants"
Move In The Room
 in stock $3.73
Cat: LH 7049. Rel: 20 Mar 06
  1. Dawn & Sunset - "Move In The Room"
  2. Soft Touch - "Plenty Action"
Review: Sampler 7" with 2 nice tracks from Bay Area funk 2 album. Limited copies!!!
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 in stock $7.46
Cat: RRM 010. Rel: 20 Mar 06
  1. Strangler & Ken - "Revelation"
  2. The Skatalites - "Freedom Ska"
 in stock $7.46
Paradise (7")
Cat: SAN 0012. Rel: 20 Mar 06
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Jean Adebambo - "Paradise"
  2. The Santic Players - "Para" (dub)
Rewind Volume 5
 in stock $6.14
Cat: UBIQ 11192. Rel: 10 Apr 06
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. El Michels Affair - "Walk On By"
  2. J Davey - "Dirty Love"
  3. Daz I Kue feat Bembe Segue & Colonel Red - "Spoiled"
  4. Daz I Kue feat Bembe Segue & Colonel Red - "Spoiled" (instrumental)
Persuasive Science EP
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 031. Rel: 17 Apr 06
  1. Science Persuades Best
  2. Wahawa
  3. B_op
  4. Cancel/Continue
Review: Neo post-flava electro synth funk killer record. Lowfish marks his own turf with his sound and style as usual with this 4 tracker on Satamile. Emotive, deep fat synth bass lines, pumping beats and character all of its own from this Canadian artist.
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Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation
 in stock $10.66
Cat: SAT 033. Rel: 29 May 06
  1. Don't Trust Me
  2. Kiss In The Dark
  3. Esa
  4. Secret Of A Black World (part 2)
  5. Mogul Project
  6. Secret Of A Black World (part 1)
  7. Outlaw World
  8. Elysium Planum
Review: More electro goodies from the Satamile imprint with this new doublepack from Umwelt. "Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation" features 8 new cuts of bristling electro from Umwelt, with a number of tracks that would definitely appeal to the fans of the grittier end of the D&B spectrum as well as the electro collectors, with moody synths, brooding basslines, and crisp rolling electro breaks galore.
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This Is Acid
 in stock $8.53
Cat: TXR 2. Rel: 05 Jun 06
Deep House
  1. This Is Acid (original mix)
  2. This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze) (K & T mix)
  3. This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze) (S & T mix)
  4. This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze) (Deep dub)
Review: Trax, the original home of house music, gave birth to the biggest movement in club music since the dawn of disco. The famous Chicago house label, started in the early 1980s by Larry Sherman and Vince Lawrence, is responsible for the release of "Acid Tracks" by Phuture, "Move Your Body" by Marshall Jefferson, and many other records that shaped the Chicago and acid house sounds through till the early 1990s. We are proud to present this first series of 20 classic reissues coming out before summer. It features records by groundbreaking artists such as Jamie Principle, Adonis, Joey Beltram - all in their much sought after original versions - next to astonishing remixes by icons like Basement Jaxx, Claude Young, The Advent & more.
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DJ Kicks
 in stock $10.66
DJ Kicks (unmixed CD)
Cat: K7 203CD. Rel: 26 Jun 06
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. David Behrman - "Leapday Night (Scene 1)"
  2. Syclops - "Mom, The Video Broke"
  3. Curtis Mayfield - "If I Were Only A Child Again"
  4. Heiner Stadler - "Out-Rock"
  5. Gary Davis - "The Professor's Here"
  6. Heldon - "Les Soucoupes Volnates Vertes"
  7. Stereolab - "Les Yper-Sound"
  8. So Solid Crew - "Dillema"
  9. Akufen - "Psychometry"
  10. Animal Collective - "Baby Day"
  11. Madvillain - "Figaro" (101 remix)
  12. Julian Priester Pepo Mtoto - "Love Love"
  13. Four Tet - "Pockets"
  14. Model 500 - "Psychosomatic"
  15. Shona People Of Rhodesia - "Taireva"
  16. Quickspace Supersport - "Superspace"
  17. Cabaret Voltaire - "Kneel To The Boss"
  18. Gong - "Love Is How Y Make It"
  19. Showbiz & AG - "Represent"
  20. Group Home - "Up Against The Wall" (Getaway Car mix)
  21. Autechre - "Flutter"
Review: A genre-hopping, mind-bending mix from the king of eclecticism, Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet), that ushers in a new age of experimentation for the seminal DJ Kicks series. Known primarily for his home made excursions to the far reaches of the musical map, Kieran Hebden is a DJ on a different kind of trip, the gratifying results of which can be seen all over this exemplary DJ Kicks compilation (the 26th in this now legendary series). Inspired by his 8 hour sets at The End and in Ibiza with Timo Maas, Kieran says he has rediscovered the thrill of filling a floor: "Playing for people who just want to dance is an exciting thing for someone who’s into experimental music". As you might expect with Four Tet, however, nothing is ever that straightforward, and his DJ Kicks is a mind blowing experience, taking in just about as many genres as there are tracks: Old skool hip-hop, French prog, conscious soul, electronic experimentation, minimal techno, early two-step, cosmic jazz, African thumb pianos and much more besides share space here, bound together by analogue synth interludes, segues and an exclusive new Four Tet track specially created for this compilation 'Pockets'; this year's only release under the Four Tet moniker.
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Played by: Manu•Archeo
Roadking Is Back EP
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 32. Rel: 11 Sep 06
  1. Roadking Is Back
  2. Devotion
  3. Only Electro Music
  4. Silence
Review: 4 new tracks from the German electro producer Roadking aka Ünn of Mirkolux and Elektrolux fame. Again he turns the steam way up for these fat electro tracks written especially for Satamile.
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Bytecon (remixes)
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SATRX 005. Rel: 23 Oct 06
  1. DJ Quest - "Bytecon" (T-Wrex remix)
  2. 30Hz - "Bytecon" (T-Wrex remix)
Review: Remixes by 30Hz & DJ Quest. "Robots Ready From Mars" is tackled by Quest who gives the track a heavier, clubby breakbeat mix. Fits nicely next to tracks from the likes of The Stanton Warriors or Tayo.
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Studio One Groups
 in stock $23.21
Cat: SJRLP 151. Rel: 13 Nov 06
  1. The Wailing Souls - "My Fire Coal Man"
  2. Righteous Flames - "Solid Foundation"
  3. The Gaylads - "Give A Helping Hand"
  4. The Bassies - "Things A Come Up To Bump"
  5. The Mad Lads - "You Will Never Know"
  6. The Clarendonians - "You Can't Be Happy"
  7. The Consummates - "What Is It"
  8. Carlton & The Shoes - "Happy Land"
  9. The Viceroys - "The Struggle"
  10. The Maytals - "I'll Never Grow Old"
  11. The Heptones - "Get In The Groove"
  12. The Royals - "Pick Up The Pieces"
  13. The Gladiators - "Jah Jah Go Before Us"
  14. Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Love & Affection"
  15. The Stingers - "Down Presser International"
  16. The Cables - "baby Why"
  17. The Ethiopians - "Owe Me No Pay Me"
  18. The Purpleites - "The Pressure Is On"
  19. The Silvertones - "Cheating & Lying"
Review: Latest Soul Jazz/Studio One Records release featuring legendary groups from the foundation label of reggae. Bob Marley and The Wailers, Toots and the Maytals, The Heptones - just three of Reggae's greatest groups who all started at Clement Dodd's Studio One Records, 'The University Of Reggae'. 'Studio One Groups' brings together classic artists alongside lesser-known artists and covers Studio One's musical output from the 1960s and 70s featuring ska, roots, rocksteady, dub and more. Clement Dodd's role in launching and nurturing reggae groups/singers is unsurpassed. Launching Bob Marley and The Wailers career also meant that Dodd both housed Marley in a flat at Studio One, and employed him to check new American 45s that came out for Studio One artists to cover. From vocal training under luminaries such as Horace Andy and Larry Marshall, to musical education (Leroy Sibbles, lead vocalist with the Heptones, became the key in-house bass player after being taught from scratch by Jackie Mittoo), Studio One's success was due to Clement Dodd's ability to see talent, surround himself with it and nurture artists. Careers were launched from even minor roles at Studio One such as Lee Perry (from handyman to singer and producer), Prince Buster (from security to singer and producer), and so forth. 'Studio One Groups' are at the heart of the labels success. The sweet three-part harmonies, so close to the heart of Jamaican music, can be heard throughout every stylistic change of Reggae music - ska, rocksteady, roots and beyond, all featured here.
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Splund Popper EP
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 34. Rel: 04 Dec 06
  1. Synchrotron
  2. Voices From The Void
  3. What On Earth?
Review: This EP has some ghostly vocoderish vocals.
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ART Tube MP Studio V3 Preamp
 2 in stock $86.84
ART Tube MP Studio V3 Preamp (tube microphone preamp)
Cat: 250316 Rel: 18 Dec 06
Variable voiced tube mic/instrument preamplifier
Notes: Whether you're working with a computer, hard disk or digital multi-track recorder, the Tube MP's TEC award nominated design will allow you to obtain professional results at an affordable price.

The ART preamps offer warm tone, useful features and are innovatively designed. ART's line of Tube MP products add presence, clarity and fullness to any signal and is exceptionally low noise. The ART Tube MP Studio V3 features V3 Technology (Variable Valve Voicing), which provides optimized reference points to begin the recording process. The V3 delivers a wide variety of settings designed for various microphones and DI inputs, including guitars, basses, keyboards, synths, electronic drums and much more. Don't settle for a copy cat look alike.

Go with the real thing, the Tube MP by ART.
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ART Clean Box II Ground Loop Isolator
 1 in stock $48.73
ART Clean Box II Ground Loop Isolator (ground loop eliminator)
Cat: 250550 Rel: 25 Dec 06
Removes electrical hum from audio equipment
Notes: ARTcessories are taking the audio world by storm and quickly becoming a popular brand with musicians, DJs and studio engineers everywhere around the world. You will discover a robust line of useful tools which include a complete range of direct boxes, headphone amps, small mixers, mic cable combiner/splitters and much more. ARTcessories are designed to deliver affordable solutions for a multitude of audio needs for any size project.

Hum in an audio system is often caused by loop effects which act like antennas. These loops can easily pick up a 60 Hz (or higher harmonics) hum transmitted by electrical wiring. Typically, these loops are connected via grounds, more commonly called 'ground loops'. The safest way to eliminate unwanted noise is with the CleanBOX II.

Some examples of Ground Loops:

The power ground of a synthesizer, connected to the signal ground of the synth, into a mixer's ground, then into a mixer's power ground.
The signal ground of a send effect (reverb, delay) into a mixer, and the connecting power grounds of the mixer and the unit.
The power ground of a guitar amplifier, connected to a signal processor which has a second guitar amplifier on the other channel, and then the second guitar amp's power ground.

The CleanBOX II easily removes ground loops without any signal degradation.
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 in stock $9.34
Wild (12" in chipboard sleeve)
Cat: WILD/STH 2154. Rel: 26 Feb 07
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Wild (dirty mix)
  2. Wild (clean mix)
  3. Wild (instrumental)
  4. Make 'Em NV (dirty mix)
  5. Make 'Em NV (clean mix)
  6. Make 'Em NV (instrumental)
Review: Another classic 12" from the great J Dilla. This limited single includes the previously unreleased song "Wild". The exclusive track features off-kilter, raw drums and a demented little kid singing the hook. The b-side track "Make'em NV" appeared on the original album - re-mixed and mastered for this new release. This song is an instant classic featuring Dilla rhyming over some drunken yet eerie vibes.
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 in stock $10.66
Bioroid (2xLP)
Cat: SAT 038LP. Rel: 26 Feb 07
  1. Thrusters
  2. Population III
  3. Nucleon
  4. Paradigm
  5. Encapsulate
  6. Interflection
  7. Moment
  8. Bioroid
Review: Get ready for some of the most stunning tracks yet to come from Carl Finlow, aka Silicon Scally. These tracks represent an entirely new evolution of Silicon Scally's progressive hybrid electro concepts.
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Magma LP100 DJ 12 Inch Vinyl Record Trolley Bag (black)
 5 in stock $120.57
Cat: 254579 Rel: 05 Mar 07
Strong Magma trolley wheel system holds 90 records
Notes: The original favourite and improved Magma classic. Now with loads more strength thanks to the new improved trolley-board system. Unbeatable for the DJ who is on the road a lot, the 100 trolley is a proven, practical and convenient transport solution. The materials used, the design of the new reinforced fivefold glued bottom board and extra strong front stand, are all tested to ensure the highest strength possible and guarantee the best stability and a long life.
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Chocolate Milk
 in stock $12.27
Cat: APL1-1399. Rel: 12 Mar 07
  1. Never Ever Do Without You
  2. How About Love
  3. Spread A Little Love
  4. You've Got Your Spell On Me
  5. Let The Music Take Your Mind
  6. Crazy About You
  7. Party Happy
  8. Running Away
  9. Pluck It
He's Coming
 in stock $15.21
Cat: POLY 5022. Rel: 19 Mar 07
  1. He's A Superstar
  2. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother
  3. Ain't Got Time
  4. I Don't Know How To Love Him
  5. He's Coming
  6. We Live In Brooklyn Baby
  7. Sweet Butterfly Of Love
  8. Sweet Tears
  9. Fire Weaver
Studio One Kings: The Original
 in stock $23.21
Cat: SJRLP 156. Rel: 19 Mar 07
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Larry Marshall - "I've Got To Make It"
  2. Horace Brown - "Every Tongue Shall Tell"
  3. Alton Ellis - "The Well Run Dry"
  4. Johnny Osbourne - "Water More Than Flour"
  5. Anthony Rocky Ellis - "I'm The Ruler"
  6. Cornell Campbell - "Pretty Looks Isn't All"
  7. Alexander Henry - "Please Be True"
  8. Burning Spear - "Them A Come"
  9. Joe Higgs - "Change Of Plan"
  10. Devon Russell - "Roots Natty"
  11. Ken Boothe - "Be Yourself"
  12. Freddie McGregor - "I Shall Be Released"
  13. Freddie McKay - "Father Will Cut You World"
  14. The Ethopian - "Locust"
  15. George Philip - "One One"
  16. John Holt - "I Don't Want To See You Cry"
  17. Delroy Wilson - "Won't You Come Home"
Review: This album features classic and rare tracks that span the breadth of the legendary Studio One catalogue: ska, roots, rocksteady, lovers and more from the 1960s and 70s. Sleeve-notes are by Chris Salewicz, the acclaimed writer who has written books on Joe Strummer, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones and many more.
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The Best Of Pablo Gad
 in stock $13.07
Cat: ROTCD 001. Rel: 19 Mar 07
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Blood Sucker (disco mix)
  2. Oh Jah (disco mix)
  3. Gun Fever (dub)
  4. Hard Times (dub)
  5. Sad Mistake (disco mix)
  6. Crisis (disco mix)
  7. Begger Man Child
  8. Begga Dub
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
Fear Of A Blind Date
 in stock $5.60
Cat: TEXTOLUX 002. Rel: 02 Apr 07
  1. Stars For Us
  2. Roofs Of Life
  3. Some Day
  4. Fear Of A Blind Date
Review: Tetra Plok started in 2003 with Rob Dublo (DJ Rob from The Revolving Eyes) and C-drík [aka Kirdec) and later joined by Zoopsie (DJ Zoopsie of The Revolving Eyes) as the singer. "Fear Of A Blind Date" is their new release on Textolux.
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Foxy Brown (Soundtrack)
 in stock $15.21
Cat: MOT 811LP. Rel: 09 Apr 07
  1. Chase
  2. Theme Of Foxy Brown
  3. Overture Of Foxy Brown
  4. Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme
  5. Give Me Some Of That Good Old Love
  6. Out There
  7. Foxy Lady
  8. You Sure Know How To Love Your Man
  9. Have You Ever Asked Yourself Why (All About Money Game)
  10. Ain't That (Mellow, Mellow)
  11. Whatever You Do (Do It Good)
General Alarm
 in stock $7.46
Cat: AC 101. Rel: 23 Apr 07
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Willie Royal - "General Alarm"
  2. Night Train - "Making Tracks"
System Check EP
 in stock $6.39
Cat: SAT 39. Rel: 07 May 07
  1. Overdrive
  2. Real Pimp
  3. Internal Software
  4. Darkness Falling
Review: From the wide boulevards of Phoenix, Arizona, Satamile introduce one of our newest signings, Illektrolab. "System Check" features some amazing electro. Illektrolab is quite a scratch master as well, as you can hear on the flip side to this EP.
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Battle & Victory
 in stock $15.25
Cat: BAY 60V. Rel: 01 Oct 07
  1. I'm Like The Paper
  2. I Used To Try
  3. Off With Your Axe
  4. The Remote Past
  5. Coriander
  6. 8 Brown Legs
  7. Electric
  8. Hey Son
  9. Weakened Bow
  10. What Is Human
  11. Lung
  12. How Can I Stop?
  13. Battle & Victory
Deep Disco Culture Vol Two: Underground Disco Rarities & Future Club Classics
 in stock $13.34
Cat: SUSSDCD 002. Rel: 29 Oct 07
  1. Azoto - "San Salvador" (12" instrumental mix)
  2. Buari - "I'm Ready"
  3. Franky & Jamo - "Set Me On Fire"
  4. Bumblebee Unlimited - "Funk For Days"
  5. The Bean Brothers - "Feel The Groove"
  6. Crosstown Traffic - "Party People"
  7. Donna McGhee - "I'm A Lovebug"
  8. Caress - "I Can't Let You Walk Away"
  9. Eli's Second Coming - "Love Chant" (part 1)
  10. Starzarus - "Starship Love"
  11. Poopee & The NY Squirrels - "Bust That Nut" (Downtown mix)
  12. Universal Robot Band - "Doing Anything Tonight"
  13. Captain Dax - "Dr Beezar"
  14. Holzer & Kamura - "Pure Love"
  15. Oral Caress - "Charlies Angels" (edit)
  16. Rhythm Makers - "Zone" (remix)
  17. Jimmy "Handyman" Jones - "Handyman Back In Town"
  18. Kim Taylor - "Stomp Your Feet & Dance" (12" vocal mix)
  19. Lee Porter - "Can You Make Love To A Disco Beat" (vocal mix)
  20. Family - "Music (Listen To The Music)"
  21. Ray Munnings - "Let's Boogie"
  22. Sammy Gordon & The Hip Huggers - "Making Love"
  23. Cloud One - "Atmosphere Strut" (1979 remix part 2)
  24. Main Ingredient - "Everything Man"
  25. Pam Todd & The Love Exchange - "Can't Hold This Feeling"
  26. Sparkle - "Disco Madness"
  27. Classy Dance Orchestra - "New York Strut"
  28. Tantra - "Hills Of Katmandu" (Patrick Cowley mix)
Played by: Salsoul Selection
Burn The Lights Out
 in stock $10.66
Cat: SAT 41-1. Rel: 10 Dec 07
  1. 999
  2. Wahawa
  3. Bitter
  4. Krak
  5. The Controlling Hand
  6. Burn The Lights Out
  7. Torsion
  8. Pristine White
  9. 8 Op
  10. Ripped
  11. The Freezing
  12. Machine Aesthetic #8
Played by: EleKtromonter, Exzakt
I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)
 in stock $11.47
Cat: PRL 519. Rel: 17 Dec 07
  1. I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (disco version)
  2. I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (disco version)
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